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Red Robin

Chapter 1: Unexpected Confession

Titans Tower had all lights dimmed at 11:00 pm. The only glimmer was so faint that it could not be seen. It came from inside a room, a flashlight as its source; Robin's room.

The Boy Wonder still couldn't sleep. He had his flashlight on as security, sensing that every shadow was alive and moving, secretly observing him. He had the feeling he was being watched, and after what happened two nights ago, well… one could hardly blame him.

Robin sighed and leaned his head against the bed's board. He was still in his tight spandex uniform, not feeling up to changing. His masked eyes darted every so often to the glass windowpane, as if expecting someone to jump out in front of it.

The ticking of the clock on the nightstand was the only sound in the room. Robin slowly let himself be lulled by it. He had been awake and sitting in bed for nearly an hour, and exhaustion was finally getting the better of him. He felt his eyelids droop and did not fight it. His gloved fingers slowly loosened, letting the flashlight slip inch by inch. His head lolled to the side as his mouth was left slightly open. The flashlight slid quickly out of his slack grip and fell to the carpeted floor with a thunk.

"Ah!" Robin stood bolt upright, the loud noise having alerted him. It wasn't the dull thud of the flashlight that had woken him up. No, it was something louder and muffled. He peered cautiously out the window and felt his breath catch. He was there, garbed in that tight black outfit marked by a red crossed slash across his chest, the skull-like mask hiding his expression.

"Red X," Robin hissed. His hands tightened into fists as he stood up, getting into a battle stance.

The lithe young thief was pressed against the glass, thanks to one of the wonderful microscopic stick-on caps that Robin had added as one of the suit's features. He pressed his palm against the glass, the red cross beginning to glow. Robin jumped out of the way just in time as his window cracked and blast apart, sending shards flying everywhere. Robin covered his face with his arms and looked up once the sound of tinkling glass had stopped.

"What do you want?" he growled, getting his body into battle mode once again.

Red X slipped into his room, careful not to step on the glass and stood upright. He was slightly taller than Robin, but not by much. He took a few steps closer to the Teen Titan, who backed away, holding his fists up threateningly.

"You know I don't want to fight you, kid," the thief said in a low voice, the kind of voice that made Robin shiver, even if he didn't want to.

"You're sick," Robin said through gritted teeth, not letting his tense body relax for a second.

"Now, look, kid. Why are you acting as if I'm going to attack you?" the sensual voice now had a slight hint of annoyance. Red X placed a hand on his hip.

"Because I know you're lying. This is just a trick to try and confuse me!" Robin yelled furiously.

Red X sighed. It sounded strange coming through that mask. "You know I don't care about destroying the Titans or taking over Jump City. And you also know attacking you is the last thing I want to do."

"How do I know you're not lying?" Robin hissed. He was getting tired of these mind games.

Red X came a bit closer and Robin backed away again, but his legs hit the edge of the bed and he fell backwards on his mattress with a cry. He sat up quickly, but Red X was already on the bed as well, his arms snaking around Robin's body like dangerous coils. Robin felt paralyzed. He willed his body to move, to do anything, but it wouldn't listen at a time he desperately needed it to.

"What can I do to prove I'm not lying?" the thief whispered.

"There's nothing you can do," Robin spat out, "Nothing."

Red X lowered his head, so close that Robin could hear his breathing through the mask. He felt his face involuntarily redden at the close contact between their bodies. Red X's face cocked to the side slightly. Robin had the feeling he was grinning behind that mask because of his blush. He felt like killing him right now.

"My offer still stands, you know," he murmured.

Robin's eyes widened. The memory from two nights ago came flooding back into his mind.

He hadn't been expecting it. Sure, he knew that some villain or other might try a surprise attack on Titans Tower in the middle of the night, but he certainly hadn't expected him. And not with the reason he had in mind.

Red X had crashed through his window, sending Robin into panic alarm mode, leaping from his bed and tackling him to the ground. They had rolled around on the floor for a bit, until Red X got the advantage and had the Boy Wonder pinned down underneath him. Robin was ready to struggle until the grip on him was released and he was able to sit up. The thief was staring at him, kneeling in front of him.

"What do you want?" Robin growled.

Red X didn't answer right away. He merely continued to stare at Robin.

"What do you want?" Robin repeated pointedly.

He had expected a blow from the other boy, and certainly not a gentle touch to his cheek.

"Wha –?" Robin froze at the soft contact. He gaped at Red X, who continued to stroke his cheek. This was not normal. What was he doing? The strange beating of his heart was loud and fast. His face became hot.

"You know," the thief finally spoke, "I stole your suit because you wore it. Because I knew your body was in it. And for its usefulness too, of course," he added, the smirk evident in his voice. "I guess I really am selfish. I stole that suit because I didn't want anyone else wearing it."

Robin's mouth was open in shock. The feeling of the still stroking hand was all he could feel and Red X's words were all he could hear. He was somehow transfixed. He was also terrified beyond his wits by what was happening. Sure, he and Red X had worked together to bring down Chang and he wasn't an evil villain, but was that enough to be caressing his cheek like this?

"I was wandering around the city roofs tonight, brooding as I always do. And I finally decided I wasn't going to hide it anymore."

Robin's unused voice let out a strange gurgle and he quickly cleared it. He spoke slowly, as though unsure of himself, "Hide what?"

Red X ceased stroking his cheek and lowered his hand, leaving Robin's face to feel oddly cold. It grasped onto Robin's arm instead, holding it tightly. "Hide the fact that I, a low-life thief as you think of me, am in love with you."

"WHAT?!" Robin fell backwards in shock, the words ringing in his ears as if he had been banged on the head. "You what?!"

"I said I love you."

Robin sat up, panting hard. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be… "No… This is some kind of sick joke, isn't it?"

"I don't do jokes at one in the morning," Red X sighed, "I'm being dead serious, unfortunately."

Robin shook his head, screaming denial from every fiber of his being. "You can't be serious. You're… you…" He couldn't even find the words. This was getting ridiculous.

"Oh, I am serious. And I'm sick of hiding it. I'm sick of seeing you every time and knowing you think of me as nothing but a dirty thief! I'm sick of thinking of you every night, knowing you never even give a thought about me! Do you hear me?" Red X's voice had become dangerously loud that Robin expected the other Titans to wake up and come speeding into his room. But did he really want them to know about this?

"No... This is a trick! I know it is!" Robin yelled, pointing an accusatory finger at him.

Red X sighed. "I knew this stubbornness of yours wouldn't make this easy. Look, I'm pouring my heart out here, mind giving me some slack?"

Robin narrowed his eyes. "I doubt you have a heart."

"Oh, please. No clichés," Red X said, "Listen. Let me make you an offer."

Robin tensed as the thief approached again, and watched with wide eyes as he slipped his mask up, revealing the lower part of his face. Robin's mind betrayed him as he stared at those lips and found them to be quite attractive.

Red X brought those nice lips to his ear, sending an unwilling tremor through the Boy Wonder's body. "Let me take you out one night, just one. Let me show you how much I love you."

Robin turned his face to meet the thief's face, actually surprised he got the privilege of seeing a part of his face.

"You mean a date?"

Those handsome lips curved upwards into a grin. "Yeah, you could call it a date."

"Forget it!" Robin stood up suddenly, "You can't be trusted."

Red X stood up, rearranging his mask to cover his face again. "I didn't expect you to accept anyway. But know this, Robin…" He grabbed the Titan suddenly and pressed the side of his mask against the other's cheek, "I'm not giving up on you. Not by a long shot."

And with the swish of a dark cape, he was gone, leaving Robin slumped on the floor, completely flustered and confused.

Robin was brought back to the present, glaring at the thief through his mask. "I'm not going anywhere with you. It's a trap and I know it."

Red X dropped his hold on him and backed away towards the window. "You're making this a challenge, kid," he said, "But I always love a good challenge. It's what makes stealing things so fun."

He jumped out, but not before adding, "And you are definitely worth the challenge."

The Titans were shocked to find Robin's window broken… again. It was the second time it had happened in two days. The first time it had happened, Robin told them it had been a Frisbee.

"What time did you say this happened?" Beast Boy had asked suspiciously.

"Eleven pm," Robin lied.

"And you didn't tell us earlier because…?"

"Because you were all asleep and I didn't want to bother you."

"But Robin!" Starfire zoomed close, looking worried, "It could be very dangerous to leave your window broken at night!"

"Nothing happened, Star, it's OK," Robin said to comfort the anxious Tamaranian.

"So what happened this time?" Cyborg asked.

"Same Frisbee," Robin said quickly, "Someone must be playing at night or something."

"Man, we gotta get you something more solid than glass," Cyborg muttered.

Raven covered the shards with her telekinetic black aura and hovered them out of the room while Cyborg went to work on fixing the window.

"Thanks, guys," Robin said as he left to let them work in peace. He entered the living room and flopped down on the sofa, letting out a loud sigh.

"Robin? Is everything alright?" Starfire's voice drifted into the room.

Robin smiled slightly. Starfire's genuine concern was always endearing. There was a time when he thought he had a crush on her, but now, what with the situation with Red X and everything…

He mentally slapped himself. How could he think about Red X? The guy was obviously lying to hide some twisted plan of his. His feelings for Robin were nothing but a trick. How could someone as selfish as him love another, anyway?

Starfire sat next to him, her wide green eyes peering at him. "You seem… troubled."

Robin let out a small chuckle. "I guess that happens when your window is broken twice in a row in the middle of the night."

"Then… Everything is alright?" she asked.

Robin smiled. "Yeah," he said, deciding to push his thoughts of Red X aside for a moment.

Starfire smiled widely. "Then perhaps you shall partake in a video game? Beast Boy has recently purchased one called Zombie Blasters and I would very much like to try it!"

Have you noticed all my stories start out with unrequited love? It's kind of funny, heh heh. X3 Happy Holidays to all! 3