UPDATE: So because I have gotten a lot of free time I decided to go ahead and write a completely different version of this story. Same concept but I've rewritten and changed things around. It's called Bish┼Źnen. If you are interested check it out. If not that's completely okay. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to chat message me. Thank you and happy reading!

- Athena

Here is a little snippet

It wasn't a particularly tragic story from his point of view but the people that had been put in charge of his well-being after the incident insisted that he get as far away from his old life as possible.

Naruto Uzumaki stared out of the tinted car window to the rising sun in the eastern sky. He sighed against the leather interior his head rested on, his blue eyes drinking in the details of his new home. Konoha was a city he had visited once as a small child with his parents but the memories were fuzzy and the only thing he remembered was his father ruffling his blond hair fondly and the smell of cotton candy on a hot summer day.

"What do you think?" a voice asked from the front seat. Naruto ran a tanned hand through his spiked blond hair and managed a small smile.

"It's beautiful," he said, sitting upright. His fingers found the button that lowered the window and he closed his eyes as the cool morning air swept across his sun kissed face. He opened his eyes and observed the odd architecture of Konoha. There were a lot of colorful domed buildings, all crowded together as if they didn't want to disturb the thick clump of trees that made up most of the city. He poked his head slightly out the window as the car neared its destination, a gated community in the southern part of the city. Here the houses seemed to grow larger and more spaced out.

"There it is," the voice said, alerting Naruto to the large white building that sprang from the trees. "Konoha Academy."

Naruto felt his stomach flip nervously, making his hands find the small turquoise crystal that hung around his neck.

Mother. Father. I made it.