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jutsu/spell being used

"demon talking"

"demon thinking"

Chapter 1 : from mage to ninja

A 12-year-old was walking towards the gates of the hidden village in the leaves. He had electric blue eyes, blond, spiky hair in a short ponytail and a dull red facemask going up to his nose. If he didn't wear it you would see 3 whisker marks on each cheek. Besides the facemask he wore a crimson trench coat with a red hood and a spiral symbol surrounded by a yellow nine tailed fox. He also wore a dull red, baggy pants with several pockets, red shoes and reinforced gloves and finally a black shirt with a white kanji for magician on it. His name was Uzumaki Naruto and he was a mage and a prodigy in the magical arts.

He sighed as he remembered what his teacher and uncle said

Flashback about a week ago

"Naruto" said a man dressed in dark blue robes with short red hair and green eyes "in about 2 weeks a new ninja-academy year starts in konoha and I want you to take it." "What? You want me to become ninja!" shouted Naruto "You can't be serious, I to become the strongest mage there is, if I have to become a ninja it will drastically cut magic training oyaji!"

"Naruto you will refer to me as Arashi-sensei while we are training, is that understood!"

"Yes, Arashi-sensei!"

Besides if you want to know who your father was you have to make it at least to chunin or have you forgotten that?"

Naruto sighed and said "No Arashi-sensei." "it's jus not fair, sure my father had lots of enemies but with magic I can defend myself against them and then I don't have to become a stupid chunin to know about my father."

"If your scared you can't become a ninja I can understand that Naruto but then you won't know about your father until your 18." Arashi smiled "hook line and sinker."

"What! You think I can't become a ninja, just you wait I'll become the best ninja in konoha before you know it-dattebayo" Shouted an angered Naruto.

Arashi then spoke up "I'll keep you your word Naruto and you know we Uzumakis don't break our word."

Naruto silently cursed now he had to become a ninja he was about to excuse himself to start packing when his uncle spoke up "Lets make a bet Naruto, if you can become this year's number-one Rooky, I'll teach you how to control peoples minds." Okay this got Naruto's attention he really wanted to learn that but his uncle thought it was to early for because of the risks but Naruto know his uncle and he wondered what the catch was. "However should you not become Rooky of the year then you'll have to use your oiroke no jutsu and do some research for your 'uncle' Jiraiya." Naruto hesitated for a minute the reward was good but the penalty was bad, if for some chance a kunoichi would discover him he would be a dead man.

Naruto slowly nodded and left to pack

End flashback

Naruto sighed Oiroke and henge no jutsus were the only justus he know, they were a relic from 6 years ago before he decided to become mage.

When he was little he had once seen his 'uncle' Jiraiya transform into a thorn bush so that he could spy on the women in the bathhouse. Naruto had then blackmailed him into teaching him the jutsu and had mastered it in a week, but after being discovered a few times by sensei trying to sneak into the bathhouse disguised as a girl, he thought of a way to improve the henge, because his sensei had told him that entering like that meant certain death if a kunoichi was present and so oiroke no jutsu was born. To bad he didn't got the chance to test it out because after that he had become engrossed in magic.

As Naruto approached the gate he saw 2 chunins sitting by the entrance "I guess I'll have to register myself here " Kotetsu was the first to notice the blond approaching. "Hey kid what are doing here?"

"I'm here to register myself as a konoha villager and to enter the ninja-academy."

Izumo took out a form and asked Naruto to fill in the form while Kotetsu said "You know you have to see the hokage and be accepted by him in order to become a ninja of the leaf."

"Yes I am aware of that. After this I am going to make an appointment with his secretary."

And with that he returned the form.

"By the way, hmm, Naruto, you are now registered as a villager of the leaf, but are you alone?"

"Yes, but my uncles may visit me some time in the future. Well it was a pleasure to meet you Kotetsu and you to Izumo." With that the blond left the 2 shocked chunin and showed of his yellow kyuubi on his back. The chunins thought the same thing "How did he know our names?"

Meanwhile the blond was making his way to the hokage tower while chuckling to himself "That just never grows old reading their minds and then shocking them with it."

As he made his way to the hokage tower he saw many faces first friendly and as they saw his back, shock, anger or amusement showed on their faces Naruto made a mental note to avoid the ones that had an angry face and scam or prank them when he had the chance. Though most shocking thing was a comment from a kunoichi with rather revealing clothes and eating dango "Nice coat kid!" while giving 2 thumbs up. "Well that was weird." Was Naruto's only thought.

He then entered the hokage tower and after passing 4 ANBU guards he was standing in front the hokage's secretary "I would like to make an appointment with hokage-sama." As if on cue an intercom said "Bring him in." A little stunned the secretary said "You can see Hokage-sama now, just walk through the door and you'll be in his office." Naruto nodded and walked into the hokage's office.

The third hokage sat behind his desk and said friendly "Come in Naruto, we have a lot to talk about."

From the second the door was shut Naruto's business face was replaced by a wide grin.

"So we finally meet face to face old man." Sarutobi got a smile on his face, since the day Naruto could write they had been writing letters to each other periodically about daily things, it also gave the hokage an excuse to escape the archenemy of any kage, paperwork.

"Well Naruto I would first like to know how you are." The third said while glancing to Naruto's stomach.

Naruto getting the hint said "Could you make sure we can not be heard?"

Sarutobi cringed "It looks likes Uzumaki Areshi's notorious paranoia has rubbed of to Naruto." Sarutobi took out several sealtags made several handseals to fast to follow and then threw a tag to each corner of the room. Seeing Sarutobi's silence as a sign to begin "Well with me everything is fine and so is Kyuubi-hime." Naruto thought back on how he met the kyuubi.

Flashback 5 years ago somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Naruto and Arashi were in a forest clearing.

"Well Naruto since you have shown interest in summoning magic I think it is time for me to tell you this. Do you know what happened to the kyuubi?"

Naruto wondering where this was going said "7 years ago the kyuubi attacked konoha and the yondaime hokage killed it with a forbidden technique."

"And what did I tell you about demon lords?"

"That they are immortal." Realization dawned on Naruto's face "If it was immortal then how defeated the yondaime it?"

"As you said by use of a forbidden technique. Yondaime used a technique now know as shiki fujin. It is a jutsu that summons the shinigami to kill an enemy at the cost of one's life, then the 2 souls will do battle in the shinigami's stomach for all eternity. The problem was that the kyuubi was so strong that it could overpower the shinigami and escape, so the yondaime made a special seal to trap the kyuubi inside a vessel where it would be powerless the problem then was finding a vessel to contain the kyuubi, in the entire world there is only one thing that can contain the might of a bijuu and that is a newborn child whose chakra coils haven't formed yet."

Naruto's eyes widened as he got the point "So that means that I'm the container of the kyuubi!"

Arashi nodded "That's true, although for normal people it would be a curse but for a summoner it is a gold mine. Why am I telling you this because I'm going to teach you how to contact the kyuubi and how to bargain with it. Remember this first and foremost don't show fear no matter what when you are in front of the kyuubi or any other demon for that matter and for crying out loud stay respectful, you might have all of the cards but if the kyuubi hates you it can still make your life miserable even if it's locked away. Now when you meet the kyuubi introduce yourself as the kyuubi's jailor don't tell your name yet."

"Why is that?"

"Because if a demon knows your name it has a certain amount of power over you, with your magic training you can chance your mindscape at will, that includes the kyuubi's cage use this as a bargaining chip to gain its permission to summon demons and make the kyuubi give its word that it will not harm you, a demon will never breaks its word, only then can you tell you your name." Arashi was talking fast as if something was listening. "Now enter your mindscape and look for the kyuubi's cage."

Naruto nodded although he was overwhelmed by the news he tried to relax and enter his mindscape.


Naruto opened his eyes and he was now in a library, many of the shelves were still empty but that would chance if he learned more. He got up and started looking for the kyuubi's cage after 5 minutes of wandering through the maze that was his mind he found the cage it was huge and the only thing that locked the massive gate was a small piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it. And behind it was a massive fox with fire red fur and black tips on its ears and 9 tails.

Naruto could feel the power coming of the fox but he gathered his courage and walked to the fox.

The fox noticed him and started speaking in a voice that resonated power and authority "So the jailor has decided to visit its prisoner, have you come to gloat at me and torment me?" the kyuubi was impressed when Naruto made no visible signs of fear for it know that either the most brave or the most foolish had the power to do that.

Naruto then bowed and spoke up, trying to sound as respectful as possible "I have not come to do either of those kyuubi-sama, I have come here to bargain with you."

"O really, then what do you have to offer. My freedom perhaps?"

No not that but I can make your stay here more comfortable" then an idea came into Naruto's mind "and as a sign of good intentions I'll give you my name I you promise not to hurt me, kyuubi-sama.

The kyuubi was silent "Interesting, if I know his name I can have access to his senses and memory but I can't harm him. Tough choice, acquiring more chances to escape or to lose my ability to harm him while escaping."

"Very well you have my word that I will not harm you in any way."

Naruto nodded, making a small mental victory dance that at least the kyuubi would not harm him. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I am a mage in training."

Kyuubi's ears shot up at this "What the kid is a mage! I just might have hit the jackpot Might as well return some kind of introduction."

"And I am Kyuubi no Youko, queen of hell and destruction."

Naruto's eyes widened at this revelation "The kyuubi is a girl! No wait a princess."

The kyuubi then continued "However since you came here to barter I might as well make it a little more comfortable for you." The kyuubi then changed into an 8 to 9 years old girl dressed in a red kimono with fire red hair hanging loose that went to her knees and piercing red eyes and cream coloured skin without blemishes. In spite knowing that this girl was a 1000-year-old demoness Naruto couldn't help but blush while thinking "she looks cute."

Kyuubi noticed the blush and thought "Looks like I still can make guys heads go wild merely by looking at me, too bad he is still so young."

"Well then Naruto what do you propose?"

Shaking himself out of his daze Naruto said "Well I thought I would change the scenery of your cage Kyuubi-hime in exchange for your permission to summon the demons from hell."

"Kyuubi-hime? Well it seems a fair trade."

I agree on the condition that I can chose what the scenery is.

"Of course so we have a deal."

Kyuubi then closed her eyes and red chakra pored out of the cage and surrounded Naruto.

A burning sensation overcame Naruto as a red nine tailed fox was burned into his upper right arm. "This Naruto is the mark that will show you have my blessing, now I want you to turn this cage into something that is fit for royalty, a palace or something."

Naruto closed his eyes and pictured the cage changing into a palace he had seen in a book, when Naruto opened is eyes the cage door had changed into a red archway with the kanji for seal on top of it and the darkness behind the doors had changed into a single floor palace decorated with golden foxes but big enough to hold the massive size of Kyuubi's true size.

The Kyuubi sized up her new prison and said "Not bad for a mortal and Naruto remember we now can speak to each other without you having to come into your mindscape, if you want to contact me just think my name. Now then I think it is time for you to leave, bye bye.

Darkness enveloped Naruto as he woke up in the real world.

He saw his uncle Arashi come into view as he asked "Naruto did it work?"

Naruto revealed the tattoo on his arm before falling asleep. The last thing he heard was

"Sleep well Naruto-kun.

End flashback

Sarutobi was bug-eyed "You mean the Kyuubi is a girl!"

"Yes it surprised me as well, but it is true."

The aged hokage took out a bottle of sake to drink the shock away. After downing his second saucer of sake "So you want to join the ninja-academy Naruto I know you were trained as a mage but can you draw up chakra and explain your skill level."

Naruto said "I can draw upon chakra watch this old man." Naruto made a ram handseal and started glowing deep blue. The Sandaime was shocked this was at least the chakra output of a mid-level chunin and Naruto didn't even look like he was even trying Naruto then continued "The only jutsu I know and master is the Henge and my own technique Oiroke no jutsu, which is basically a (very) strong henge. As for my magic skills I can summon demons, wind and fire elementals with ease, I have mastered the basics of illusion magic which involves regular illusions and manipulating emotions and I am high levelled in wind and fire magic. Currently I am learning more advanced illusions and I'm beginning to learn a taijutsu form know as stormfist."

The hokage nodded and said "Naruto could you remember these handseals for the bushin no jutsu and create 3 clones." And then showed Naruto the handseals for bushin no jutsu.

Naruto nodded and did the handseals for bushin no justu. 3 clones appeared beside Naruto in a puff of smoke. 3 sickly looking clones that couldn't even move. "What" shouted Naruto angrily "How's this possible I did the handseals right and moulded the chakra accordingly."

The hokage sighed and said "Now try these handseals." Naruto after seeing the seals reproduced then and ended in a cross shaped seal. Again 3 poofs of smoke appeared but this time there were 3 healthy looking clones although there were a few details wrong. Natuto glared at the elderly hokage and said "What's the meaning of this old man. Did you give the wrong handseals on purpose?"

"No, Naruto the difference is that the first one was the bushin no jutsu and the second was the kage bushin no jutsu, the main difference between the 2 in theory is the chakra cost.

Bushin no jutsu creates optical illusions of the user while kage bushin creates actual bodies. Your problem is that you overcharge your bushins because of your large chakra capacity and thus fail. Listen Naruto if you can't produce a proper bushin for the exams only then can you use kage bushin in the academy. Do we have a deal?" the last part had a tone of 'or else'

"Yes hokage-sama!"

"Good" said Sarutobi "The academy starts in 6 days your classroom will be 105 and your teachers will be Umino Iruka and Touho Mizuki. By the way Naruto do you have an apartment?" Naruto shook his head. Sarutobi thought for a few minutes and then said "I believe there is an apartment free some blocks away from here in the residential district. As for money, you shall receive a monthly pay from our ninja orphan funds starting when you enter ninja-academy, should you need extra money well you could see if the villagers have a part-time job for you. I expect great things from you."

"Don't worry old man, I will."

End chapter 1

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