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Chapter 2 : ninja academy: the beginnings

Naruto sighed as he stood in front of a door, the door of classroom 105 to be precisely. A week had passed since he had met old man Sarutobi, he had found an apartment a few blocks away from the academy and in close proximity to the market district and a ramen bar. Naruto knew the value of freshly made food, but Naruto was also a lazy bum when it came to things other than, training like cleaning his room or preparing food, so having a ramen bar close by was a good alternative for when he didn't want to prepare food.

Naruto knocked on the door and a tan man with a scar on the bridge of his nose, "You must be Uzumaki Naruto, the hokage already informed me you would be attending my classes I want to test you later today to see how far you are in ninja training, now then my name is Umino Iruka and that person over there is my assistant Touho Mizuki" Iruka pointed to a silver haired man with a bandana who was going through some katas outside the window "Why don't you wait outside until everyone is here so that you can introduce yourself." Naruto was about to exit the class when he heard Iruka gasp and then said with rage barely concealed in is voice "Naruto why do you wear a kyuubi on your back? I hope you know of konoha's incident with the kyuubi." Naruto turned around and said "Of course Iruka-sensei, 12 years ago the queen of demons kyuubi no youko attacked konoha and killed many of its ninjas. As for the kyuubi on my back it is a kyuubi no kitsune, unlike the kyuubi no youko it is a prankster so by wearing it on my back is signifies that I'm a prankster and thus acts as a warning to other people not to mess with me. I didn't mean to insult anyone." Iruka softened up after hearing that and apologized "Sorry Naruto it's just that I lost my parents the day the kyuubi attacked, I didn't mean to sound so angry. But wait queen of demons?" "It's okay Iruka-sensei, it surprised me as well." With that Naruto left the class leaving a stunned Iruka in the classroom.

Naruto waited for about half an hour then he heard Iruka say "Class, today a new student will join us, so please behave yourself." Some outcries of shock and displeasure were heard. Naruto then walked in and introduced himself "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I have received some basic ninja training already and it would be my pleasure to study with you for the rest of the year." The thoughts of his fellow students were rather varied

"Tch, troublesome"

"I wonder what his favorite food is?"

"He's cool but not nearly as cool as Sasuke-kun. You bet, Shannaro!

"I wonder why he smells like foxes?"

"Hnn, he can't possibly match up to an Uchiha.

"Bzz, bzz, Hmm, interesting."

"I wish I could be so confident as him."

"What's with his get-up? Is he trying to hide something?"

Naruto analyzed his fellow students and trying to find the cause of a strange sense of vertigo he was feeling "Lets see a lazy one with pineapple hair, probably a Nara. An akamichi, food included, a brooding Uchiha, and what's this a shy Hyuuga, blond hair and blue eyes? Maybe a Yamanaka, 2 muts, and some others I don't recognize but the one with the large coat could be an Aburame. I can't really pinpoint what's causing to vertigo but perhaps I'll find out later."

Naruto walked to a free place on the fourth row and sat beside the what he thought was an aburame who raised an eyebrow at the sight of his new neighbour but didn't say anything until Naruto quietly spoke "So what have you already seen in class last year? I'm Uzumaki Naruto." And extended a hand. "Aburame Shino" said the boy and took the hand "Last year we saw how to mould chakra, we also saw the history of the village and the world, geography, stealth, survival skills and weapon practice."

Naruto sighed relieved "So I'm only behind on history and weapon skills. That's not to bad. Hehe looks like I was right about him being an Aburame and it seems Shino is the cause of the vertigo but it seems he is not the only one there is one more. Ugh, I'll have to ask what this means when I see my uncle again. " He wanted to ask for specific details but then Iruka spoke up "Class, this is your final year in ninja-academy, at the end of this year those who graduate will be fully fledged genin and will serve konoha as proud shinobi. However before you become genin you will first have to pass this final hurdle and to see how ready you are here is a pop-quiz." A collective groan escaped the students as Iruka passed the tests. 3 hours later and the test and 2 lectures over ninja protocol it was lunchtime. Naruto sighed as he started eating his lunch together with Shino "Iruka-sensei is a good teachers but his lectures are so boring even more so then Arashi's." Then Naruto asked "Hey Shino, how come you were napping in class, aren't you afraid you'll miss something?"

The bug-user nearly choked on his lunch when he said after a while "How did you know I was sleeping?"

"Simple your breathing changed, it suddenly become more deeply and relaxed after the test."

Shino mumbled a few curses and replied "I stayed up to late studying nocturnal insects. Besides it's not like I miss anything, my bugs tell me later what Iruka-sensei told us and you shouldn't talk, my bugs told me you were reading a book about illusions and their uses hidden under a genjutsu." To emphasize his word a few bugs crawled from under his coat

"Was it that obvious?"

"No one of my bugs noticed it by accident." Shino was a little surprised by the lack of screams normally when he showed his bugs to people they would either scream or try to squash the bugs or just backed off, yet Naruto made no sign to do any of those things "You are a strange person Naruto."

"What's that supposed to mean Shino?" asked Naruto confused.

"The fact that you don't freak out when you see my bugs, I can count the people outside my clan who don't do that one hand: the hokage, Hyuuga Hinata and you. I understand the hokage as he is used to us and I suspect Hinata is just to kind to do that but you puzzle me."

"Well it doesn't freak me out because my uncle told me not to judge a book by its cover" and then continued in a munch quieter voice "and I'm used to even more disgusting things."

"I'm sorry but I couldn't hear the last part."

"It's nothing important Shino really."

Naruto was then literally saved by the bell "Looks like lunch break is over lets go back to class said Naruto a little to happily Shino made a mental note to sent a bug after Naruto. Naruto had yet to learn that the worst kind of Aburame were the curious ones.

The afternoon the students did some basic exercises (push-up, sit-up, etcetera...) under supervision of Mizuki-sensei. Then came the fun part: sparring. First up were the matches between the kunoichis the only one who was somewhat decent was the Hyuuga and to Naruto's surprise, the cause of the other sense of vertigo. Then came the highlight of the day when Mizuki announced "Okay class now I want to asses the newcomers skill, so who would want to spar with him?" "I will." Came the smug reply from a certain Uchiha along with squeals from his fanclub "Ready to lose dobe? I will show you the might of the Uchiha clan, Naruto just stepped forward and replied "What clan?" Sasuke bristled with anger "I'll show that dobe." Mizuki then stated the rules "Okay boys no weapons and no lethal force but anything else goes." Both combatants nodded "then begin." Shouted Mizuki. Sasuke rushed forward and unleashed a barrage of punches on Naruto. Naruto was able to block nearly all of them when suddenly he sidestepped and grabbed the Uchiha's wrist and elbow, using his momentum against him Naruto then quickly brought the Uchiha down while keeping his arm in an armlock with his left arm and his right knee and said "Do you surrender?" Sasuke just glared back at him Naruto then threatened to break his arm when Mizuki intervened "Naruto you won now let Sasuke go." Naruto complied and let Sasuke go just as Naruto walked back to the other students he heard Sasuke say "I didn't say I surrendered dobe, for I will not be defeated by you." Naruto saw Sasuke's hands come together in the tiger seal as the Uchiha sent a medium sized fireball in his direction, shouting katon: grand fireball. Naruto did was what Natural to him he shouted flame ward, the fireball seemed to hit some sort of barrier and dissipated. Naruto was now pissed, he did some arcane gestures and shouted thunder wave, a gale of electrified wind hit Sasuke before he could react and was throw back. All viewers were shocked, the newcomer had just beaten last years best student. After the shock wore of hell broke lose, the Sasuke fanclub scurried to his aide were screaming for the newcomers blood as the males were muttering curses about coward and dishonourable while congratulating the newcomers for wiping the smug grin of the Uchiha's face.

The rest of the classes were cancelled as the teachers took the Uchiha to the hospital.

The students slowly dispersed still talking about the spar and how Sasuke-kun/smug-bastard bit the dust.

------------------- Hyuuga compound -------------------

"So daughter how did you perform in the academy today" Hinata flinched under the cold gaze and tone of her father Hyuuga Hiashi. "I-I d-d-did we-well f-fa-father."

"Well is not good enough daughter, you as the Hyuuga clan heir should be the best. Also I heard someone defeated Uchiha-san in a spar. Do you remember his name, daughter?"

"H-hai, h-his n-name was U-u-Uzumaki Na-Naruto, fa-father."

"Uzumaki, I wonder if this Naruto is related to Kushina perhaps I should meet this boy first. Now go practise your gentle fist katas. 'Cause if you don't show the elders you are a capable heiress you will become part of the branch house and you will receive the caged bird seal. And daughter I would like to meet Uzumaki-san could you tell him to visit the estate tomorrow or the day after and have dinner with us?."

"H-Hai father!" and with that Hinata sped of to the training grounds wondering why her father would want to meet Naruto.

------------------- with Naruto -------------------

Naruto was heading to a remote training ground to practice his jutsus and his spells. His mood had improved a bit after eating some ramen and pulling some minor pranks on bystanders and pick-pocketing some others, but he was still visibly pissed at Sasuke for his stunt. And the guy had the nerve to call him a dobe, so what he had failed the written test, he hadn't studied for it. Naruto sighed and started practicing, first he tried to master the kage bushin and did it in about 4 tries, then he did some physical exercises and went through his stormfist stances, as his uncle said a healthy mind in a healthy body, he then tried to do the bushin technique but after an hour of trying they still looked like shit. The next few hours Naruto spent by performing magic techniques and kawarimi. It was about 20 minutes to 10 o'clock as Naruto came to the end of his training session, he finished it by summoning a mindflayer to help him with his illusions. After an other hour of honing his illusion skills he dismissed the mindflayer, who gave him a short bow before disappearing in a swirl of darkness. Naruto was a bit disappointed when even his summon didn't know how he could improve his bushins since it wasn't a mind altering technique but rather a light bending one. Naruto then made his way home, never having noticed the bug that was watching the entire time.

------------------- The next day -------------------

Naruto was sitting in the class listening, or trying to, to one of Iruka's lectures on henges and their uses. But his mind was elsewhere. He was still thinking about how the Hyuuga had introduced herself as Hyuuga Hinata and invited him over to her house for dinner saying her father wanted to meet him, Naruto accepted the invitation and told her he would be there by six however something was bothering him. This girl, Hinata, had a very weird aura around her that Naruto didn't recognize. And if Naruto hated something besides bastards it was being in the dark about something. Clearing his thoughts he noticed that Shino had slipped him a little paper saying 'Can we meet somewhere after school where we cannot be disturbed today?' Naruto wrote on the paper 'sorry not today. Meet me after school tomorrow at the weapon shop.' Shino took the paper back and nodded. Iruka then asked the students to draw upon their chakra. Sasuke tried to show of and released a lot of chakra for an academy student, causing the air to grow slightly heavier and to unleash a number of squeals from the Sasuke-fanclub screaming that 'Sasuke-kun is so cool'. Naruto just vaguely heard Iruka and placed his hands in the ram seal, barely acknowledging Sasuke's attempt to proof he was the best and started to draw upon his chakra, still thinking what he should wear tonight for the dinner with the Hyuuga's and what Shino wanted to ask him. The result was immediately felt. The air suddenly became extremely heavy causing several students to faint, those that were still standing had trouble breathing and the chunin looked like 2 fishes on land. Naruto had the chakra output of a low-level jounin. Iruka was the first to recover "Naruto you can stop now."

Naruto was pulled back to reality and said "Was that enough Iruka-sensei?" Naruto then became aware that every one was staring at him with looks varying from adoration to anger and curiosity to shock.

Sasuke was both angry and curious at the same time "It can't believe the dobe has this kind of power, that power should be mine, I am an avenger I need it to kill him. Hnn, I'll demand that the dobe tells me how he got that power it should be in the hand of me, a true Uchiha and not to some no name clan and if he doesn't tell me I'll beat it out of him yesterday was just a fluke." Sasuke got a small smile on his face but then said "Dobe stop showing of."

Naruto just turned around "Huh? You said something Uchiha?"

Sasuke wanted to grab Naruto by his collar and smack some respect into him but in his anger he slipped over an empty bag of chips. Trying to prevent himself from falling Sasuke tried to grab the nearest thing, which was Naruto's facemask. Too bad the mask ripped and Naruto and Sasuke fell to the ground. Naruto was the first back on his feet shouting "Oi teme look what you've done you ripped my mask!" Naruto pointed to the remains of his facemask but wasn't what the girls saw, they saw his whisker marks and nearly all thought the same thing "he looks so cute" of the few remaining girls who weren't devouring Naruto with there eyes one was worrying about Sasuke and the other one was watching the floor her head having the darkest shade of red, Naruto did not know it yet but because of Sasuke's stunt Naruto's life was changed forever, for later that day the Naruto fanclub was created.

Back with the lessons, Iruka and Mizuki were trying to get the class under control Iruka made a mental notes to ask the Hokage what this kid was and Mizuki thinking how he was going to report this to his superior. A few minutes later the students were subdued and the lessons resumed. When the lessons were over Naruto made his way to his apartment but was stopped by Sasuke "Hey dobe I demand that you tell me how you got that power."

Naruto just raised an eyebrow "Why do you need more power?"

"I need it to kill him and avenge my clan. So tell me how you got that power dobe!" Sasuke yelled the last part out and Naruto was wondering why this guy wasn't in a mental ward.

"Tell me Sasuke, what if I gave you the power to kill that person- no wait, your older brother Itachi what do you intend to do afterwards?"

Sasuke was taken aback by the fact that Naruto an outsider knew that he wanted to kill his brother "What can the dobe read my mind, no, wait the Uchiha-clan was famous surely the news spread fast that Itachi killed everyone and that's probably why he knows I want to kill my brother. After I have killed my brother I will then rebuild my clan to its former glory, but enough talking tell me how you got that power!"

Naruto then got a cold look on his face "According to my teachings power is a shield used to defend your beliefs and your friends, anyone who thinks power is a sword forgets that it is a double edged one, waiting to consume its user for strong power requires an equally strong resolve to use it. Therefore I will not tell you the secrets of my strength for you will be of no use to you."

Naruto then used windstep to get away from an angry and confused Sasuke.

------------------- At Naruto's apartment -------------------

Naruto was rummaging through his clothes looking for his formal clothes he was still thinking about his encounter with Sasuke. People like him just pissed him of to no end. 5 minutes later he had found his clothes for the night. It was a dark blue kimono with silver trim and a black sash, normally he would only wear it for when he and his uncle went to pay their respects to his mother but he thought that this occasion was good enough to wear it as well. Suddenly a thought entered his mind, he didn't know how to act on a formal dinner with a noble house, surely they would have some weird customs and he didn't want to a fool of himself. Naruto panicked but then he got an idea "Kyuubi-hime, I need some help."

"What do you want kit, I was sleeping." Was the reply of a not to happy demon.

"Sorry Kyuubi-hime but I was wondering if you knew something about proper manners for formal dinners?"

"Human or demon?"

"Human of course."

"Well I don't know anything specific but I guess you will have to show the basic rules of etiquette." The kyuubi then started talking about the basic rules of society she know, needless to say Naruto got a headache from it but she also had some good advise "Why don't you read the host's mind on how you should act?"

------------------- Hyuuga compound -------------------

Naruto arrived at the Hyuuga compound bang on time, some guards then escorted him to a big single story Japanese manor and was guided to a guest room where he saw a man in his forties with long black hair clad in a white kimono, a young girl in a purple kimono with her black hair going to her mid back and Hinata dressed in a lavender kimono that surprisingly accentuated her developing curves.

Naruto had to suppress a small blush at the sight of Hinata. The 2 girls didn't notice but it wasn't missed under the scrutiny of Lord Hiashi, but decided not to tease the boy. "Good evening Uzumaki-san, it is good to see you tonight."

"Good evening Hyuuga-sama, it is good to see you. But please call me Naruto."

"Very well, Naruto, but please, call me Hiashi. Have you met my other daughter Hanabi?"

The young girl stepped forward, looking fearless and confident but Naruto could sense she was nervous.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Hanabi-sama." Said Naruto with a friendly smile.

The newly named Hanabi had a small blush on her face and said "It's my pleasure to meet you Naruto-sama." Meanwhile Hiashi nodded in approval. It was good to see a young man like Naruto knew proper etiquette, little did he know Naruto was reading his mind in how he should act.

Hinata developed a small crush for the blond boy. He was everything she wanted to be: he was calm but fierce in battle, strong but kind, collected but still retaining a sense of humour, but admired him most for his confidence, no one she had met could meet her father face to face without becoming slightly unnerved. Yet Naruto didn't even flinch under her father's scrutinizing gaze. Hinata made a promise to herself she would make Naruto HER husband, a fierce blush crept up her face and mentally added when I'm older. "G-G-good e-e-evening N-Naruto."

Naruto nearly raised an eyebrow at this and decided to focus a little more on Hinata "Good evening, Hinata-sama."

Hinata's heart skipped a beat at the Hinata–sama, at least it wasn't Hyuuga-san anymore "Y-you may c-call me Hinata, Naruto."

"Let's see, Hinata is blushing heavily, her heart skipped a beat, her scent changed and her mind is in turmoil. I wonder what this means?"

"You know kit, you maybe smart and called a prodigy but you are still as dense as a rock."

"What's that supposed to mean Kyuubi-hime. Do you know why she"'s acting like that?"

"Yes I know why and no I'm not telling you this is something you're supposed to find out yourself." And with that the kyuubi returned to the recesses of the maze know as Naruto's mind.

"Now that was weird."

For about 15 minutes Naruto and Hiashi had some small talks about Naruto's goals and life as a ninja in general with Hanabi and Hinata occasionally joining the conversation, Naruto learned that Hinata had a beautiful voice which was ruined by her constant stuttering.

A servant then entered and told them that dinner was ready. After eating the banquet Naruto asked the question "Tell me Hiashi-sama, why did you invite tonight? I don't think it was just for small talk." Hiashi cleared his throat before speaking up. "You are right Naruto-kun, I didn't invite you just for small talk. I must admit it was primarily because I was curious for what kind a person you were to beat the Uchiha prodigy and I wanted to hear the recount of the battle first hand." Hiashi looked Naruto direct in the eye, telling him start his story, to Hiasi's surprise the boy didn't visibly flinch. Naruto then gave an accurate description of the fight from his viewpoint including the Uchiha's stunt. After Naruto's story was over Hiashi said "Well with a victory your sensei would be proud."

"I don't think so." Was Naruto's reply "He would probably beat me for letting my guard down."

"It sound you have a strict but good sensei." Said Hiashi, nodding in agreement.

"Yeah you could call uncle Arashi that." Said Naruto, suddenly sporting a foxy smile.

"Your uncle? Why didn't your father teach you?"

"Because my father is dead and I don't even know who he is, just that he was a powerful ninja. My uncle keeps telling me that I am not yet ready for it yet." Naruto now had an aura of sadness around him as well as a small one of determination.

"So do you know who your mother is, Naruto?"

A faint smile grow on Naruto's face "While my mother died when I was born my uncle told me many stories about my mother" A big grin appeared on Naruto's face "She was Uzumaki Kushina-Believe it!"

Hiashi was shocked "So I was right he is related to Kushina!" memories about him, his wife Reika, Kushina and Minato came drifting into his mind. A thought formed into Hiashi's head. "I believe you Naruto and in fact I even knew your mother very well, after all she was the one who introduced me to my late wife." Both Hanabi and Hinata's heads poked up after hearing this both thought "Father seems happier then usual I wonder who this Kushina person is?"

Hiashi continued "The thing I remember most about Kushina was her never wavering confidence in her and her friends abilities. As you have seen my eldest daughter Hinata has problems with her confidence, I humbly as you Naruto-kun to help my daughter to overcome her problems." To emphatize he was serious the Hyuuga patriarch even bowed to Naruto.

Naruto was a bit taken aback that the head of the most powerful clan in konoha had just asked him a favour he then made up his mind "I will gladly help your daughter, Hiashi-sama, but only if she wishes to." Both males then turned to Hinata who started blushing. Her mind was in turmoil "Father wishes that Naruto-kun to help me, but what if I screw up will Naruto-kun hate me then?" At this point inner-Hinata makes her appearance "Girl take it this would give you plenty of opportunities to make him yours. It will be a trial of love." That little statement did it for Hinata "Naruto-kun I will gladly accept your help." She said without stuttering "Good girl now that that's out of the way we can now focus on what we should do with our little quality time together." Inner-Hinata then caused Hinata to be exposed to several lewd scenes, however this caused Hinata to make a new shade of red on her cheeks before passing out, barely suppressing a blood nose.

While Hinata was in a blissful unconscious state Naruto thought "She really has a beautiful voice when she doesn't stutter but I wonder what caused her to pass out?"

Meanwhile in Kyuubi's mansion.

Kyuubi had seen everything that happened outside on a small television "Hahaha, the kit really is dense when it comes to these kind of things, that little vixen really has a crush for him." An idea formed in Kyuubi's head "Hmm, I wonder if I can accelerate the kit's puberty with several years. Oh, yes the kit will thank me later for it." The Kyuubi then burst out in a maniacal laugh that would scare even Orochimaru and the other Bijuu.

Back with the Hyuuga's.

Naruto suddenly had a very bad feeling as a shiver travelled down his spine. "Well it is getting late Naruto-kun you should head home now." Said Hiashi "When do you have time tomorrow to help my daughter?"

"I am afraid not. I already have a meeting with someone tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow is fine by me."

Hiashi, Hanabi and Naruto then wished each other goodnight as Naruto walked back to his apartment where he did some meditation exercises before crawling into his bed. For some reason he felt that something bad would happen tomorrow.

End chapter 2


Chapter 2 is done expect the next chapter around next week at the earliest!


means high rank technique

- means low rank technique

Windstep: rank D: magical version of shusin no jutsu when one has a wind affinity.

Flame ward: rank D -: Mid-level anti-fire shield

Thunder wave: rank C-: a wave of electrified wind that shocks the opponent causing minor electric burn wounds. Good for crowd-control.


Mindflayer: rank B: demons that look like humans with an squids head and have either a brown, blue or green skin. They are very smart and have powerful mind-magic but poor hand-to-hand skills.