"So how'd you get into college anyways when everyone thinks your dead?" Lucas asked Manny with a bit of a snicker, coming up from behind her as she stood in his new apartment.

Manny smirked over her shoulder, "Ellie, before quitting ALL magic of course, did one last spell. My parents even forgot that I'd died." Manny then looked in thought, "Which I'm happy about honestly."

"Mm." nodded Lucas, kissing her forehead, "I'm sure it was really hard for them to let you go."

"Not as horrible as it's been watching them have to let me go for college."

He sighed and let her go, nodding, "Ya. Sure you're gonna have a good time." he muttered, turning towards the kitchen and went to the fridge. He grabbed out some mustard and meat slices, then went to this bread box to glare at the bread.

Manny knew he couldn't be mad at the bread. She went over with a sad smile, "Baby.." she drifted, and kissed the back of his neck and he leaned on the counter. He looked in a mood and slightly growled. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and leaned up on her tip toes as he looked over his shoulder to see her smirking at him playfully.

"You're gonna miss me but can't admit it." she giggled again and yelped when he turned and grabbed her. She was light and petite, so lifted easily in his big strong arms and he brought her over to the counter.

"You really think I wouldn't tell you anything on my mind?" he asked, his voice so deep and husky.

Manny blushed, tightening her legs around his waist. He was such a babe, and all hers. "I know you do." she said honestly and he smirked, leaning up and captured her lips within his and kissed her hungerily

He pulled away when she was breathless, "I am gonna miss you.."

She pouted and caressed her fingers through his dark hair. It was still short and slightly gelled but over the summer he buzzed the sides really short. It looked good.

"I'll be still in town Lucas."

"It's all the guys and frat boys I'm worried about." he taunted like she was silly for not seeing that. He knew the distance wasn't far, he could live with that..

But another guy? No.

"Don't worry. If anyone comes up and hits on me, I'll let them know my werewolf boyfriend will come beat them up cause I'm imprinted."

Lucas' smirk turned into a grin, watching her hop down from him, "You're not gonna let me off the hook for that one are you?" they smiled and kissed once more until the front door opened and Jane came walking in to see her brother.

"Get a room." taunted Jane but passed a playful glare. She then yawned heavily and went to the fridge.

"Late night?" Manny asked and then gasped, "Oh it was your night to watch Emma's house, huh?"

Manny felt Lucas tense and she frowned. He always hated when someone brought Jay up. Jay was still his evil self, never changed back. All summer they tried to deal with it but it couldn't be undone, at least so far. He was ruthless, dangerous, and he had been stalking Emma so everybody tried to check in on her. Lucas did a lot of the protecting, since he knew Jay did so with Manny when Lucas went through his own 'dark phase'.

Ellie tried to help too but she was a little as helpless as Emma without using her magic. Ellie didn't want to do spells anymore. Not after everything with Jesse. Jesse was dead, Jay was evil, Lucas had hurt Manny, Manny almost hurt Emma, and now Emma lost someone she too loved cause Jay wasn't the same and Ellie just blamed herself.

Speaking of Ellie.

She had cut her hair into a bob, and looked all grown up these days. She even wore a black pencil skirt and yellow tank top. She yelped, being almost killed by a huge Chemistry book but she dodged back before it landed on her and landed with a thud.

She was at her college book store. College wasn't for another 2 weeks but it was always good to go early to stalk up on your books because it got PRETTY busy first day of. She went to pick it up, for someone else to grab it and she looked up, her emerald eyes swirling with shock but slight amusement.

"I know." smirked Sean, standing up with her and passed her the book slowly, "Me and college, didn't know we went well together either."

Ellie blinked and noticed how rude she probably looked, "No! thats..thats not it. Just.. haven't seen you in a while." she lied. Well, she HADN'T seen him in awhile, but she didnt want to admit she was shocked he got into college and none the less, could afford it. His parents were never involved in his life and he was on welfare since 15, and then working endless hours at the mechanic shop he worked at since he was 17.

She swallowed hard, seeing how good he looked. His hair was a bit longer, had she said he looked builter yet? As always, he looked like a real charmer, but that was the curse of Sean Cameron before he broke your heart.

He seemed to be staring at her too, and could it be? Could that really be concern in his eyes for her? "How are you? Since everything?" he asked. He had heard about Jesse, about the whole Jay thing too. Sometimes he too tried to help Emma out and ya he was a good fight against humans but vampires? He was kinda also..useless.

He never knew how to help Ellie though. She didn't deserve any of this. . He maybe wasn't a fan of Jesse but he made her happy.

"Fine.." she drifted off, avoiding his eyes now. Sean saddened, watching her look away and she had this cold look on her face now.

"See you later." with that, she was gone. Sean clenched his jaw and nodded, looking down. He didn't expect her to lean on him for a crying shoulder. As much as he wanted that.



Emma's room was dark, nothing but a dim lamp light on. Her curtains were closed, her window locked. The tv on, but muted. She wasn't even watching it, sometimes it was hard to focus on anything and that was saying alot for Emma Nelson. She was a wreck.

Emma sat on her bed, brushing her fingers lightly on her neck, staring at nothing. Her hair was longer with some low lights and layered. She didn't feel pretty though, in fact the insides of her felt broken and empty. Lonely. She even felt lonely when the girls made her come out, and maybe guys did hit on her, but she was never interested. Her guy was gone, she was alone and nobody could compare to him. And he knew it. He was still out there and liked taunting her.

Emma snapped out of it when Manny came down the stairs.

"Em?" Manny came on over to the blonde and sat beside her on the bed.

Emma looked down and sighed, "All summer I thought.. maybe it was all a dream" she stared off, remembering when the only reason she got away from Jay that night, was because he was afraid of Ellie's fireball. Would he have killed her? Turned her? Lucas said he didn't think Jay wanted her dead, not completely. He possibly thought maybe Jay wanted to turn her to be with him.

"Don't think of it, Em." Manny pouted and tried to smile as she changed the subject, "Tomorrow is our big college tour! Aren't you excited? The whole gang is coming." she saddened, watching Emma not phased at all and still stared down sadly. "Em, Jay is-"

"Is still out there." Emma declared, looking out the window and took a deep breath, "Maybe moving out is a good idea. Maybe he won't be able to find me." both girls tensed though, knowing he would. "And if he does, at least he's not invited into that place."

Painful silence filled the room.

Manny then gloated, "Just think! Soon we'll be able to meet all the new guys in school! And the frat boyyyss." she sang it like it was tempting.

Emma gave her a knowing look, "What do you care Manny Santos? You aren't that girl anymore. You're head over heels for Lucas," she stood up and huffed, "And I'm not even a little over Jay..or giving up anytime soon." she muttered, going to a box to pack up more stuff for college.

And the vampire who held her heart smirked in the shadows outside her house.


The next day came by quickly. All morning the girls and Spinner were trying to find out how to get into his tiny corvette when of course, during a lunch stop, Sean Cameron offered them another car to ride in with him. Manny and Emma could tell Sean was really hoping Ellie would ride with him, but it ended up just them with him.

Manny sat in the back and leaned up, "Have you thought of telling her the truth?"

Sean scoffed, "You don't think I tried to say sorry to her, Manny?" he kept his eyes on the road, but glared at the passing cars and signs as if they were his problem.

Emma had to taunt him as well, "Maybe shes not looking for sorry, maybe she's looking for that speech."

"What speech?"

Manny filled in for him, "The I love you and I'm sorry, let's get back together, speech."

Sean glared at her in the rear view mirror, "She just lost the guy she actually loved-"

"Who says she can't love you both?" Emma asked.

Sean taunted her with a look, "You love anybody else besides Jay?"

Emma looked away, hurt. When she wasn't looking, Manny slapped the back of Sean's head for bringing Jay up. Sean then sighed and felt bad...

"Shit." Sean said out loud, looking frustrated. Both girls gave him a weird look and he snickered, "I don't even know if she ever loved me. We never said it."

"Maybe you never needed to." Manny said. The way those two acted around another said it all, but it seemed the stars of the show were completely blind to the others feelings.

"college is fun already." Emma dully said. They nodded slowly.


The college looked huge. It was around dinner time, so there was options of things to eat like a buffet on the side of the lobby where everyone was gathered. The halls had banners and balloons. A bunch of people walked around for the tour in different groups.


Meanwhile, in Jay's cabin, stood a girl with blonde hair and big brown eyes with ruby lips. The fireplace was on, and Jay moved some things around. Swords were hung up on the brick walls for decor, old vampire historian paintings were hung up on the wall and Jay also had some new 'room mates'.

Jay also looked a little different too. The hope and twinkle in his eyes were gone, replaced with a more confident and taunting look in his eyes. He was a monster, who loved being a monster. Not like the old Jay.

He sat against his couch holding a cup of red wine (Blood). He stared emptily out his glass window as the other two other vampires in the room fed on a human in the corner.

"Ever heard of sharing?" Amy snapped at both Towerz and Skinny.

Mel sat beside Jay, she was his 'other' blonde nowadays. But she didn't compare to the real blonde that was always on Jay's mind.

Skinny snapped over his shoulder at Amy, "Ever heard of getting your own?"

Mel turned to whisper in Jay's ear, "Let's go somewhere more private, baby."

He just got up, and walked near the fireplace. He passed Amy who smirked at him also and soothed her hand on his arm as he passed. He leaned on the fireplace and threw his drink carelessly into it. "We need new blood. Fresher."

The guys liked what they were hearing, and dropped the human to the ground in the corner. "We could go back to the ravine?" Amy suggested and walked closer to him until Mel got up and growled. The two girls glared at another over Jay.

Jay rolled his eyes at the girls and walked towards the front door. There was only one girl who truly satisfied him and that was Emma. But she wasn't being so accepting to his 'new look' right now. Soon though.

"Come on," Jay told them with a dangerous smirk on his lips, "I heard its freshmen week at the campus."

It'd been more than a week or two since seeing Emma, in the way where she saw him too and he wasn't just following in the shadows. He missed his little lover. This would be a fun way to remind her that he was still here.

Towerz, with blood around his mouth, grinned. The others laughed too and followed Jay out.

Watch out everyone, dead men on campus.


Back at the college, Manny turned towards Emma while some guy in a sweater vest led them down a hall. "So? Isn't this fun? We've been planning this our wholes lives." she whispered to her during the tour.

"Well, since highschool." corrected Emma playfully but barely a smile on her lips.

Manny smiled back a little too but then frowned. Sometimes she had no idea what to do anymore, Emma wasn't happy..and nothing COULD make her happy. Least when Manny was dead, Jay was enough to hold Emma together but this Emma without Jay was as numb as a robot.

It was scary.

Ellie met up with them, mumbling, "Thanks for leaving me in the car with the happy couple." they both giggled. Jane and Spinner were becoming quite close.

"Least we saved you from Sean." Emma reminded.

Ellie shrugged, not sure how to think about that. Manny eyed her and asked, "Are you really over him?" she bluntly asked.

"Manny!" hissed Ellie and Emma even giggled.

Manny shrugged, "I'm just saying, the guy is still crazy about you."

"Sean? Crazy about me?" Ellie couldn't help but stop and they did too after realizing she wasn't following. She shook her head and snorted, "No he's not." she stormed ahead of them. That couldn't be true. All this time and he wouldn't say anything? Not that she would take him back.

Emma and Manny shared a knowing look. They were both going to go follow Ellie until the lights went out, and the emergency red lights went on. A red hue shined on Emma, her eyes glancing around.

"Powers out?" Manny said. Emma didn't feel like that was it though, she could feel it, feel him around.

Everyone was looking around. "Everyone calm down!" the sweater vest man said, "It's probably just a loose wire. Just stay close, and we're gonna go see the cafeteria next."

All of a sudden there was a crash no one was expecting and some people screamed. A gang of vampires flew into the main entrance window, glass shattering everywhere and they stood there in the dark, eyeing everybody back with hungry glowing eyes. The people who had no idea what they were, screamed louder.

A wild vampire had already grabbed someone and shoved their fangs into their throat and the people started to run.

Manny, Emma and Ellie's eyes widened in terror.

Jay then stepped through the broken window next, smirking and led more vampires in behind him. He dug into his pocket for a cigerette as he looked around, his friends going after humans and the humans screaming for their lives. He covered the end of his smoke as he lit it and when he chuckled at the havoc mess he had started he exhaled his smoke slowly out through his lips and that's when he saw Her. His girl. Emma.

Emma went into shock as her jaw dropped. She thought maybe Jay left town, since not seeing him in a while. Each time she had to see him like this, it never got any easier.

Why here, why now?! Did he know she was going to this college? Oh my god, of course he knew. It was his hobby to check on her now, basically stalking her, tormenting her. Just the other month he left a 'gift' of a half dead girl on her door step. Luckily, Emma got to her in time and saved her life. But when the girl was better, she had a message from Jay. He told her to tell Emma she can't save everybody.

And it was true.

Jay's eyes locked on hers as he put one foot out, stepping on the broken glass and walked towards her.

Manny grabbed Emma who was in shock still, "Come on!" Manny yelled at Emma, taking her hand again and Ellie ran the other way. "ELLIE!" Manny scoffed though, seeing at least the redhead seemed to of gotten away, and if she was smart, she'd use her magic.

"Stop!" Emma begged Manny, knowing she had to go back. Manny gave her a look of insanity.

Meanwhile, Ellie must of forgot vampires had speed faster than lightening. She stared up at Jay in horror and he grinned with his fangs sliding out. He looked sadistic.

"Ellie." just the way he said her name, it came out like a threat and he looked nearly sickened by just being near her. She knew he hated her and if this was evil Jay, he'd only hate her more. Which meant bad news for her.

Ellie choked as his hand wrapped around her neck and his eyes went from blue to black, gritting his teeth as he tried to choke her to death. She didn't deserve his fangs, she wasn't worthy to even taste. He hated witches.

"She looks tasty" smirked Mel coming up behind, Towerz with her and nodding as the redhead choked and whimpered. She was held up high by Jay's strength til suddenly-


Jay let go of Ellie who yelped and fell, then crawled back when someone grabbed her. Sean came to her rescue, pulling her away and down the hall. Sean wasn't the one who hit Jay though. Jay put his hand to his head and then looked at his fingers, which had some blood on it. Jay laughed and turned to see who had the balls to hit him (He'd just heal in minutes, no big deal. Amusing though.)

Mel was staring and Towerz was just as baffled, sharing a look to eye the crazy human who thought they stood a chance up against Jay. The first vampier. Their leader, their king. But you see, this person did, since he loved her. It was Emma. She looked pissed as she held an emergency axe from one of the colleges fire hazard departments.

Smart girl.

"Baby." Jay looked disappointed as he walked closer to Emma. She shook a little but her eyes locked back on his, "Although that didn't physically hurt me very much," he tapped his chest sarcastically, "It did in here."

"You don't have a heart." Emma sneered.

Mel growled a little, eyeing between the two and seeing the chemistry. She saw how the love was still also in Jays eyes as he never took his eyes off the blonde human and preyed around her in a circle..

Emma let a little shriek out when Jay grabbed her axe and ripped it away from her easily, throwing it madly at the wall and away from her. He looked like he was mad she would even TRY that on him. "You'd be dead now" he raised an eyebrow, "If I didn't love you."

Mel bit the end of her tongue, her eyes hard on Emma now. Love? Jay loved her?

"Go to hell." Emma snapped, glaring into the deceitful eyes that were still charming, beautiful and blue. But they were a lie even if confusing.

Meanwhile, around the corner, Sean had snuck back in after putting Ellie in his car. He begged Ellie to let him go on his own and after a small fight, she finally did. He held a broken broom that looked much like a stake, and he waited for a good time to jump out at Jay who had Emma in his trap.

Manny crept up behind Sean and tapped his shoulder and he jumped, "Jesus Manny!" he hissed in a whispere. She madly put her hand on his mouth, glaring and reminding him vampires had good hearing.

Back with Emma..

Jay had heard something around the corner, but when he turned, Towerz thought it'd be okay to grab Emma. Jay nearly roared, growling loudly and gritted his teeth before baring his fangs and grabbed Towerz neck.

"You even leave a stench from yourself on her; I'll rip you in two" he promised Towerz, who looked at him in shock. Why was he protecting some human? Emma panted while afraid in Towerz' arms, and Mel growled too.

"Why can't we kill her?" Mel asked with jealousy.

Jay smirked, walking forward until back in front of Emma and she froze when he lifted his hand. "Cause she's special." he caressed her cheek the way he use to, and sadly..she felt her knees go weak. This wasn't fair. She closed her eyes, and a tear slid down. Towerz let her go, seeing the two in a moment and that she was clearly Jay's.

It was odd for the vampires to see their Master, the 'First', infatuated or 'in love' with some human.

Jay whipped her tears away, staring down at her endlessly.

"Just let everyone go." Emma whispered pleadingly and looked up at him.

He bit the end of his tongue and huffed like it was so inconvenient, "I don't really wanna." he told her, "I'm hungry."

She kept her head down, not wanting to look at him and he sighed unhappily. Damn his eternal love for her, evil or not. "Fine." he growled and looked to his friends.

At the corner, Sean went to go save Emma and Manny held him back. "Wait. He sounds like he's leaving." She knew Jay wouldn't hurt Emma.

Back to Emma, Jay told them, "We're leaving!" Over on the left, Skinny lifted his head from a dead girls neck and moaned sadly but nodded, dropping her carelessly with a thud.

When Jay went to turn to follow his gang out, he turned and grabbed Emma who gasped in shock and then whimpered when her body was pressed against his. It wasn't her fault, it was natural reflex. His body and her body just belonged together and reacted to another.

"I'll be seeing you soon, Em." he leaned down and captured her lips in his, kissing her deeply and gripped her hips tightly in his hands when she tried to pull away and she moaned more into the kiss which drove him crazy.

He tore away, pushing her to the wall as he did and fled out, a wild look in his eyes and she watched him grab Mel who giggled and left by his side with his new 'friends' following him out. Emma looked away, saw the blood bath they left, and the girl he left with too before finally bursting into tears.

Manny ran over to her, "Oh sweetie," she gathered the sobbing blonde into her arms who cried into her shoulder.

Sean frowned, watching the scene. Emma was truly losing it with Jay torturing them like this. She had felt as if Jay truly died, left her empty, and some monster was going around town to taunt her and looking like him .


Manny sadly rubbed Emma's back that night in her room, the blonde laid on her bed on her stomach crying her eyes out. She was in so much pain, literally heart broken. She kept repeating that she couldn't breath, and that it hurt.. and finally when Manny thought she had finally fell to sleep from exhaustion, Emma whispered numbly, "I just want him back"

Manny even looked heartbroken by that statement, and she had to agree. But even if they got the real Jay back, was it too late? Had evil Jay screwed up too much?

"You'll be okay" Ellie promised walking in and sat on the end of the bed.

"You got us" insisted Manny, nodding. Emma sniffed and turned over so they couldn't see her.

"Ellie, how do you do it?" Emma cried.

Ellie froze and paused, "Do what?" she asked.

"Live with the fact Jesse's gone" Emma sucked in a shaky breath.

Manny and Ellie sadly shared a look. Ellie looked down, she didn't talk about it much. It was painful, but it was also undo-able, so she had to deal. Ellie stood up and went to the other side of the bed in front of Emma. Emma's eyes were red and blurry from all that crying.

"Jay is not gone, Emma" Ellie confirms.

"Oh." Emma said sarcastically, "Do you want me to ignore his new personality? Grow to love his blood thirst and entertainment with hurting others. His obsession with me?"

"I just meant-"

"what?" Emma snapped, "What did you mean, Ellie?" she cracked and began to sob hysterically, "how are we suppose to get him back!? TELL ME! You're the witch with all the plans aren't you?"

"We'll work on it" Ellie promised and Emma paused. Manny even shook her head and asked, "Wait, what?"

"I don't care what Jay, o-or Sean or anyone thinks." Ellie said, "I was born a witch and by god, I am a damn good one." she stuck her nose up proudly, "and when my magic is the reason the real Jay comes back, I'm gonna make him even say it."

Emma had to laugh sadly and a little hope swirled in her eyes but also fear, "You think you could bring him back?"

"Im going to try," Ellie nodded but added, "But.. we need to try to find as much information as we can about those gypsies and witches Jay told you about."

Manny tilted her head, "Do you think they would still be alive to help?"

"Some witches are Immortal." Ellie informed, "Or who knows, maybe they had family who still have the spells. The gypsie who first cursed Jay with a soul, could help us do it again right?"


Jay's Point Of View.

Emma couldn't resist me for long. Least, I was sure she couldn't. I was her Jay, no matter how much she denied it. Emma will be turned soon to spend forever with me weather she's willing or not.

She's not, spat the humanity inside my head.

Well like I said..willing or not it'll be done.-(bad Jay)

I hope she kills you. You're not 'her Jay' by the way. I am. You're just a killer with my face as your mask, the vampire within me.- (Good Jay)

If she kills me, that means you go too.-(Bad Jay)

Anything to get rid of you.-(Good Jay)

I am you, Jay. I'm the careless, wreckless you. You're just like the Angel on my shoulder I refuse to listen to but we have the same thoughts, love the same girl, and share the same brain.- (Bad Jay)

You think she'll love us like this? You think you murdering people gets her hot and bothered? Or how about sleeping with other girls?- (Good Jay)

I only sleep with the blondes. . they remind me of her. Speaking of which...-(Bad Jay)

Amy was going down on me, and I tossed my head back, growling. She was on her knees at the end of my bed in my dark room. Mel stood right behind Amy who was kneeling down on the floor and Amy hissed when Mel grabbed her hair and yanked Amy off of me and my cock.

"He's mine." Mel sneered.

I chuckled a bit, and Mel wore a skimpy little black dress with nothing under it (She's a whore like that). She had lighter blonder hair, so I could imagine Emma better with her. So, I fuck her. I grip Mel by the hips and pull her to the edge of the bed. I take her by the knees, and push them up her chest, exposing her now soaking wet sex. She looked at me with lidded, lusty eyes and then I thrusted into her tightness and she screamed, tossing her head back off the bed.

I wonder..why couldn't Emma fight over me the way these girls did? Beg me to fuck her like this? We use to have hot, passionate sex and I knew the chemistry between us was still there. Why couldn't she accept my monster within? Beg to be my dark queen for eternity? Other woman would kill to be with me.

"Fuck me, Jay." Mel lifted her hand to run it down my cheek and I grabbed it off in disgust as she tried to touch me. Only girl who could get away with that was Emma.

I reach over her chest and grabbed her by the throat. I squeeze both her arteries enough to cut the blood off but that didn't matter with a vampire and so I fuck her as hard as I could as she screamed in delight. I watched her eyes roll back into her head a little bit, and she bit her lip. She reached down with her hands and grabbed my waist, and physically pulled me into her to fuck her deeper. She really was a whore.

After a moment, I stop quickly, pull out, and grab her by the waist. I shuffle for a second and then flip her onto her stomach. This way, I don't have to see her face and can picture someone else'.

Knowing what I want, she drops her shoulders right down on the bed and sticks her ass up as high as she can. I take her by the hips and start fucking roughly again. I groan and reach down and pull her up a bit by the hair, so she's leaning on her hands and head yanked back.

She starts to sob and come. Amy came up to me, biting her wrist and put it to my mouth, letting me feed from her and bite her.

Neither of these sluts could replace Emma, they were just good to release my stress and frustration into.

When I came, I pushed Mel off and she looked over done. I got up and Amy crawled into the bed to cuddle Mel from her exhausting orgasm. I walked to the window and just thought about my next move with Emma would be. I miss her moans, her innocent little gasps when I use to fuck her brains out. I had even thought of tricking her, pretend I was 'good boy' Jay again but I couldn't be able to resist feeding nor acting like I give a shit about her friends like other Jay use to.

I only care about her, and me, and I could watch the whole world burn with no care if I couldn't have her.