"We need this!" Manny said, pulling Emma into the club the next week and followed by Sean

Sean even nodded, grabbing drinks at the bar for them, "You've guys been hermits for more than a week now."

The guys didn't know about what Ellie, Emma and Manny were trying to go, learn more about the hell demon spell so they could rip it out of Jay.

"Hello ladies." Greeted Spinner, walking over with Craig.

God these two were glued together, it was somewhat cute. Best of friends! Unless you confused them for being gay.

"Wanna dance my lady?" Craig asked Emma, smiling dorkly.

Emma smiled sadly but nodded, she needed it!

I screamed aloud, as it tore through them

And now it's left me blind

He pulled her on the dance floor, and she moved to the music instantly, falling deep into it and swaying with it. It was a slow yet loud, powerful song.

Craig pressed her back into him and held her as she swayed.

The song made her get lost in it.. the lyrics, it reminded her of Jay and her...

It began to get more powerful and faster..

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart

Craig held Emma tighter, seeing something wash over her, something like vulnerability. Emma shut her eyes tighter, flashes of her and Jay making love in her head, she tried to ignore it and held Craigs hands that were wrapped around her.

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound But then it stopped and I was in the darkness So darkness I became

A foot stepped onto the floor, and Emma's eyes immediately connected to the intruder. Jay. He smirked, staying near the shadows, leaving everyone who danced be. Craig didn't see him yet, but Emma did, she could even feel him near.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark No dawn, no day,
I'm always in this twilight In the shadow of your heart

Jay gave her an intensive stare through the dark, lights flickering by the beat of the music, Craig was whispering whatever in her ear but she only heard and saw Jay. He looked dangerous, looking at her til a glance at Craig, but one simple glance looked like the most threatening stare before he gazed back warningly at Emma, clearly a jealous gesture to make her back off Craig. Now.

The slow part of the song went as Emma pondered a way to get under Jay's skin, like he has been doing for months. She turned to Craig..

I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map
And knew that somehow I could find my way back
Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you..

The music picked up fast and loud again as Emma crashed her lips to Craigs, he closed his eyes and got into it as well, shocking Emma..she thought they were just friends, but he clung to her and deeply kissed her back.. whatever, as long as Jay was watching.

Emma pulled away and looked around, Jay had disapeered. Her eyes flared everywhere. W-where did he go?

Craig was breathless when she turned back to him and he blinked, "Well that was.."

"Sorry." Emma mumbled, hoping he understood it was nothing and squeezed his arm in that friendly way, "I'm going to go home."

She felt her heart aching, she hadn't kissed another boy since Jay. And Jay wasn't at all a boy so it was different, not the fireworks or loss of breath Jay usually did for her.

"I'll walk you." Craig said, walking after her.

Emma walked out the back, Craig was behind her and she knew it and let him follow, until the door slammed, leaving only her alone in the back of the club.

Emma gasped, whipping around.

"That..." drifted Jay, standing infront of her and leaning on the door, "Was not nice, baby."

Emma swallowed hard, tonight would be the night she didn't bring a stake. Could she of even of done it anyways? This was Jay..

But not her Jay.

Jay tilted his head almost sadistically as he walked close to Emma, "Were you trying to get me jealous Em?" no answer, he tsk'd loudly, twice.

Emma shut her mouth tight, fighting off tears.

He put his hands on her shoulders and she tried to fight him off as hard as she could, she struggled and he easily turned her and grabbed her into his hold, her back against him as he whispered in her ear.

"You kiss him again? I'll rip out his throat and make you watch." He growled.

Emma let tears fall and cried out when he spun her around to face him rather closely, his hands gripping into her upper arms so tightly she cringed until he kissed her hard.

It might of been hard, but as sick as it sounded, Emma sighed into it, before trying to pound on his chest to let her go. He bit her lower lip and sucked on it before pulling away from her.

He laughed, shoving her away from him and closed his eyes as he said, "You still taste so innocent Em." He then opened his eyes and winked at her, walking around her, "But we all know by the amount of times I fucked your brains out, that's not true."

Emma swallowed the lump in her throat, her heart tearing into pieces, she got he was evil, but how could the hell demon know so much about them?

It hurt her so badly.

They heard the door being pounded, someone must of got something to try to burst the door open.

"Guess that's my cue to leave." He teased and began to turn to walk away.

Emma finally spoke up and yelled, "why don't you just get it over with? Kill me!" she heard his evil chuckling, as he turned and even walked up back up to her.

Emma stopped breathing, fearfully looking up at her once soulmate. Or..maybe he still was? This was so messed up.

"You think I want to kill you?" he asked, whispering, and then grinned, "I love you baby."

"Emma!" cried Manny when Sean finally bursted the door open. Jay rolled his eyes, humans and their steroids.

"Be seeing you, wife." He told Emma before vanishing.

Emma blinked twice, what the fuck? Wife?

"I'm sorry we couldn't of gotten there sooner." Manny told Emma, walking into their apartment when Ellie jumped up from the couch.

The couch was covered in books.

"Emma?" Ellie said, walking up to her.

"What?" Emma asked, exhausted, she just wanted to go to sleep.

Ellie looked nervously at Manny then back at her, "I-I was doing some research... since this whole thing has been my fault." She saddens.

"I don't want to hear anyone blame themselves anymore."Emma s "Besides, I begged you okay?"

"Okay b-but.. that hell demon ball? It couldn't of went into Jay" Ellie finally confessed.

"What?" Emma looked at her like she's insane "Ellie that can't be right, Jay would never be like this-"

Ellie frowned and admitted, "I've done a lot of searching Emma, I'm quite good at this stuff, the hell demon, it took over Manny and Sean's body because they were human, Jesse too.. it can ONLY takes and can take human bodies."

"Well then your information is wrong!" yelled Emma and Manny put her hands on her from doing anything to Ellie. Her eyes flashed gold.

Jay HAD to be under a spell to do this cruel stuff, he' d NEVER to this, not to her.

"Was there a time you saw Tracker chant something to him? Or strike another spell at him?" Ellie asked hopefully.

Emma remembered that night like yesterday..

Jay grabbed Tracker by the collar pulling him up and paunched him in the face. Tracker got hold of Jay's wrist and blew a blue fire ball up his body for Jay to gasp and fall back in pain and choking. Spinner went to hit Tracker with the bat again to be magically rizen and zapped to the wall and onto the ground.

Emma choked on her cry and nodded, "He struck him with something that looked like lightening, but blue. It hurt him." She said

"Blue?" Ellie stared off before whispering? "Was Jay gasping for air?"

"I don't know Ellie! He's a vampire! He doesn't breath!..h-he was choking." Emma stopped yelling when she remembered that.


Ellie's mouth fell before she took a deep breath, "Emma, that was a spell to bring back his real vampire, the one before he fought against the urges of blood and monster instincts. Not a lot of vampires could do it but Jay was strong enough to bring his soul back, his good back, but I think Tracker pushed the good so far the evil came back.. it has full control. Jay IS in there, but it's only his monster side, don't know right from wrong, does things without thought."

Emma fell down, thankgod the couch was right there. She was sure she was in shock. So it was the real vampire Jay who was out?

Not the hell demon.

Jay was truly...evil now, a real vampire.

Emma looked up fearfully, "If that's true...then we have a problem."

Jay had once told her the start of when he became a vampire, he was stronger than others, because he was turned so long ago, he was almost the son of the very first vampire.

He craved blood more than he craved life. He was an animal he said, the only reason he pulled himself back and fought for his soul again was when the demon in him bit a little girl, killed her twin sister, and sired her so she'd stay 13 years old for the rest of her life, knowing what he did, scared for life knowing that monsters were real and she was now one of them.

The look in his eye, his vampire side still haunted him..and now, he was out again.