Ellie had gone home after the club, still unknowing to what happened or that Jay showed up. Her door knocked though and she glanced away from taking her shoes off to go answer it.

She swung the door open to Sean. She gaped, "What are you doing here?"

He looked a bit breathless. He tried chasing her out of the club but she made it to the taxi before he could catch her. He then got on his bike and the racing thoughts in his head and the pounding of his heart wouldn't let him catch a breath.

"I love you." he finally blurted and took a deep breath. And Ellie saw it, the honesty in his eyes and in his voice. He came in and she softened, letting him cup her face. "I love you, okay?"

"Okay." she nodded, tears burning her eyes and he crashed his mouth down to hers. She kissed him just as needy back. He shut the door with his foot and then turned her to lean her on the door and pressed his body up against hers.

"God, I missed you El."

Ellie pulled away breathless now too and she nodded with shimmered eyes. She felt the same.

"Can we just start over? I'm sorry. For everything." he swallowed and continued, "I love who you are, what you are."

Ellie bit her lip and nodded again, "I love you too."

She couldn't believe how long they actually survived, being apart.

"Don't hurt me again."

He carressed her hair behind her ear, "I won't." they smiled.


The following week, college had been interesting. Although the start was literally a blood bath, it still went on like normal. Emma walked along the outside of the University, where tents were set up by different clubs and frat houses for people to sign up for.

"Join Zelta!" A girl cheered and passed a flyer to Emma.

Emma sighed, "Yea.. right." she said sarcastically while still walking and placed the page on top of her binder only for another girl to come up to her.

"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?" The girl asked handing her a flyer again from the pile she was holding.

"Uh," Emma said self-consciously, taking the flyer that had been shoved at her. "You know I meant to and then I just got really busy-" she then gasped, noticing it was Darcy.

"Oh my God! Emma! I didn't know you got accepted here too." she said ever so excitingly.

Emma gave a small smile and nodded.

"How's Jay?" Darcy asked and Emma would of laughed at Darcy's interest still in Jay if not for what had happened to him. Darcy didn't seem to know..

Emma frowned deeply and cleared her throat, "He's uh.." she looked down at her shoes.

Darcy's shoulders fell, "Oh.. you guys broke up?"

"Something like that," Emma mumbled, and they were cut off by a jock looking guy coming over and grinning.

"Hello ladies," he handed them both flyers and winked, "Party on Thursday at Alpha Delta, you gotta be there. Free Jello shots for freshmen women."

He left with that and Darcy smirked to Emma, "Well, moving on won't be hard to do."

"No, not at all." Emma said dryly. These guys..they just weren't her type. Jay was her type. "Um Darcy?"


"If you ever see Jay around..." she warned, "Run. Run away."

Emma hurried away with that, making Darcy wonder what the hell she meant.


"Ellie had the right idea of getting her books before the first day," Muttered Manny to Emma, both at the college's book store and it was crowded as hell.

"I just need one more.." Emma said, moving closer to the book shelf and using it to help her reach higher as she leaned up on her toes. Her fingers brushed the books. She went to grab them, but her hand slipped knocking all four off instead. "Woah, oh." Emma cried as they fell, and a man that had been crouched beside the end of the shelf let out a surprised but painful sound out and staggered back as all four books hit him simultaneously on the head.

"Oh my god," Manny blinked and covered her mouth from smiling. The guy looked so shocked and a little hurt but when he saw the two pretty girls staring at him, he tried to recover.

Emma stuttered shocked. "Oh God, I'm so sorry!" Emma apologized profusely.

Emma and Manny looked at him as he stood up. "I'm ok. It's ok." He said reassuringly. "Well, that was bracing."

"I'm so…" Emma went to apologize again, but changed her mind. "The books were just too high, and then everything was just... bad." Emma mentally shook herself, as she reran that sentence through her head. 'Pull yourself together Emma! So what if you hit him on the head with like half a dozen Psychology books… thick Psychology books.' Emma bent down quickly to help prevent herself from spewing any more crazy babble.

"Let me give you a hand." He offered slightly wincing as the movement made his sudden headache throb. He grabbed a couple of the books and looked them over. "So, uh, are you girls taking Intro Psych, or do you just want me dead?"

"Uh huh." Emma answered, before realizing how that sounded. "I mean the first one."

The guy was cute. But he was no Jay. But I guess it'd been awhile since Emma looked at another guy and admitted he was cute so it was nerve wrecking. So was the part where Emma knew nothing would come of it anyway and even if it did, Jay owned her heart.


"Well," he said looking away from the cute, but definitely strange blond. He looked at the brunette. "You'll have a lot of fun."

"You've taken it?" Emma asked, her eyes lighting up. She was excited that school was finally back. It gave her something to keep her mind off you know who.

"I'm a TA, I'll be helping the Professor out." he looked from one to the other again. "I'm sorry, I've forgotten my manners in all the concussion… I'm Kelly."

"Manny, and this Emma." the brunette introduced gesturing at the tall blond. She looked between them for a moment thoughtfully, the thought flickering through her head that, the two would make a cute couple, maybe not as cute or as filled with chemistry as Jay and Emma were but it'd give Emma a chance to try to move on

"It's nice to meet you both." Kelly said politely. They nodded and watching him go before Manny turned to Emma laughing.

"You know," Manny whispered teasingly, "I know it's been a while since you dated any other guy but I think you even forgotten how to flirt."

"I'm an idiot." Emma admitted with a blush, "I don't know how to react with other guys anymore."

"I think he liked you. Even if you tried to kill him."

"He seemed normal," Emma admitted, "I could use normal.."

Manny winced, "Aren't you little afraid of Jay going after freshmen meat though?"

Emma frowned, "Yea.. guess I'm not ready to move on anyways and honestly, I'm not very sure if I can."

Manny saddened, watching the blonde walk off and pitied her.


"What you readin'?" purred Mel against Jay's ear.

He sat on his couch, all windows closed with curtains and in the dark since it was light out. He had the fireplace on and was reading a book.

"What do you know of the Day Walking ring?" he asked, not even removing his eyes off the book and flipped a page.

Mel ran her hands down his chest from behind the couch and nibbled his earlobe, "I could care less about that and more about this.." She went to put her hand on his zipper, hinting she wanted to fuck.

She gasped when he grabbed her wrist. "Busy." he mummered and let her go, making her stumble a bit when she backed up and rubbed her sore wrist.

"Why do you want a stupid ring like that anyways?" she hissed.

He snickered, glancing over at her when she walked in front of the fire place. "A vampire who is unharmed by the sun from just wearing a ring? Do you know how many vampires wish for that? If anyone deserves it. It's me." he growled.

He was after all the first vampire ever.

"You want it so you can go see your little human girl friend, Emm-" Mel gasped and then yelped when he was suddenly in front of her, his eyes black as night and he growled when he grabbed her wrist again.

She whimpered. He was so damn strong. She was an idiot to think she could get away talking to him like that. She screamed when he put her hand into the fireplace, and it began to slowly burn and boil and she screamed louder.

"I told you," sneered Jay, lowering his head to hers as she shut her eyes tight and sobbed. "You don't get to speak of her, or even say her name."

Mel cried out when he finally let go, and she looked down at her red hand. It was smoking from being burned. She'd heal in about an hour, but it was painful. "Why do you want her so bad, huh? What does she have I don't?"

Jay sat back down on the couch, picking up the book again and leaned back comfortably. "My heart."

"You don't have a heart." she spat, and he glared up viciously. "You're just obsessed with her."

"Love, obsessed..it's all the same thing." he muttered and got back to work, shutting her out. He thought if he had this ring, he'd be a little more 'appealing' to Emma again.



Emma looked around a busy hallway, wondering where Psychology was in the large unfamiliar hall.

Kelly spotted her on his way and stopped by her. "If uh, you're looking for Psych, it's through here." He pointed into the room behind him.

Emma looked over shocked, then smiled up at him gratefully as they began walking towards the indicated classroom. "Oh thanks. How's your head?" She asked regretfully.

"My heads fine, it just stung for a bit and I lost most of my basic motor functions. I'm sorry, I'm trying to remember your name?" he sheepishly grinned.

She paused for a moment, "Emma."

With that, they entered class together. When they were done, the sun was going down and he walked outside with her.

"Have a good night, Emma." he looked at her longingly.

Emma smiled and nodded, walking home.

In the shadows, Mel watched Emma from a far with pure black eyes that flashed gold. If she couldn't have Jay, this little bitch wouldn't either .


"Up high, Emma." Growled Lucas, wearing black sweat pants and wife beater, his muscles showing off.

Manny worked out behind them on a treadmill in her work out clothes. They were all in the girls' basement working out.

Emma wore black yoga pants too and a white tank top. She panted, throwing a punch at the gloves Lucas wore on his hands.

"I can't- I'm tired." Emma panted, leaning down on her knees to breath.

Lucas circled around her and taunted, "Oh yea? You think any vampires or demons are going to give you 'break time' to catch your breath?"

He grabbed her shoulder and twirled her around, moving his feet under hers and made her fall down to the ground before pinning her.

"Manny!" Emma groaned, and pouted. She wasn't in the mood to work out today, or be beat up. Lucas was trying to train her how to fight or at least protect herself but tonight was a fail.

"Easy there, you're making me jealous." teased Manny, jumping off the tread mill as Lucas got off of Emma and helped her up.

He smirked to Manny next and they shared a kiss smiling, knowing that wasn't true. Manny was Lucas' girl and that was that.

"Gross." Emma teased and went up the stairs to go get some water.

Back downstairs, Lucas backed Manny up against the wall and bent down, lifting her up and she wrapped her legs halfway around his waist.

"You have nothing to be jealous about, Dimples," he groaned, watching her lean her back against the wall as she slid her arms out of her tank top and slid it down around her waist. Her breasts were bare out and he bent down, nipping at one of her breasts playfully and she moaned, shutting her eyes and slid her fingers through his hair.

She nodded when he raised his head back up after he grinded against her, showing her how hard he was. "God, I want you." he whispered. "Always want you."

He turned his head to look where he could put her down and saw the bench press. With his good wolfish hearing, he knew Emma had left. Manny yelped and giggled when he put her down and he ripped her pants right down. She stood in her lace thong and no bra and she glanced to the bench press too as he smoldered her and took his shirt off. She tried to hide her smirk and sat down on the bench press, then tossed her long brown hair to the right before leaning back and ran her own fingers down her torso, stomach and into her panties.

She gasped and giggled when he stormed right over, grabbing her hand out and tangled his fingers with hers and kissed her passionately, "Your killing me, Manny."

She moaned when he laid her back, and his hand grabbed his hard cock out of his sweat pants. She lifted her head to watch his other hand rip her thong to the side, and his fingers pushed into her once, then twice. She tossed her head back, moaning out. "Please just fuck me, Lucas." she begged.

And Manny Santos was never a begger.

He pushed right into her when she expected fingers again. He hadn't even taken her thong off, just pushed it to the side and fucked her furiously and she screamed in pleasure.

He grabbed her thighs and pulled her body into his to shove into her deeper. He thrusted hard as he held her thighs, ensuring she wouldn't bounce too far away. His eyes glowed wolfishly as he could feel the wolf in him wanting to come out to claim his mate.

He watched her perfect little body arch back, her eyes shut and gropping her breasts in pleasure. God damn, his girl friend was a fox. The women in his pack didn't compare to her. He hadn't told Manny yet that he had left his pack, just for her. He went rogue because his pack expected him to take a wolf as his mate and he wouldn't.

He chose Manny.

He lifted one hand to caress Manny's face and slipped his thumb into her mouth. She welcomed it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while she sucked on it.

It turned him on more, and his speed increased if that were even possible and Manny had to dig her fingers into his arms to keep from being literally fucked off the bench press.

Manny cried out, he was going to make her cum. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she began moaning. He quickly covered her mouth with his hand and lifted her off the desk, holding her in his arms and continuing to thrust into her while she came all over him.

They tried to be quiet since their friends just upstairs, but Manny was sobbing and screaming into his hand and it made him actually growl in her ear before he came too.

The two panted, laying on the ground and her straddling him. She ran her hand through her damp hair and grinned down at him. "And you think I'd leave you for some loser frat boys?" she devlishly grinned and he chuckled breathlessly. He pulled her down and kissed her deeply.


The next night, Emma heard mumbling as she passed a guy to enter the library. The college was a little empty other than the night classes going on but not completely bare.

She turned to see a guy looking around with an unsure look on his face.

"Lost?" Emma asked politely with a small smile.

He sheepishly grinned and nodded before putting his hand out, "JT." he introduced.

Emma nodded and shook his hand. He seemed harmless. There was no attraction what so ever so Emma didn't have to fear Jay would kill him. He also looked like a nice guy.

"I'm looking for the dorms honestly," he said with a goofy smile, "Don't make fun of me"

"It's a big campus," Emma assured but laughed too, "I'll show you... it's literally across from this building just outside." she led the way as he nodded.


Mel tried to listen to them as she hid in the shadows. She wore a tight little black skirt and a crop black shirt that showed off her pale toned stomach and legs. She had red lip stick and her eyes roamed darkly on Emma and Jt passing by on a path from the school to the dorm residents.

"Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only entirely confused person on this campus." Emmasaid as she turned to face JT

"I suspect there's a lot of us." JT said softly, with a small shrug.

"Well, I'll look for you." Emma said and nodded to the residents just up the path between some trees and bushes. "That's the dorm."

"Great," he groaned, tired and couldn't believe it took him this long to find it. "And yaah, I'll look for you too."

"Goodnight." Emma called after him before she turned and he turned back to watch her walk away.

"Night." He said with a kind hope filled smile. Maybe college wouldn't be so terrible after all.

After turning back towards the dorm, he walked a few steps, when he was pulled to a stop as arms grabbed him from behind, a cold hand settling over his mouth preventing his scream from being heard.

He looked behind him to see that a man with a deformed face was behind him. Hearing movement in front of him he saw another two pair of people with deformed face staring at him hungrily, before they parted to reveal an attractive blond woman.

"Towerz, Skinny. This one is mine." she warned.

JT's eyes landed on her fearfully as she took a step towards him, her arms clasped behind her back. "I'm sorry." She apologized mockingly, as she leaned towards him. "Did you lose your way?"

Jt's eyes widened fearfully before screaming when her teeth turned to fangs and she laughed.

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