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The Scarlet Spider

Final Chapter: New status quo

His breathing was slow and his vision blurry as he woke up. He felt a draft of air across his face. Looking to his right he smiled as he saw Mary Jane sitting beside Peter. Michael then blinked in confusion as he sat up.

"Wait, where am I?" He asked.

"The hospital buddy, you just got out of surgery so don't move around too much," Peter said.

Michael looked at himself; he was dressed in a hospital gown, his cuts and bruises wrapped with bandages. Peter was sitting in a bed beside him, his own injuries treated. Also standing in the room were Kitty and Johnny. Mary Jane possessively kept a hold of Peter's hands, her eyes tingling with a mix of joy and sadness. Peter picked this up and lightly touched her cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere," he whispered.

"Uh maybe you two should get a separate room," Johnny said.

Kitty elbowed his chest, causing Michael to laugh silently. Much to Peter and Michael's shock, Aunt May and Gwen both walked into the room. Gwen was dressed in some baggy sweat clothes, provided to her by the hospital, while May was wearing a nightgown from home. Michael looked outside and saw that it was a bright day.

"How long have I been out?" He asked.

"A day, the agents that recovered us took your costume off and got you to a hospital. They were ready to lock you up before, but then they suddenly got a call on their radio. Apparently the guy that was commanding them was a big fan," Peter explained.

"And the Triskelion?"

"A few prisoners got out, but no one we have to worry too much about, they've already got a construction crew repairing the place," Johnny said.

"Now that we've explained that, I think its time we had a good talk," May's eyes narrowed at Michael as she sat between him and Peter.

Both boys trembled slightly as the woman looked at them both disapprovingly. May suddenly threw her arms around both boys' necks, gripping them in a hug.

"My boy," May kissed Peter's head, tears rolling down her face. "Your back, I don't know what I would have done if you died for real this time," The woman then hugged Michael's head.

"I don't understand," Michael said.

"Even though you killed him before, you did everything you could to save him, even when all the other heroes wanted him dead. You share Peter's DNA, that makes you family in my eyes!" May explained as she moved her left hand to Peter, hugging both boys as best she could.

Michael gripped May's hand and let out a few tears. He looked up and considered the opportunity before him. Would he still have a choice with everything that had happened? He still couldn't forget the blood on his hands, even if the courts did.

"Come on people, time to go, our patients need some rest," The nurse said as she entered the room.

"We'll talk some more later," May whispered to Michael.

The others slowly left as the nurse began checking the monitoring equipment in the room. Much to Peter and Michael's shock, the nurse promptly shut the door and turned to them with a disapproving look in her eyes. It was then that her form began to flicker like a hologram. The image of the nurse was quickly replaced with that of an angry Nick Fury. Michael squeezed his hands into fists as he lunged forward.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He yelled.

"Michael careful, you'll open up your stitches," Peter said.

Nick shook his head as Michael lied back down, cringing in pain. But Michael's contempt for Fury never faded. Peter too looked at Fury with a frown. Kitty had told him of the revelations that took place at the Triskelion. Michael didn't know yet, but over the time he spent in surgery, Fury's command had been dissolved. He was no longer director of S.H.I.E.L.D. His reputation had been ruined. To the public it was because of his recent failures, but every hero knew that it was in fact about what Nick had done to the original Michael Van Patrick.

"Things are about to change boys, you should both be in a lab, but the new director has a big interest in you two," Fury said.

"Whose in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. now?" Peter asked.

"A guy called Helmut Zemo, we assigned him to watch your school, but he turned out to be doing a whole lot more than that."

"What do you mean?"

"He was gathering dirt on you wasn't he? Good," Michael glared at Fury.

"I did some things that you might not agree with, but I did it to keep the world safe," Fury crossed his arms, justifying himself to the two teens.

"Wow, it would have made more sense for you to say your country, hell a lot more people might have agreed with you then," Sarcasm dripped from Peter's mouth as a frown formed on his face.

"Yeah maybe you would have done differently if you were in charge but you weren't. You're a kid Peter, you don't know what it takes to protect the world, the sacrifices that have to be made!"

"You blackmailed someone into joining S.H.I.E.L.D. put together a death squad for one man who was just as much a victim as I was, and you had robots built specifically to kill me and my clones, who you would have locked up along with everyone else in the Triskelion, without trial, as if they weren't human anymore," Peter explained.

The young man looked Fury in the eye, never showing any signs of being intimidated. It reminded Fury of the boy's father, never faltering ever, never compromising his moral code. Nick put his hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall and sighing.

"That doesn't matter, Zemo's going to change everything, and he's leaving you two alone, he hasn't even told the joint chiefs about you," Nick said.

"But why?" Michael asked.

"Obviously to get some kind of favour out of you, even when you turn eighteen he's going to leave you both alone. But at some point he'll use that as leverage to get you to work for him. You do one job for him and he leaves you alone forever, but that job might be something that damages the world, something that'll make everything worse!"

Michael let out an exacerbated sigh as he slammed his hand into the bedside table.

"Everyone but you has to be wrong don't they Fury? No one but you can lead S.H.I.E.L.D. That deluded and arrogant mind set is exactly what leads to the fall of great leaders, "sure its time for another person to take the lead, sure the democratic system demands that I not lead, but I must lead simply because it is my right", go to hell Nick Fury, do everyone a favour and die," The young man growled as he leaned his head back into his pillow.

He clutched his sides, panting in exhaustion. Peter's expression was emotionless as he looked at Fury. His gaze turned to a look of pity as he turned away from Nick.

"I cant respect your attitude Fury, I once thought I could, but after learning how far your willing to go for your career I realise that the one person I don't want leading me is Nick Fury," Peter explained.

"Peter, what I did was going to save lives," Nick said.

"Maybe, maybe not, but what I do know is this Fury, it isn't about thinking good intentions, its about doing good and taking responsibility for your actions! The same way I have to take responsibility now," Peter sighed.

Nick lowered his head as he turned away from the two boys. He sighed as he removed a remote from his belt. Pressing a button on the device, Fury activated the short-range teleporter and promptly disappeared. The two Spider-men both lowered their heads, wondering what would happen now?

Gregory Stark now sat in a common prison cell. Tony himself had insisted that Gregory not be put in any high tech holding cell like the ones at Rykers. Common iron bars now separated Tony from his brother. Gregory was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, his hair wasn't styled and he looked like he hadn't gone through any of his usual grooming. All in all the richest and smartest man alive was now a common con.

"What are you here for Tony?" Gregory asked. "Come to gloat? Well go ahead brother, you're the righteous one as always!"

Tony's face remained emotionless as he looked at his brother.

"Well, go on, say it Tony, come out with some quip like "I told you so" or some self righteous speech "you were wrong brother, it isn't about being right but doing right," say something damn you," Gregory grit his teeth together as he leant against the bars.

But for once Tony Stark said nothing. He simply turned away from his brother and walked towards the exit. Gregory sat on his bed, his mouth and hands trembling as he covered his eyes. After everything he had done to surpass Tony, his brother didn't even have to say anything to prove that he had won.

Steve Rogers stood in the office of the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. His shocked expression seemed to have put a smile on the blonde haired man's face.

"Did you want me to repeat the order Mr Rogers?" Zemo asked.

He casually stirred the cup of coffee he was drinking. Steve did his best to keep his anger in check, to avoid an outburst.

"I heard it sir but why? Why am I being dismissed?" Steve asked.

"You've achieved a great deal of things Mr Rogers, but World War 2 is over, so is your haunt for the Chitauri, you've gone beyond the call of duty and performed exceptionally. Think of this as the perfect retirement plan, access to an early pension, a gift very few servicemen get," Zemo explained.

"I want to remain in service sir, I want to serve my country and help its people," Steve said.

"Many retired servicemen take up other jobs, volunteering, law enforcement, do whichever makes you happy…but leave the shield behind!"

Steve widened his eyes in shock, gritting his teeth together.

"I've been Captain America for…"

"Decades I know, its time someone else inherited the role soldier, along with that shield. Your services are no longer required, I already have several soldiers in mind to become your successor, alls they need is the shield, keep the uniform if you like as a memento!" Zemo smirked.

"The president will…"

"The president understands my logic Mr Rogers, Captain America is an identity owned by the US government and he agrees that it's about time someone else took the responsibility, don't make this personal Mr Rogers," Zemo interrupted Steve again, his smirk never fading.

Steve removed the shield from his back. Glaring at the director in anger, Steve then raised his arm. He crashed the shield into Zemo's desk, leaving it there as he grudgingly saluted the man.

"Thank you for the notice sir, good luck with your new career, just make sure you find someone who can represent the ideals of this country well," Steve explained.

Despite the damage to his office, Zemo returned Steve's salute. Once Steve got outside the Triskelion, he slammed his fist through the side of the transport ferry. Not even the pain on his hand eased his anger. Clint stood on the ferry, looking down at Steve and sighing.

"Poor guy," Janet said.

"Everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. either gets a new posting or a promotion, hell Agent Chang got an office job in the city," Clint explained.

"They're setting up offices in broad day light now?" Thor asked.

"Yes, some people are getting put into new teams, promoted, demoted depending on their service record and in some cases even being let go, at least that was the case for me!" Carol said as she stepped onto the deck.

She was dressed in civilian clothes, and beside her stood Mahr Vehl in his human disguise.

"Everything's changing," The soldier from space said.

"Everyone loyal to Fury is being put somewhere where they cant make a difference, Steve's no longer Cap, Scarlet Spider's no longer public enemy number one," Clint listed off the changes.

"Young Parker is back from Valhalla, and the whole city now knows who he is," Thor continued the list, looking at the sky.

"This is only the beginning," Steve said as he walked onto the boat.

"Hank's been given a new job in the Triskelion, he's working in the lab while that Thunderbolts squad has been given the same clearance and status we once had," Janet explained.

"But the biggest thing of all is that Fury is now public enemy number one, a terrorist to be brought in and imprisoned on sight."

Steve turned to his fellow Ultimates; even Carol could now be considered a new member.

"Our duty is still clear, we protect the world when it needs protecting, we're no longer fighting for America exclusively, but the whole world. Helmut Zemo has his own agenda, and when he puts his plans into action, we'll be ready to stop him. The world still needs hero, now more than ever!" Even though he lost the shield, Steve Rogers's goal and mission was clearer than ever.

The Ultimates smiled despite the situation. Baron Zemo may have been in charge, but their own goals were now clear. Fury was in exile, and they would continue to pick up the pieces and be ready for when he came back.

Two days passed and the Ultimates announced expansions to their roster. Carol Danvers joined as a liaison to the government. James Rhodes, relieved of his job in S.H.I.E.L.D. joined the Ultimates as a replacement to Iron Man. Tony Stark left to take control of his brother's company. Gregory is serving a twenty-year to life sentence, but is apparently cooperating with S.H.I.E.L.D. investigations against Fury. Mahr Vehl now works as part of the Ultimates, while Vision provides them with further Intel to possible extraterrestrial threats. New hero Darkhark has now become a member of the team. Steve and Janet jointly lead the team, and also work on a new costume for Steve.

The Thunderbolts have expanded and risen to celebrity status. Helmut Zemo personally paid for a site to bury Eric Josten, who still remained in giant form when he died. Josten was giving a posthumous promotion to Lieutenant and awarded several medals of honour for his brave actions. The hundreds of agents that he helped to save all attended his funeral. Mellissa was relieved of duty in the Thunderbolts and fortunately the cut to her throat was not life threatening. She now attends college and prepares for her dream of working in the theatre. Abner Jenkins was given upgraded armour and continues to lead an expanded roster of the Thunderbolts. His new teammates include multiple heroes and several criminals seeking redemption, with the Scorpion Parker clone as one of them.

Harry Osborn lives as close of a normal life as he can. He regularly sees psychologist Karla Sofen, who he continues to confide in. While Steve Rogers was stripped of his role as Captain America, the shield itself was passed onto John Walker. He wields the shield but goes by the name US Agent. Monica Chang now works as a public relations officer in one of S.H.I.E.L.D's first public offices. Because of this new posting, she is now closer to her child. Taskmaster continues to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. but he has moved from black ops work to training. He now works as a drill sergeant for recruits. Blonsky now works for a taskforce dedicated to hunting the Hulk. Banner's clone Nerd Hulk works as a researcher alongside Pym.

Wilson Fisk was revealed to be the Kingpin of Crime and imprisoned in a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. He continues to pay for the care his wife receives. Edward Brock was imprisoned in a mental institution. The symbiote suit was locked away, while S.H.I.E.L.D now tracks Van Adders sold symbiote bombs. Nicholas Fury has disappeared from the public eye. But mysteriously the suspicions about the original Michael Van Patrick were lifted to an anonymous letter that finally revealed that Michael's strength was hard earned. The numerous schools that Michael Van Patrick attended now recognise him as a record setter. His track record has yet to be broken.

"So what happens now?" Michael asked, as he got dressed.

He and Peter had both been discharged from hospital. Mary Jane, Gwen and May both stood waiting for them. A mass of cameramen and journalists also crowded the entrance of the hospital. They had yet to discover Michael's identity as the Scarlet Spider and even his status as a clone of two people. Their focus however was Peter, reporters wanted to grab an interview with the Spider-man.

"Vultures," Gwen growled.

"Its actually pretty flattering when you think about it," Mary Jane said.

"What? MJ seriously those people are only interested in Pete's story, they don't care about the right to privacy or everything we had before Peter's identity was outed," Gwen explained.

"Lets appreciate what we do have though, a new home, new start and above all each other," May smiled as she hugged Peter.

"Wait a sec, a new home, where did you get that?" Peter asked.

"Someone's offered us a place to live, in fact I'd better give them a call so that they know where to find us."

While May took out her phone, the teenagers looked uneasy as one of the doctors looked towards them. He had some kind of injury to his leg, forcing him to use a cane for support. Walking towards them, May got a better look at his nametag. It read "D. Blake". A kind expression crossed the man's face as he spoke up.

"Excuse me miss, if you and the kids are looking for a quiet way out, there's a fire exit just around the corner there," He said, pointing them in the right direction.

"Thank you," May whispered.

As May led the kids to the fire exit, she relayed their location to their lift. Peter noticed both MJ and Gwen smiling. When they got out of the hospital, Peter looked at the black pickup truck waiting for them. The doors slid open, revealing Johnny Storm and Jessica Drew.

"What are you waiting for new room mate, come on in," Johnny grinned.

"Johnny, but where are we going?" Peter asked.

"Where else silly? The Baxter building has more than enough room for us," Jessica chuckled.

The group climbed into the pickup truck. May joined Sue in the front seat, letting the teens sit in the back and talk amongst themselves.

"I didn't know people's voices could actually do that, is that Deadpool guy still alive?" Johnny asked.

"He is, despite Kitty blowing him up, but why are you asking?" Jessica enquired.

"He was an all right guy, he was actually pretty funny."

"Dude, I'm funny, that guy was just crazy," Peter said.

Peter looked at the others as they turned their heads away.

"What? I am funny, Aunt May I'm funny right?" He asked.

"Of course you are honey," May said, then slowly shook her head as she looked to Sue.

"So the Baxter building, are we gonna call ourselves the Fantastic seven now?" Jessica asked.

"Six more like it," Michael muttered.

"What was that Michael?" Gwen asked.

"Listen guys, I've been thinking, I had spent so much time on my own, thinking that I was the clone of Peter Parker, then I suddenly learn that most of my DNA comes from Michael Van Patrick, explaining why I looked different from Peter. My desire to be called Michael Van Patrick, it came from him, I've spent so long being guided by my genes, by Peter and Michael that I haven't had time to forge my own life. Don't get me wrong I still want to be a part of your lives; I want to be there for all of you as a friend or a brother even. But above all that I want to go out there, learn more about myself and start defining myself!" Michael explained.

"I get it, you want to be your own man," MJ said, clicking her fingers together.

"Then we'd better have a talk with Reed, cause he'll need to get you phones and an ID," Sue said.

"Michael Parker, that's what I want my passport to read!"

May and Peter widened their eyes for a moment before they both smiled. Peter slapped Michael across the back. The atmosphere inside the van was jolly for the rest of their trip. When they arrived at the Baxter Building, Peter was shocked to see all of his stuff was already there. Sue spoke to Reed about Michael's new ID, while the others settled in. Peter looked at Jessica and Johnny in confusion as they promptly retreated to a bedroom. His confusion faded as MJ took his hand.

"Welcome home," She said.

"I promise, I wont go anywhere this time, I'll be a smarter and better Spider-man now," Peter explained.

"With a new and better costume," MJ grinned.

"Hey, my costumes iconic, that's the one thing that isn't gonna change!"

Michael stood in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He looked at the scissors and razor on the side. Taking the two items, Michael began to cut.

"Hey Johnny, you got time for a game of CoD?" Ben asked as he opened Johnny's bedroom door.

The Thing widened his eyes as he saw Johnny and Jess curled up together on the bed.

"BEN GET OUT!" they yelled.

"Thank go you two hadn't taken any clothes off, next time put a hat on the door," Ben muttered, slamming the door behind him.

Michael walked out of the bathroom, shocking everyone at his new appearance. He had shaved his hair on the back and sides and cut his fringe to a shorter style.

"Pretty good, although you probably need someone to cut behind the ears," Gwen said, running a hand across the side of Michael's face.

"Well uh, thanks for the offer Gwen," Michael sheepishly chuckled.

Soon after, Reed and Sue walked into the room. Reed held a set of papers and a passport. Michael looked inside the passport, seeing his old school photo. He also noticed that Sue was holding a case of some kind.

"We've included birth certificate, references in case you need a job and some money to get you started," Reed said.

"More importantly we included a phone to keep in touch," Sue smiled as she handed Michael a phone.

She then gave Michael the case she was carrying.

"It's a little something we put together, Mrs Parker and Gwen both contributed believe it or not," Reed stated.

"Something to say thank you, and welcome to the family," May said.

Michael opened the case and gasped in awe. It was a new costume, one consisting of red and black colours. Most of the suit was red from the feet to the shoulders. The shoulders were black, joining with the black mask, which also had red eye lenses sown into it. A black spider was emblazed on the chest, while the fingers for the gloves were black.

"Incredible, thank you for everything Mr Richards, Miss Storm," Michael nodded his head to the two scientists.

"No problem," Reed smiled.

"Just make sure you keep in touch little brother," Peter grinned.

"Little, we're genetically the same age," Michael growled.

"He wont keep in touch," MJ sighed.

"Please Michael, call us every once in a while," May said before she pulled Michael into a hug.

Michael sighed as he closed his eyes. He rubbed his "mothers" back, holding her as tightly as any child would. When they separated, Michael lowered his head slightly at the tears in her eyes. May shook her head, smiling at Michael. She shed tears of joy for a new member of the family. Gwen wrote something on a small note before putting it in Michael's hand.

"Here's my mobile number, and this…" Gwen suddenly tugged on Michael's shirt.

The people around them grinned as Gwen pulled Michael's lips to hers. His eyes remained wide in shock as she brushed their lips together. When they finally separated, Gwen smiled at him.

"That is a little something to make sure you call back, next time you're in town Michael," Gwen winked before she walked away.

Overcoming his initial shock, Michael grinned, his cheeks flushed as he gripped the paper.

"Thank you everyone, especially you Pete, I probably wouldn't be who I was today if not for you," Michael said.

Peter nodded his head and extended his hand. The two Spider-men shook hands before hugging one another, as brothers would.

But before Michael could begin his path to independence, he still had one more thing left to do. Calling on a favour from Xavier, Michael got a lift to Texas. Once there he visited one specific hospital, and one specific patient. He claimed he was a friend of the patient's son, a lie that actually made Michael feel guilty. With Charles and Logan waiting outside, Michael took a seat by the bedside of Brian Patrick. A few years after the death of his son, Brian got sick with cancer. He lay unresponsive in a bed, a mask over his mouth with monitors showing his weak heart rate. Michael took Brian's hand in his and gripped it tightly.

"Hey "dad", its me Michael, if you can hear me just know that you were right, it was Fury, well at least one of Fury's men. The whole world knows the truth now, you were right dad, you were right!"

A breath escaped the ill man's mouth. Michael widened his eyes slightly as he felt the man squeeze his hand. Brian's grip then weakened as his breathing faded. He peacefully closed his eyes, a smile crossing his face. His heartbeat slowly began to flat line. Tears ran down Michael's face as he felt the man's life fade.

"Goodbye dad," He whispered.

Charles erased the nursing staff's minds. They never knew that Michael was there, so they believed that Brian Van Patrick's time came. His time did come; he held on just long enough for someone to put the injustice committed against his son right.

LA was new territory for Herman Schultz. There were plenty of stars he could rob and the businesses were prospering just enough for him to make a profit out of them. Of course he did this by stealing from them. Lifting his moneybags over his shoulder, Shocker ran as fast as he could out of shop. He sighed in relief as he reached an alleyway.

"Wow, great minds do think alike!"

Shocker quivered in fear as he turned his head. Alls he saw was the colour red before a fist flew into his face. Police arrived to see Herman hanging off of a lamp post, the bags of money rested neatly on the curb. The leading detective looked at the webs in confusion before pulling a small note off the bags. He laughed slighly as he read the message:

You never know who you run into up here, you leave to get away from the old faces and they just follow you Lol!

One idiot gagged for LA's finest

Courtesy of Hollywood's new resident, The Scarlet Spider!

Days before the debut of LA's newest hero, Director Helmut Zemo was removing a shield from his desk. He shook his head at the American symbol before throwing it to the floor. Taking a seat at his desk, he called his second in command into the room. She was an attractive woman with black, red streaked hair, glasses resting on her nose.

"Miss Hand, make sure my secretary knows that Mr Rogers is banned from my office," Zemo said.

"Yes sir, I have a report on the symbiote bomb investigation, one was apparently sent to Latveria sir," Victoria Hand said.

"I see, I'll be sure to put a squad together, anything else?" Zemo asked.

"Yes, Nels Van Adder is dead, but in Fury's final report he implied that Adder may have had an accomplice, someone who was able to kidnap Danvers and provide Adder with intel," Hand explained.

"Miss Hand, don't you think Fury would say anything to justify his incompetence? Besides the man killed Van Adder himself, that makes him a chief suspect, another one of his career making plans that backfired," Zemo sighed as he flipped through the pages of Fury's report.

"Sir, surely we must plan for the possibility of Van Adder having had an accomplice, it makes sense in terms of security to…"

"Calm down Miss Hand, don't worry so much, Peter Parker is back from the dead, Fury's out and it's only a matter of time before we catch Doom and every other criminal that escaped the Triskelion," Zemo explained as he got up off his chair.

He turned around, looking out of his window, his smirk never fading.

"Everything worked out in the end!"

At the same time, two prisoners were awakening inside the Black Ops lab. Kaine looked at his surroundings and his bandaged chest. He looked to his side, seeing the Korean spider clone with an equally bewildered expression on his face. Their eyes moved to the door ahead of them as it opened. Citizen V walked into the room, missing his cloak and sword.

"Well done, both of you," He said.

Kaine narrowed his eyes at the masked man. He could have sworn he had heard his voice somewhere before. Spider's face however was fixed in a state of shock.

"Zemo's men recovered you from the scene, treated your wounds, Nerd Hulk even went as far as to repairing your cellular damage. I'd offer you a mirror but…" Citizen V paused to chuckle as he read Kaine's shocked expression. "That's right, you're your own person now, not just a copy of Spider-man and MVP!"

"Impossible, your not supposed to LIVE THAT LONG!" Spider yelled.

Citizen V walked over to Spider, gripping the man's hair. He thrust his hand forward, digging an object into Spider's neck. Kaine widened his eyes as foam gushed out of Spider's mouth. He then saw the stingers imbedded in Citizen V's wrists. The stingers promptly retracted as V stepped into the light.

"That guy wasn't needed, you however are Kaine, Zemo's plans ended with him in charge. My plans however go far beyond that of S.H.I.E.L.D." V explained as he reached for his mask.

He peeled the mask away from his face, revealing a brown haired, brown-eyed man in his early thirties.

"It is our duty to make sure this world and its super humans become the heroes they have to be…after all…with great power, comes great responsibility!"

The End

There we are, finally finished with the possibility of a sequal. Michael's new costume is based on the new Scarlet Spider's costume, which I think is pretty badass. As for the ending well, I might pick up this universe again to write a sequal detailing Citizen V's (you have to know who is now, you just have to :) plans against Director Zemo, which would also include a mini-series about the new path the heroes have all taken. The Sequal might include the Ultimization of multiple famous characters, including even Spider-man 2099.

So tell me what you thought of it and thanks again for reading