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Breaking God
-For you have sinned-

It fills you, makes you whole

There is very little time and like so many grains, they fall through the cracks in his hands.

The sword gleams brightly in the glow of an unseen sun and all he can think is, not her, not her. Anyone but her. But she is still and her reiatsu is flowing away in tendrils from her bleeding body. He breaks, deep inside, he breaks. A line has been crossed, a territory has been uncovered, and within his cold and precise mind, he discovers Hell.

He asks a pointless question, to distract, to terrify, and a beast roars from deep inside his chest.

He receives a pointless answer (after all, isn't everything pointless in the end?) and withdraws Senbonzakura. He thinks that if there were a God then He would most certainly not exist within such a despicable being as Sōsuke. He thinks many things, chief among them the impending death of the now-named Zommari.


The world fragments and pieces itself back together.

Calls you forward 'till you fall

His limbs betray him, one by one as they fail to heed his instructions. They are useless now, pointless without his control.

So he cuts them away.

There is no need in his life for pointless things, for senseless objects. Byakuya relishes control; it is part of his everlasting pride. What does it mean if he lacks the use of an arm and a leg? It means nothing to him. He has nothing to lose anymore and everything to gain.

An arm and a leg mean nothing next to the dying girl that he is fighting against time for.

Zommari is mocking, bitter, and filled with his own dignity and pride. The world is not big enough for the two of them to co-exist. The world is not big enough for two men of such pride to live in the presence of each other. Byakuya knows that one of them will die before dawn rises.

It won't be him.

Eats away at both flesh and soul

A myriad of eyes stare back at him, unblinking and as foolish as the Espada wearing them. Eyes, as if they provide even a semblance of power and assurance.

Foolish. Common. Useless appendages.

But Zommari is cunning and he is a man who doesn't hesitate to use every advantage. He is an unworthy scum and so he fights dirty. A man like that, indeed if such a creature can be given such a title, knows nothing of honor and nothing of battle.

Rukia is in front of him, her beautiful white blade pointed straight at his heart. She is crumbling away, fading into eternity to rest with the angels, but her body is still trying to hurt him, trying to kill him, knowing not that she has already hurt him much more than anyone else ever could.

He dodges with ease, saving regret for later (wars and regrets can never intertwine, for they serve a fatal equation) and binds her before she can sever her own head. He does it to spare himself more than her, does it because he would break if she'd died such a dishonorable death.

Time is running out, he knows. Time is running out in tiny trickles of sand unstaunched by either blade or desperation.

Senbonzakura screams in his hands and the skies rain with the glints of a thousand swords.

He holds power in his hands and he treasures his pride.

It is now that he realizes the truth. Promises and vows to the past hold nothing in the face of the future.

He kills.

Not to fulfill a dying wife's request, nor to follow ancient laws set down by his ranking and his parents.

He kills to save his pride, to save the only one who matters now.

Pride's animosity—a hellish wall

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