-A Short Story-

"Brandon lay off the beer already!" Sam yelled. "I'm not drunk yet so NO!" Brandon yelled back almost drunk. His fiance Hannah laughed. "That's my Brandon!" she said. Alex and her boyfriend Joseph laughed as well. Vlad chuckled as he held his girlfriend Anette in his arms. Anette was curled up near him comfortable and happy. Andi had come down from America on holiday break. "College is a bitch guys.." she said. "That's why when you go to study you go to Europe." Anette answered. "Well I'm not some crazy Vlad Tepes expert like you." she answered. Anette smiled. "That's true." she said. Vlad chuckled. Anette had graduated from college early because of how much she knew. She could already pass the exam when she was 19. "Oh by the way I brought a movie!" Andi said excitedly. "An american movie?" Vlad asked teasing her. "Yes sonny boy an AMERICAN. MOVIE." she said teasingly. She held it up. "It's Stardust!" she said. "What is that about again?" Brandon asked almost wasted. "It's about a star falling to earth and it turns out the star's a chick. And this guy promised to get this star for this other chick that he wanted to marry. And there's Robert De Niro in it!" she explained. "So?" Sam asked. "He's a gay pirate captain!" Andi answered. "Sounds good to me!" Anette answered with a smile. Andi put it on and they were drawn into it. They laughed through several of the scenes and admired the special effects. Anette cuddled up closer to Vlad as she watched the movie. He smiled and held her closer. When the movie was over the group exchanged presents. They all loved what they got. Anette had given Vlad a castlevania game. He loved it. Anette was surprised that she didn't get a present from Vlad but she shrugged it off. Later when she went to her room with Vlad and after they changed he held out a small box to her. "Merry Christmas my love." he said with a smile. She smiled and took it from him. She opened it up and gasped. It was a beautiful pewter celtic cross. She flung her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "Oh Vlad it's beautiful!" she said overjoyed and amazed. "I have always wanted something like this! How did you know?" He wrapped his arms around her. "I have my ways.." he said with a sly smile. She smiled and kissed him. He kissed back and pulled away. She took it out of the box and Vlad fastned it around her neck. It looked beautiful and it looked wonderful around her neck. She smiled and kissed him again. He kissed back and stroked her hair. They pulled away and sat down on her bed. They got under the covers and he held her in his arms. She pulled the covers over them and snuggled up against his chest. They kissed once more. "Goodnight my dear.." he said. "Goodnight my love.." she answered. They fell asleep dreaming of each other and with the cross still around Anette's neck.