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Realizing What's True

Chapter 1 -

She stepped off the bus and looked at her surroundings. This was a place she thought she'd never see again.

Tree Hill

Except, things were all different now. Everything's changed. It doesn't feel like the same Tree Hill, if that makes any sense. It doesn't feel like her home anymore. That's because it isn't, it hasn't been for the past ten years, she quickly reminds herself. She had resided in New York, and that had been her home.

Suddenly, she feels a pit in her stomach, and she wonders, maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe she should have just stayed in New York.

Coming back to Tree Hill couldn't possibly do anything good. It would just lead to the opening of closed wounds.

"Haley, what's wrong?"

"Um...Michelle Branch likes my voice, she thinks I could be a singer. A real one." She said, paused, then continued. She knew Nathan wouldn't be happy with her next sentence. "Chris said that she wants me on tour. I'm so far ahead with classes, and I'd be back in time for finals."

"So says the great Chris." Nathan interjects.

"No, this isn't about him. Nathan, this is about opportunity. I have my entire life been the reliable one, and the dependable one. And I've always done precisely what's expected of me."

"Until we got married."

"Exactly. And then, I finally did something for me, something that I wanted. And the world didn't end. And I have that chance again."

"If you leave me...-."

"This is not the end for us. This is my shot to find out if I am good enough to have a life in music. Or if nights at Tric are all I get."

"And this has nothing to do with Chris?"

"No. Absolutely not." She stared directly into his blue orbs. It didn't have anything to do with Chris, not at all. But this was her chance to become something big. To make something of herself.

"Then why don't you ask me to come with you? Did you kiss him?"

"Yes." She saw his face fall at her confession. The look of disappointment, the look of sadness on her husband's face; it all made her sick. "I'm sorry. You have to believe me. That's not what this is about. Nathan..."

"Haley, listen. If you wanna go, you should go. If you do, we're done." With that, Nathan left the apartment.

She snapped out of her daze. It was that night, the night that continued to haunt her, that her life started falling apart. She'd tried calling Nathan after that, she even tried to come back once, but he didn't want to hear it. She'd chosen music over him. Plain and simple. She made her choice, and he wasn't apart of it.

"Haley, please." Brooke pleaded into the phone. Haley had been in New York for six years and hadn't kept close contact with anybody back home. That was why she was surprised when an invitation to Brooke and Lucas's wedding came in the mail.

"Brooke, you know I would love to be there...I just...I can't go back. Not after all that's happened."

"I'm sure if you explain things to him, he'd understand. He'll forgive you."

"Yeah, right." Haley scoffed. "Right after he tells me he never wants to see, and never wants to talk, to me again."

"It's all in the past, though, Hales. He's moved on." Brooke mentally slapped herself for saying the last part.

Haley sighed over the phone. "I know he has. And that's part of the reason I can't go back. I'm sorry. I gotta go, I've got some gig at a local club. Tell Lucas I say hi."

Upon leaving, she only hoped that there was one thing Nathan wouldn't do. Move on. Get over her. That way, she'd know that their relationship meant at least something to him. But there she had heard it, from Brooke, he had moved on. She didn't want to know any details, who he was dating, perhaps even married to. Just knowing that he got over he was enough.

She was not going back to Tree Hill.


The apartment was no longer owned by Nathan, the river court had been taken over by a younger aged group of kids, and she no longer had a place to call home. There was one thing she knew would never change, though.

She smiled as she saw the 'open' sign on the door of Karen's Café. Through the window, she could see Karen frantically trying to control the crowded café. There was also a brunette-haired little girl sitting by the counter, coloring in a coloring book.

"Now or never." She mumbled to herself, opening the café's door.

Unbeknown to Karen, she quietly moved through the café, finding a seat at the counter. She was practically next to the small girl she'd noticed through the window and became curious as to whom the child belonged to.

"Yes, what can I get you?" Karen asked, her eyes glued to a cup of coffee she was pouring.

"Oh, just a cup of coffee." Once her sentence was finished, Karen looked up and almost dropped the pot of boiling water.

"Haley. Oh my god. What are you doing back?"

"I figured it was about time." Haley shrugged, smiling the tiniest bit.

By now, Karen had made her way around the counter and wrapped Haley in a hug. "It's good to have you back."

"Karen!" The child called out.

"What's wrong Kenzie?"

"Who's that?" The child asked, suddenly forgetting about her crayons and coloring book.

"Well this, Mackenzie, is Haley."

"Hi, Haley. I'm Mackenzie." Haley gave the loud little girl a smile, then looked at Karen for an explanation.

"Oh, um, I'm just babysitting for a friend."

"Oh. Um, Karen, do you mind giving me Lucas and Brooke's address."

"Sure, sure. No problem. Luke's gonna be thrilled to see you."


"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Haley heard the muffled reply through the door. Within a second, the door flung opened and there was Brooke Davis, still looking as bubbly as she had from highschool, of course with a few minor changes.

"Oh my god, Haley. You're here."

"Yeah. And you're um, you're pregnant!"

"Yeah, twenty six weeks." Brooke smiled proudly, rubbing her protruding stomach. "Come on in. Luke's not home right now, he's still at the office. But he should be getting home within the hour."

Haley walked into the house. The furniture was elegant, yet still fashionable, and it so had Brooke Davis, well, Scott, written all over it.

"So." Brooke started a conversation after plopping down on the couch. "What happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, last time I spoke to you, you were one hundred percent positive you would never step foot on Tree Hill land again. I mean, I'm totally ecstatic that you're back, but, it's so, just so sudden of you."

"I just realized it was time to come home. Which is weird, because Tree Hill hasn't been my home for quite sometime. But, I just felt I was ready to come back."

"Oh. Well, have you seen, um..."

"No." She replied automatically. "I just saw Karen, got your address and came here. Brooke, how is he?"

"Truthfully. He's doing good. I mean I don't want to upset you or anything, but a year after you left, he sorta realized you weren't ever going to come home again." Haley's face fell upon hearing Brooke's words. "I mean, he waited for you, and he was just miserable. He still cares about you, Hales. I think you should go speak to him. You can wait 'til tomorrow, but the sooner, the better."

"Yeah. Tomorrow."


It was the next day and Haley had been standing in front of the Scott residence for twenty minutes, debating whether this was really worth it. For a second, she considered running away. Running away and going back to New York. But then she remembered Karen, Brooke, and Lucas, and how happy they had been when they saw that she was back in town.

Finally, she took a deep breath, walked up to the door, and rang the bell. She heard footsteps coming closer to the door, and with each one, her heart pounded faster.

And then there he was. Clad in boxers and an old basketball jersey. His blue eyes widened as he just stood there, shocked. He looked the same, except his hair had grown a bit longer.

"Daddy!" A voice behind him called.

To Haley, that voice seemed familiar. It was the same girl from the day before, Mackenzie. She came running beside Nathan and hugged his leg. "Hey, it's you, from the café!" Mackenzie said, pointing up at Haley. Haley gave the small girl a smile before returning her gaze on Nathan.



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