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Realizing What's True

Chapter 3 -

"James, we got a package for you." A slender man tossed her a large manilla envelope.

She grimaced a bit upon hearing that last name. It had taken her a while since arriving in New York to get used to that name again. All she wants to remember is being called Haley James Scott, or simply Haley Scott. Haley James was her name before she had married Nathan, before she had loved Nathan.

"What you got there, Miss Haley?" Chris Keller said, taking a seat next to her on the leather couch, draping an arm over her shoulder.

"It's something from Nathan." She whispered more to herself than him. She hadn't heard from Nathan in quite a few months and last she spoke to him, he didn't want anything to do with her ever again.

"Oh, Nathan, right. How is my good buddy Nate anyway?" Chris smirked, while he leaned closer to Haley.

"Ugh, shut up, Chris." Haley mumbled as she took his arm off her body and stood up, pacing around with the large envelope still in her hand.

She's not sure why, but she knows what is in the package. She knew it would be coming, it had to of. Of course Nathan wouldn't want to stay married after all this. She took a seat across from Chris and slowly her fingers ran across the name from the return address.

Nathan Scott.

She mumbled incoherently about how unbelievable all this was. It was just less than one year ago that she had loathed Nathan Scott. Back then it was just she and Lucas. And then she finally got to know Nathan and she felt something strong. Love. And it was then her whole world changed. And now here she was, living in a loft in New York City with Chris Keller.

"Haley? Hello, earth to Haley James. Are you alright?"

Haley snapped out of her daze when Chris's voice interjected.

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm, um, I'm fine." She slowly opened the envelope and there they were.

The annulment papers.

Haley sighed as her head hit the pillow. She knew that Peyton had a right to be like that. After all, when she left, she did hurt Nathan. Badly, too.

Maybe coming back to Tree Hill wasn't such a good idea. Nathan obviously didn't want her to come back. He had moved on since then and created himself a life. And he seemed to be doing good at that, too. He coaches the Ravens and has a beautiful daughter. As she thinks of Mackenzie, his four —almost five— year-old daughter, she frowns. Because when she was married to Nathan, she would always like to imagine their future together. And that included kids. But now he has a kid with somebody else, and though the mother's not in the picture anymore, his daughter will always be a reminder of his dead wife.

"Haley, can I come in?" Brooke asked through the door.

"Yeah." She replied sitting up in her bed.

"Hey. How you holding up?"

"Um, I guess I'm okay. I mean, Peyton didn't kill me, so I guess I'm fine."

"Yeah. I'm really sorry about the way she was acting. I guess some people don't know how to forgive and forget, huh?"

"No. Guess not. But it's okay, if I were her, I'd be pretty pissed at myself, too. I really hurt him, didn't I?"

"Yeah, I guess you did." Brooke gave Haley a sad smile before continuing. "But like I said, it's all in the past. He probably came off really mean because he was just so shocked. You know, Hales, some people just don't take surprises as well as I do." She smirked. "And I don't know if we told you this, but me and Lucas are really glad your back."


"What do you think about Josh? Hmm...Josh Scott? Ugh, no..." Brooke sighed, proceeding to cross out yet another name in her baby name book.

"Why are you doing this, again? You don't even know if you're having a girl or a boy." Haley asked, more interested in the television program on tv than her best friend's baby name problem.

"Well that's where you're wrong, Tutor Girl —wow, I haven't used that name in awhile—."

"Yeah, and please don't ever use it again."

"Fine. Anyway, Haley, you're wrong. Because here," She picked up a small white envelope, "In this envelope is one of two words. Boy or Girl."

"Brooke, you didn't."

"Yes I did. I told Lucas he doesn't have to know, he can have his little surprise. I on the other hand want to know."

"So why haven't you opened it yet?"

"Because first I want to pick three girl names and then three boy names. It will be easier to chose one of those when I find out."

"Brooke, don't look at it. I think you should wait and be surprised, just like Lucas. It'll be more fun that way."

"Fine." Brooke sighed. "You and Lucas are no fun. No wonder you two are best friends."

"Ha ha, very funny."

Interrupting the two friends' antics, the doorbell rang.

"Can you get that? I'm too fat to get up." Brooke muttered as she stared at her pregnant stomach.

"Yeah, fat, sure." Haley replied back sarcastically, getting up from her seat.

Her hand twisted the doorknob and her smile immediately faded once she saw who was at the door.


"Haley, I was hoping we could talk."

Haley was truly shocked. Why would Nathan, Nathan Scott, want to talk to her? Yesterday he said he never wanted to talk to her again.

"Maybe we should go upstairs.".

"Yeah, that would be fine."

"Um, Brooke, we'll just be upstairs." Haley rushed past Brooke and ignored her questioning gaze.

"So." Haley broke the silence when they were in Lucas and Brooke's guestroom. "Where's Mackenzie?"

"With the babysitter."


"Yeah. Um, let's sit down...Listen, Haley, about yesterday—."

"I completely understand why you acted the way you did."

"No, Haley, I wanted to say sorry. I was just so...so shocked. I haven't seen you in years."

"Yeah, about ten."

"God, has it been that long?" Haley nodded as she looked anywhere but his face. His gorgeous face with those gorgeous blue eyes. "Wow. So yeah, I was just really surprised that you'd just turn up on my doorstep. You hurt me, Hales."

Hearing Nathan call her 'Hales' broke her heart. He sounded so sad, so upset..., so vulnerable.

"I know, Nathan. God, I know. Oh, I'm so sorry." She immediately broke down. "Can you forgive me?" She hadn't meant to ask that question so soon. She planned to give it time, let them become reacquainted first. But she needed to know.

"I don't know. I mean, you just left me, and I tried to get you to come back and nothing would work. You wouldn't listen to me. I loved you, Haley." Past tense, Ouch. "I loved you so much! God. I was so messed up. And then, after a year I said screw it, you were never going to come back. I went off to college and met this girl. She was great. Not as great as you, but I tried to make her fill the void that you left in my heart. And I think it worked. I was able to make myself fall in love with her; another woman. I had thought that would be impossible to do after you, but it worked. We both loved each other, me and her. We got married and had my daughter. But then she left me, Haley, she left me just like you did! And I remember it was then, in that moment, that I thought I had never felt worse. But then I remembered you, my first love, and how you left me, too. And then I just died inside. I had nothing. Nothing except my daughter. And when I realized I still had Mackenzie, I got off my drunken ass and I changed. And to this day Mackenzie will be the only girl that I will ever, ever love again."

Throughout his whole speech, if you could call it one, Haley sat there, tears streaming down her cheeks. She'd never seen Nathan this hurt before. He was even at a point of crying. She could see tears well up in his eyes.


"Look, Haley. I'm sorry I hurt you yesterday. I just used to have a lot of issues and I would hate for them to all pop up again because you came back. I hope you can understand that. I just can't sink to that low anymore, I have a responsibility as a father."

"No, no, I understand."

"I, um, I gotta get back to Kenzie. But I just thought I should stop by and let you know. I guess I'll be seeing you around." He waved slightly and walked towards the door.

"Nathan?" He turned around and waited for her to speak again. "I'm sorry."

He nodded in acknowledgment and walked out of the room.


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