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Well, I was feeling REALLY depressed today and this is what came out...it's so diffent from my normal stuff (sigh), maybe I'll put out a couple of more drabbles...why not?


His family didn't wrap anything for him for Christmas, despite that my vessel got them so much.

His dad hung up on him.

Half of the day his soul was screaming for murder and desolation.

He contemplated killing himself yet again.

Though it was me who saved him yet again.

Did they really not see? Are they really that oblivious?

How can they not see the pain he's In!?

If he starts to cry….then no matter how much I hate him….How could I not wipe the tears away?

No, I don't hate him?

But when I comfort him he acknowledges me.

That's more than enough reasons for me to tend to his wounds.

Because he listens to me when he's in pain.

Because there's no one else for him to cry to.

I knew what to say.

He thanked me.

Maybe it isn't so bad if I'm acknowledged.

Maybe I'll comfort him more often.

If only to keep him alive.