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Well here's the end of this drabble! This is the finale! My longest one yet!


It was only a matter of time wasn't it?

The white walls in here are suffocating.

Though I worry about you.

You can't see me anymore.

You can't hear me anymore.

You just sit here.

You just passively let them inject that horrible drug in your arm.

In this state you could care less if anybody killed you.

You just sit on the cold unforgiving tile floor.

You just stare at the wall with unfocused eyes.

If you only knew how much it kills me to see you like this.

But I guess that's the point, huh?

You can't even put together a logical though in this state.

This place is a unique type of hell.

But I won't leave you.

Not like those "friends" or "family".

So you can "get better" while they forget about your very existence.

I'd rather have you sick than like this!

It's always been you and me.

I won't let them take you away from me.

I'll find a way to keep you sane in this hell.

What the doctors broke I'll put back together.

You just wait.

You'll be arguing with me again in no time.

You'll be feeling embarrassed over my advances again.

You'll be alive!

Not like you are now.

I won't let you rot in this hell.

You have my word!

Though you can't hear me.

On those days when you are lucid, which believe me are few and far between.

You always seek me out.

I always kiss your forehead and run my fingers through your hair.

I tell you to be quiet but you don't listen.

And then the devils in white come and take you away from me again.

Though I know that you'd rather have me than what you have become.

So, I'll grant you freedom.

My hands wrap around your neck.

You don't resist me or even fight back.

You couldn't even if you wanted to.

A moment of clarity swims in your eyes.

Is that Thankfulness I see?



You're no fool.

But it's time we leave.

Whether we end up in heaven or hell.

Anything in better than this.

You take your last breath.

I kiss your lips.

There still warm.

Then there is an odd sensation.

It is only eternal light.

I'm back with you.

You're healthy.

I'm happy.

You're happy!

I'm elated.

The fire is back.

Your arguing with me again.

Your loving me again.

Your thanking me.

I could stay here forever.

In the endless light with my King.

In the end.

I won.


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