The Doctor is in

A/N: This is a Harry Potter/ Dr. Who crossover with my O.C Iris. Some parts are confusing but 'A headmasters secret' series explains a lot.


In the foggy night in late august, spinner's end was a silent street. A street that was as old as the dirt it lay on, with its ramshackle homes and worn sidewalks. But in one house, the oldest, was a fight going on.

"Stupify!" Iris cried out, sending Peter into the other end of the room. Peter stood up akwardly as Iris was ready to strike again at him. Peter raised his wand. "Aveda Kedrava!" He cried out. Iris screamed, a green light hitting her chest. 'I'm dying. I feel so weightless.' She thought to herself as she slipped away.


The girl was twisting though a paradox of colors, sounds, and images. As she saw her entire life flash though her eyes, she saw a figure of a man. "God?" She tried to say before it all went black.

Iris moaned, turning over on the soft bed she lay in. 'Wait a minute, a bed?' She thought.

"She's moving, looks like shes waking up." She heard a woman's voice say. Iris opened her eyes, seeing a woman in her mid-forties staring down at her. The woman was of middle age, with a benevolent smile on her face, her laugh lines showing. "Ah, gave us quite a scare you did love." She said. Iris propped herself on her elbows. "Where am I?" She asked, looking around the bedroom. It looked like a normal guest bedroom, the bed she was on a full sized bed, the funishings very sparse. The woman was seated on the edge of the bed. Her short blond hair and plain blue robes showed her to be a very kind woman.

"My name's Meridith Crouch. You were found in my garden and I had you brought up here. You gave us quite a fright. The Doctor said you were a goner." Iris looked her up and down. "Are you related to Barty Crouch?" She asked. She tried to sit up, suddenly feeling light headed and falling back on the bed. "Oh my! You tired yourself out my dear. You mustn't over excite yourself in such condition." "Condition?" Iris asked. Meridith nodded, pulling the comforter over Iris. "Why yes, nasty little fall you must have taken." Iris pushed the blanket off. "Are you related to Barty Crouch?" She repeated, her voice getting stronger.

"Why yes, he's my husband, the minister of magic." Meridith said. Iris quickly shook her head. She braved getting out of the bed, showing she was dressed in a baggy white nightgown. She moaned, Her headache getting worse. "What year is it?" She demanded. "Whats the problem?" Meridith asked. "Please, what year is it?" Iris almost yelled. "Its 1978, nothing for you to worry about."

Iris gasped, shutting her eyes, shaking her head. "No, No, this isn't right. I should be dead. Where are my clothes?" She said, going towards the door. she passed by a mirrior, stopping. She didn't see herself, her nose stud gone, the scar on her wrist from a class gone wrong was not there. Bandages were wound around the top of her head, showing why she was having such a headache. She put her hands to her hair, seeing a seventeen year old version of herself. She didn't know what to do, standing there with her hands in her hair. She finally screamed, reaziling what happened. She punched the mirrior, sending it into shards. She vaguely felt arms forcing hers to her back. A door opened and closed. "Oh Barty Help!!" She vaguely heard as she slipped away.

She woke up alone in the dark with the moonlight as her only light. She got out of the bed, the only noise was her breath. Her hand went to her hip, feeling her wand in the pocket. Mrs. Crouch must have put it there. "I have to get back. To Lillian, Severus and-" Iris broke off what she was about to say, looking down at her bandaged hand. She remembered the mirrior, now fixed by magic of course. She sighed, leaving the room down a dark hallway until her feet met with stairs. She went down, whispering "Lumos" to get a strong light.

Making her way to something of a kitchen past the large dining room fit for a minister, she took an apple from the pantry, eating it at the table. She sat and thought about her next move, looking out the window over the sink at the moon. Would she stay here? and even if she did, what would happen to her? She bit into the apple, thinking as her chewing was the only sound.

"Hungry?" She looked up to see a shadow of a man. "A little." She said, alert now that there was someone there. "You must be the girl my mother was talking about." The light was turned on to show the man. He looked her age with brown unruly hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in baggy pajamas that showed him to be a tall lanky man. "Sir, I'll leave your house but first I have to know, how did I get here?" She asked. The man sat down facing her. "The names Barty, Jr. to be excact. I never got around to asking yours now did I?" He asked, ignoring her question. "The names Iris, the only Iris I know of." Iris said, getting a laugh from Barty.

"Right, not sure how you got here. My mum found you in her garden. By the way, you must have fell cause you crushed her Lilac bush." Iris nodded. "Oh. Sorry bout your mum's bush." "Its okay, it was dying anyway." Barty said, brushing it off like nothing. Iris stood up, going to throw away the remnants of her apple. "You don't understand. Its 1978. I was born in 1972. I should be five years old right now." She said. Barty looked her up and down. "You don't look five." He said, looking amused.

Iris put her hand to her face. "Maybe I should just forget it. Maybe it was all a sham. Maybe-" "You shouldn't assume anything. Nothings what it seems." Barty said mysteriously. He stood up, something falling out of his pocket. Iris reached to pick it up but he quickly picked it up. Iris saw a flash of blue in his hand as he pocketed it.