Just a small Christmas Team 7 story. I came up with it in about 20 minutes so don't blame me if it's bad. Hope ya like.

Kilee Drifter

It was Dec. 25 in Konoha. Naruto and Sakura waited for an eternity on the brigde. Sasue strangly wasn't around...but maybe it wasn't that much of a surprise. But Kakashi finally showed up. He had a sack in his hand, just like Naruto and Sakura.

"Merry Christmas!" Kakashi said.

'Merry Christmas!" Naruto and Sakura said back. There was no Sasuke. Still no Sasuke, even though one of the presents in each of his teammates was for him. Sasuke hadn't been around since Kakashi convinced him to stay in Konoha. But getting him not to betray Konoha and getting him to leave his house were two different things. The Uchiha had no contact with any humans, excluding rare cases where he'd let Team 7 in through the door. Who else bothered to check up on him?

Naruto got a kunai set from Kakashi, as well as some vegetables that were ready made for ramen, complements of Sakura.

Kakashi got an exclusive Icha Icha Paradise documentary from Naruto, and another mask from Sakura.

Sakura gor ramen from Naruto and a hairtie from Kakashi.

Then the three of them went over to Sasuke's house. Sakura knocked on the door.

"Sasuke-kun, Merry Christmas!" No answer.

"Teme, we're here!' Naruto shouted, banging on the door loudly.

At first there was no answer, but suddenly the door creaked open ominously. Kakashi switched on the lights. On Sasuke's bed, the trio saw three nicely wrapped presents with bright wrappings and a different color bow on each one. Green. Orange. Pink. And each were labeled: "From Sasuke, to "

Although the Uchiha was nowhere, the three decided to open their presents. Kakashi got a funny dool shaped like him. Naruto got a brightly wrapped case of ramen. But Sakura got a piece of paper."

"Everybody turn around please. -Sasuke."

They did as they were told. The lights flickered off and then back on. And Sakura saw Sasuke; lips crashed on hers, mistletoe above her head.

"Merry Christmas guys."

What a Christmas miracle.