In Good Company
by: ohwhatsherface

To: Annie
From: Pina

Sakura fiddled with the kunai she held, deep in thought while Naruto and Sasuke took a breather from their fighting.

Dinner with my mother and her husband, or dinner with my father and his wife…

It was Christmas Eve and Kakashi had announced to the two boys that afterwards, they would be going out for some dinner.

When the two immediately lost interest in what he had to say and began their usual fighting, Kakashi had told her that she was welcome to come if she wanted to, since she did have people to go home to for the holidays.

Dinner with my mother?

Sakura watched as Kakashi leaned against a tree, deeply entranced with his stupid orange book that Sakura didn't even want to wonder about. Her gaze then moved to Naruto who was lying down on the floor with his arms and legs spread out comfortably, basking in the nice weather while Sasuke sat down, one leg propped up as he tightened a bandage.

She dropped back to the soft grass and looked up at the sky the way Naruto was doing, hoping it would help her choose which divorced parent she should see that night.

Dinner with my father?

Sakura sighed in annoyance.

She didn't want to seem ungrateful but she didn't want to go to either of them.

Dinner with my mother?

"Come on boys, let's get dinner!" Kakashi called. "I'm rather hungry…"

Sakura sat up and bit her lip, still deep in thought.

Dinner with my father?

Naruto and Sasuke both stood up, and looked at her a bit expectantly.

"Ne, ne, Sakura-chan, are you going to spend Christmas with us?" Naruto asked a tad bit hopefully.

Dinner with …

Sakura got to her feet and stared back at Naruto seriously.

"I'm going to spend Christmas with my family," Sakura declared.

Naruto's smile faltered slightly and Sasuke almost flinched.

Sakura then grinned and grabbed both of their hands.

"Now let's go get some ramen."

Dinner with my boys.