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Summary: The Cullens, have a secret, another one, they have another child, but not with them, in Alberqurque, New Mexico. He has changed his name to Troy Bolton, which was once EvijanCullen,and after a decade without seeing each other he has decided to come back to visit. He invited Gabriella and her cousin Bella Swan to Forks,Washington with him .Where he will come forward, admit he loves her, tell her the family secret, his real name, and try not to suck her dry.

Twilight and High School Musical Crossover.


Note: Bella and Edward have not met. They will, and they will fall in love. One chapter will be about Troyella and the next will be about Bedwardhaha funny, sorry.

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It was a Saturday night in Alberqurque, New Mexico. Gabriella Montez, Troy Bolton's best friend, and long -term crush, was pacing around her room frantically awaiting that phone call.The phone call that might change her whole summer. It was that call that would inform her whether or not she was going to spend a couple of months with her boyfriend err… Best-Friend Who Happens To Be A Guy, in Forks,Washington. Troy was going to visit some family up there and invited Gaby to go as well. A nice and Sweet gesture.


Gabriella ran to the nearest phone, which she just realized she had NO clue where it was. Running downstairs to her living room to see if the phone was downstairs, she saw Maria Montez, her mother, with an envelope and a cell-phone in her hand.

"Mom!!!! " She ran and gave her mom a kiss and a hug. Earning a chuckle from the parent.

"Gaby, do you really want to go and spend your whole summer, with Troy in an unfamiliar city and state, the summer before your senior year?" Maria Asked slowly, even though she already knew what her daughters answer would be.

Ever since her father died, Gaby really stopped interacting with people. In her other homes, she would go to school, come back and well do homework, study, and not be social. Therefore she never got asked on a date, she was beautiful, yeah no doubt, but still, she wasn't popular, a nerd… but ever since she came to East High, she has experienced so much, she was best friends with the most popular boy in school, who accepted her even though she was one hecka smart girl, and even though no one accepted them at first because of "cliques" he stuck by her, and fell in love. The way they look at each other is so… wonderful, because deep in those eyes was love, and passion . They both knew it was there, they just didn't let it surface.

"Yes mommy more than anything in the world!" Her lips forming a straight line.

"Well, you have my permission! But only if, you promise to tell Troy how you feel while your there." A faint smile crept up her face while saying this. Her Daughters face turning a crimson color, she was speechless, so she just nodded.

The started laughing and went upstairs to go pack.

With the Cullens

A mysteriously beautiful young man, by the name of Edward Cullen is sitting on his sofa. Tomorrow, his brother, whom he hasn't seen in over a decade, will come home, though just for a while, but will be here nonetheless, but the one little fact that has Edward Strikken mad Is that he is bringing two humans among the female variety. He shrugged it off and tried to convince himself that one of these humans was the love of his brothers life. Evijan Cullen… well now known as Troy Bolton.. is a vampire just like the rest of them. But his characteristics… don't make him look like the rest of the Cullen clan.

All Cullens to begin with are Pale, with dark ,bruise like, circles around their eyes, and amazingly beautiful. But Evijan..is Tanned, and is beautiful himself, but.. different… he has no circles and hes different, he isn't attracted to Animal blood as much as the rest, he prefers Mexican and Chinese Blood its more pure.


Alone in his room, with only a lamp on Troy tried to sleep. The only thought that consumed his head were if his family would accept Gaby..

AHHHH! I cant take it anymore, im going to write down, what i needto do, so i dont forget later, Gaby! you have absuloutely no idea, how your smell... captivates me. I want you to be mine, not myfood, or prey, but my girlfriend, i love you like crazy, i dont know how I cannot read your mind when I can read everyone elses, your a mystery Gaby, I like that.

He quickly got up and went to his drawer, he shuffled through the mess of things and finally found a dark blue notebook with a red seal in the front.He opened his journal and quickly started writing.

Troys to-do :

Tell Gaby I love her.

Kiss her passionately.

keep her safe from Edward and his strange temptations

keep her safe...period.

not hurt her phyically mentally, or emotionally.

Tell her what I am.

While doing 1,2,3,4,5 & 6…

Try not to suck her dry.

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