This is a continuation of the one-shot "Merry Christmas Bella" with a minor change at the end of the last story and this theme instead of Christmas is New Year's Eve as you can tell by the title. Anyways Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy this, I hope to update this daily.

A Kiss at Midnight

I watched as my friends, the Cullens, open gifts as I leaned against the wall with a cup of hot chocolate. Emmett was making a big deal of showing the gifts and presenting them to the person they belong to. Alice loved Emmett's little show, even Rosalie who was a bit stand offish was smiling in the corner of the room. Edward was sitting on next to his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen.

I tried to keep my eyes off Edward but his bronze hair just was an eye grabber that I keep looking at him. Finally, pushing off the wall, I decided to head back into the kitchen for more hot chocolate.

I spent all my Christmas that I could remember I had spent them with the Cullens. I was an honorary Cullen. Mrs. Cullen treated as a daughter all year around.

Pouring another glass of chocolate, I slowly headed back towards the living room.

"Oh there you are," said a tenor voice that I knew to well.

"Oh," I said, blinking up at Edward. "You were looking for me?"

"At least Emmett was," Edward said. "It's seems that the gift that Emmett just pulled out is for you."

"WHERE THE HECK DID BELA GO?!" Emmett's deep voice shouted from the living room.

"RIGHT HERE!" I shouted back and with a small smile I lead Edward back into living room.

"Here you go," Emmett said, dropping a small box into the hand that wasn't holding my hot chocolate.

"Thanks," I muttered, setting down my cup.

I pulled the bow off the box and lift the lid off the box. Gasping as I pulled out silver chained locket.

"Oh Bella, it's beautiful," Alice sighed as she spotted the locket.

I eyed the necklace for a moment before spotting something on the bottom of the box. A small note, in bold text, the words: "Wear it close to your heart and know how much I love you."

My heart raced as I wondered who had sent me the locket.

Like I said before Merry Christmas Everyone (or what holiday you happen to celebrate).

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