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Bella Swan was packing the last of her clothes when she heard a knock on her door.

"Bella, are you done packing yet? We have to leave in a bit to the airport" Gabriella said sighing as she walked inside her cousins room.

Gabriella just couldn't wait until they reached Forks. Sure Troy told her it would almost never be sunny, and it would always be gloomy, but she was excited at the fact of spending two straight months with Troy, and so Bella wouldn't be left out his "cousin" Edward would be spending time with her.

What a perfect summer! She thought to herself, not realizing the goofy grin she had on her face and the weird look Bella was giving her.

"Umm I'm all done, lets go downstairs" Bella spoke, immediately changing the subject.

They walked downstairs and headed for the Kitchen to see Renee and Maria talking.

"Mom, Bellas done packing and well, we need to get going.The plane is going to departure in like an hour and a half! So chop choppp!!" The four started laughing and went to Marias Mini-Van.

She was just thinking, of how the summer would turn out when she felt a vibration in her left butt cheek. She grabbed down and got out her Blackberry to see she had a text message from Troy.

From: 3754035569

Hey Gaby. Are u excited about Forks as much as I am ?


Oh, you have no idea Troy. I cant believe my mom actually let me go, its gonna be so much fun. Tell me about Edward, if you don't mind… I wanna have at least an image of how Edward is… for Bella. Lol

ehhhh you get the number thing… lets skip that..italics troy bold gabyyyy

ok well hes about 6'5, hes god looking. Has chesnut colored hair, and his eyes change color…depending if hes hungry. Ummmhes nice, too nice for his own good, and well he isn't like the rest of our family…he dosent get as thirstylol

Ay diosmio Troy! You make it seem like your all vampires lmaobut still… I cant wait to meet him ) especially if hes that god looking ;)

Troys heart sank as he read that last sentence.

I cant wait to meet him especially if hes that god looking.

That winky face killed him.(A/n haha ive always wanted to say that (: )

He sighed as he wrote back.

Umm yeah, lmaoIf u want ill hook u 2 up??

He mentally slapped himself, he has no ideawhat possessed him to write what he did but what he wrote was wrote and sent. No turning back now… unless.

He quickly wrote.

But remember, Looks capture the eyes, but personality captures the heart.

Troy,ChilllllLolIm not interested in Edward, heck! I haven't even met him… but if the time comes when I am "attracted" to him(if the time will ever come) then ill be sure to let you know.

Suddenly Troy felt a wave of calmness wash over him, Thanks jasper, he thought to himself.

And chuckled.

Wellll umm, I AM your best friend… sowho do you like?

I currently do not like anyone, I have a crush on someone.

And im in love with you She thought to herself as she pressed Send but just shrugged it off, not wanting to think about it any longer.

Oh really who?

Maybe, just maybe, there was still hope, but that hope was instantly crushed by the last and final text message of the conversation.

That surfer Josh, hes on the basketball team, and hes my Lab Partner for chemistry… im sensing some chemistry between us…and Taylor thinks so too. Lmao Well im parking ill see you inside.. meet me by burger king.kay? kayIlaaf Bye:D

The two met up, got on the plane, and instantly fell asleep, wondering what the next two months were gonna be like.

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