by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Pirates of the Caribbean AWE

Summary: After the 6th Angel Battle, Shinji is kidnapped by a gang of pirates out of Hong Kong, on orders from the pirate lord Tao Fang, to become his successor at the next Brethern Court.


Chapter 1


The large aircraft carrier, Over The Rainbow, slowly pulled into dock in Yokohama. The NERV crew was already using hoists and cranes to get the red, four-eyed giant known as Unit 02 off the deck and onto a special transport to deliver it to the it's own Eva Cage.

Ritsuko Akagi had arrived at the docks to supervise the transport, gaping at the teeth marks that the 6th Angel had left in Unit 02's chest.

"I guess you had quite an adventure." Ritsuko said to Misato, who was sitting next to her in a jeep.

"You could say that." Misato grumbled.

"So... where's the Second Child?"

"Over there."

Ritsuko looked over and saw the redheaded girl ride down the escalator to the dock, looking around like she was searching for someone in particular.

"Is she looking for someone?" Ritsuko asked.

"Yeah. The rat Kaji."

"So... you're EX is back."

"I wish he'd go back. He ran out on us in the middle of the fight."

"And where's Shinji? I wanted to talk to him about this synchronization data he achieved with Asuka during the battle."

"It wasn't but a few seconds." Misato countered.

"Still, it was impressive."

Across the way, the Third Child in question was coming down the ramp, still dressed in Asuka's spare red plugsuit. And naturally, Toji and Kensuke were giving him grief about this.

"Come on, come on! Turn around!" the glasses wearing otaku grinned.

"Oh, go away!" Shinji cried.

"Damn, man! I didn't know you were into that, Shinji!" Toji chucked.

"God! Someone save me!"

Suddenly, a pair of men approached Shinji and threw a blanket around his shoulders.

"Oh thanks." Shinji said to the tall man in a black suit.

"Don't mention it." the tall Asian man said to him while his partner grabbed Kensuke's camera.

"Hey! What are you doing?! That's censorship!" Kensuke cried out, trying to get his camera.

"You are unauthorized personnel! You're lucky we don't shoot you!" the shorter Asian man said.

While this was going on, Shinji was talking to the other man.

"Our commander wants a word with you, Shinji Ikari." the taller man.

"Really? My father wants to talk to me?"

"This way, please." he said, leading Shinji away from the dock and his squabbling friends.

"HEY, MISATO!! A LITTLE HELP HERE!!!" Kensuke shouted at the woman sitting in the jeep.

However, when Misato turned around, her eyes went wide as she saw Shinji being lead away from them by a man she didn't recognize. Not that Section-2 wasn't good at keeping their appearance discernable.

"Hey! What's going on?" Misato shouted and started walking over to them.

At seeing this, the man panicked. "Damn it! Get the boy out of here!" the shorter man shouted as he pulled a gun from his jacket and started shooting, at Misato.

The purple-haired woman gasped and ducked, pulling her gun and returning fire. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a taller man in a black suit grab Shinji around his waist, lift him up, and mad-dash down the docks to a waiting speed boat.

"SHINJI!!" Misato shouted as she dove across the dock and fired off three shots, two of them nailing the man in the shoulder and leg, dropping him to the ground.



"Where's Shinji?!" Misato shouted at the man as she reeled her fist back again.

"I will tell you nothing!" the man groaned.

"Wrong Answer!" Misato shouted, her words echoing through the warehouse.


"He's told us enough. The tattoo's on your arms reveal you are Hong Kong Triad. Which means The Third Child is in China." Gendo said, standing behind the man.

Misato grimaced at the man. Even kidnapped he doesn't call Shinji by his name.

The Triad man just laughed.

"Whatever your plan is, you won't succeed." Gendo stated.

"We've already succeeded." the man snickered.

"So Shinji, not Unit 01, was the target? Shinji specifically?" Ritsuko asked.

The man smiled. "Pretty blond woman correct."

"He's right. Without Shinji Unit 01 has no pilot." Misato said.

"We have two viable pilots and two working Evangelion's." Gendo countered.

"But Shinji's the best pilot we have." Misato argued.

"Obviously not if he got himself caught." Asuka mused from the back of the warehouse.

"So your goal was to sabotage the Eva's, and thus NERV's, effectiveness against the Angels." Misato said.

The man laughed again. "We care nothing for your paltry crusade. We have what we wanted."

"Shinji? But why? He can't do anything but pilot an Eva." Misato stated.

"And if they don't need Eva, what could they possibly want Shinji for?" Ritsuko wondered.

Gendo was liking this less and less. For all he knew Shinji had no other value.

"I'm going to Hong Kong!" Misato shouted and stormed out of the warehouse.

"What? Are you crazy?" Ritsuko shouted. "Hong Kong is a huge city in of itself. It could take you months to even get a lead on him! And if Shinji's in the hands of the Triad, you'll be dead before you step off the docks!"

"And you are needed here, Katsuragi." Gendo ordered.

Misato turned towards the man. "Sir... this was my mistake, my screw up. Shinji got taken because I was momentarily negligent in my duties as his guardian. I'm going to Hong Kong to find and rescue Shinji. I'm sure NERV can get along fine without me for a few days."

Gendo had a feeling he wasn't going to win this argument. That and he was curious as to what any other person in the world would want with the Third.

"Very well. But you will take Ryoji with you." Gendo said.

"WHAT? That coward ran out on us during the attack! I don't need him!" Misato spat.

"He goes with, or you stay here!"

Misato growled. "Fine!"


(HONG KONG, 10 hours later)

"Where am I?" Shinji asked as he stepped out of the boat onto the wet dock.

"Safe." a 40-something man with scars all over his face said.

"But where am I?" Shinji asked again as he was ushered through the crowded city streets by the men.

"Safe." was the man's reply.

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"If we wanted, we would have."

"We have not, so we do not." the tall man who had physically kidnapped Shinji said.

That doesn't help. Shinji thought. "And... who are you?"

"I am Shang Cho." he answered. "He is Zang." he said, motioning to the tall man.

Shinji nodded at that. At least one of his question was answered.

"We are here." Shang Cho said.

Shinji looked at the large building, noting the circular door covered in pale red and green. The doors opened and Shinji was lead inside, down a long twisting series of hallways and down several flights of stairs, until he reached an air conditioned room which looked like a changing room, washroom.

"Here." a man said, tossing bundle of clothes at him. "Change."

"Huh?" Shinji asked, obviously confused.

"You cannot see Captain Tao Fang dressed like that."

Shinji looked down and gasped, realizing that underneath the blanket, he was still wearing Asuka's spare plugsuit.


Just then, two women dressed in black silk dressed, their hair done up in ponytails, entered the room.

"Uh..." Shinji started to say, looking at them both.

"These women will help you properly dress for your meeting with the Captain." Shang Cho said.

"Uh... I can dress myself." he said defensively.

"You need not be shy. You have nothing they have not seen before." the man replied and stepped outside.

I'm more worried they might see something like Misato did. Shinji thought.

Though to be honest, Shinji was a little more worried they might laugh at him. Captors often liked to torture and tease their captives. And that's what he was. A captive.

He sighed as he turned around and depressurized his plugsuit. He blushed bright red as he felt the hands of the two women gently remove the suit from his body. They helped him dress in their own clothes, which consisted of an over-sleeved shirt with a black dragon on the back, loose-fitting pants and comfortable slippers.

One of the women went over to the door and rapped on it. Shang Cho came back in.

"Captain Tao Fang awaits you." he said.

Shinji's blushing stopped as he walked out of the room.

The two women turned to each other and giggled.

(He's bigger than I thought he would be.) The first said.

(For one so young, and he was not even fully aroused) The second said.

(Perhaps we can make him?)

The pair smiled at each other.

Shinji was lead into a lavish chamber filled with human-sized stone statues, large wall paintings, and red-colored pillars, where he saw a group of people sitting and lounging around in chairs, on couches, some on the floor. The men it seemed were being pampered by dozens of beautiful women all wearing small terry cloth robes. And it was easy to see that they were all naked as well.

In the center and at the back of this large room sat an elderly man on a gold-colored throne atop a five-step elevated platform, dressed in black robes with gold trim, a bald head with a long trimmed beard and a mustache.

His very presence spoke 'leader'.

"Ah. Shinji Ikari. The Third Child of NERV." the elderly man said.

"Captain Tao Fang?" Shinji asked as he was brought directly in front of the man.

"I am." the elderly man said.

Shinji bowed in respect to the man.

The man smiled. The boy knew at least to be polite, especially to his captors.

"You are thinner than I expected. They must not feed you enough." he said.


Within seconds, a group of who appeared to be servants entered the room from a side door and set up a small table and chair in front of Tao Fang's chair, ushering Shinji into it. Another group of servants entered, pushing trolley carts laden with rich looking foods and drinks.

There was chicken, duck, beef, pork, ribs, fried rice, stirred vegetables, lobster, fish, eel, and various fruits from other countries.

They also placed a selection of drinks before him. Rather unsuitable drinks.

"I'm still underage."

"Of course."


The servants took the drinks away and placed a new selection before him, comprised of milk, soda and juice.

"Thank you." Shinji said to the servants.

"So tell me about your life, Shinji Ikari." Captain Tao Fang said.

"Well... I pilot a giant robot."

"And what do you do after that? At your home?"

"Well... I do most of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry."

Tao Fang shook his head. "Disgusting. That is not the way a pirate lord should be treated."

The words didn't register with Shinji as he continued eating.

Some of the women just looked at him in amusement.

(He eats like a gentleman.) One of the women massagers asked.

(One would think he would eat like a teenager. With hands. Ill-mannered.) A second massager said.

(Yet he does not. Strange.)

(Does it make him strange... or interesting?) She asked, eyeing him with a smile.

"So... what do you want with Eva?" Shinji asked Captain Tao Fang.


"The Evangelion robot. Isn't that why you kidnapped me?"

The whole room was silent for a few seconds. Then the laughter started.

Shinji looked around and wondered what they were laughing at.

"Did I say something funny?" he asked.

"Is that the reason you believe we kidnapped you?"

"Isn't it? I don't have any other real value."

"You do not give yourself enough credit."

"So... for what other purpose could you want me?"

The old man smiled.

"To give to you your destiny." he said, shining the light off his ring, and at Shinji.


Authors Notes:

When I first wanted to do a Eva/Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover I was stuck as to how to go about it.

I could have teleported Shinji to the PotC era and have him join either Sao Feng's or Jack's crew. Or I could have brought the crew into the path of the Flying Dutchman in their time. Or I could have had a group of cursed pirates attack a cruise ship the Eva-gang was on. Or I could have even set the Eva crew in the age of the pirates era.

But as I wanted Shinji to have a pivotal roll in the story, I decided it best to have Shinji deal with the descendants of the original Brethren Court after I bought and watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End'.

Also, I know that I am going to get criticized for writing up and uploading so many chapters at one time, but I couldn't help it.

It should also be stated that I did this mostly for fun, as I've not yet seen a Eva-Pirates crossover.

I hope everyone will give me good reviews on this chapter before moving on.



"Oh my god you've got an ass like a ten-year old boy!" the first twin said.

"Hey!" Shinji shouted.

"Seriously. The perverts will be drooling over you." the second twin said.


"Sure. Many of our customers like to play the back nine." the first twin said.

"Now wait just a..."

"I think the more kinky group will take an interest in young Shinji here." the second twin said.

"Who will what?"

"Of course we'll let you do the whipping first." the first twin said.

"What? Me?"

"Well, that is what these red suits are for right? S/M Sex?" the second twin asked.

"I wondered what the downside to these suits would be." Shinji grumbled.




A group of who appeared to be servants entered the room and set up a small table and chair, ushering Shinji into it. Another group of servants entered, pushing trolley carts laden with rich looking foods and drinks.

There was chicken, duck, beef, pork, ribs, fried rice, stirred vegetables, lobster, fish, eel, and various fruits from other countries.

They also placed a selection of drinks before him.

"Do you have any Yebisu?" Shinji asked.

"Of course." Tao Fang said.


The servants took the drinks away and placed a selection of ice-cold beer cans before him.

"Thanks." Shinji said.

"So, how did you come to acquire a taste for that nasty stuff?" Tao Fang asked.

"My guardian is an alcoholic."

"I see."