by Gunman

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Summary: Shinji and crew head to the Brethren Court where they meet the pirate lords from across the globe, and set forth a plan to take back their freedoms that SEELE is threatening.


Chapter 6

Return Of The Dutchman

The sun rose up over the cliffs of Shipwreck City, casting its light upon the denizen pirates and slowly rousting them from their own unique slumbers.

In the bedroom of the Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean, Shinji Ikari was awake and leaning on his arm to stare down at the sleeping form of his girlfriend/servant, Rei Ayanami.

She's usually up before me. I must have really worn her out last night. Shinji thought with a smile, thinking back to last nights interlude after the meeting of the Brethren Court.

After Rei had apologized for slapping a member of the Brethren Court, and Shinji had told her it was rather sweet of her to do so, the pair retired to their bedroom where they got into a very hot petting session, in which Shinji pleasured the sensuous young woman repeatedly, making her orgasm several times before she passed out completely. In a way it was also a form of punishment, torturing her body with pleasure, yet not going all the way. (IE: Sex)

The problem was, Shinji enjoyed it. Giving Rei pleasure, though not as a punishment. He knew what her life was like, especially under the rule of his bastard father. Just thinking about it made Shinji grimace at how he could possibly be related to such a man. Gendo Ikari had much to answer for, and Shinji would be the one to merit out judgement. His glower disappeared, replaced by a smile as he brushed an errant lock of blue hair out of Rei's face, continuing to watch her sleep.

Eventually her eyes slowly opened, her red orbs staring directly into Shinji's blue ones. A smile spread across her lips as her cheeks turned a tinge of pink.

"Good morning, master." she said to him.

"Rei, we're alone. You can just call me Shinji." he said softly to her.

"Yes, Master Shinji."

Shinji smiled and shook his head before leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips. It was then that Rei suddenly realized she was late.

"Oh! Your breakfast! I will fetch it at once!" Rei said as started to get up, her body not fully responding to her. "I... I feel sluggish."

"I guess I was a little harder on you than I should have been." he said with a sigh.

"No, Shinji-kun. You... I deserved to be punished for what I did." Rei said, barely able to sit up in the bed.

"And I forgave you the second after you did it." he said, gently pulling her down to the bed. "Just rest, Rei-chan. Get your strength back." he whispered softly to her.

"But, Shinji-kun... I have... responsibilities... as your..."

"Rei." he said, softly but sternly. "Tell me the truth. Would you rather go and fetch your masters breakfast, or stay here to keep your master warm?" he said to her in a whisper.

"I...I would... rather keep my master warm." she said, unable to pull away from his gaze.

Shinji smiled as the girl leaned into the young man's chest, snuggling against him warmly as he held her in his arms.


It was just after eleven when Shinji and Rei finally emerged from their room. A second session of the Brethren Court was to begin at noon, and Shinji and Rei needed to eat something before then. On their way to the kitchen they ran into Misato, and a very upset looking Kaji.

"Misato, what's wrong with Kaji?" Shinji asked.

Misato smiled as she told Shinji and Rei about her hot little naked tryst with Elena, the Adriatic Pirate Lord, in which Kaji was tied to a chair, forced to watch and unable to participate.

"You're a cruel woman, Misato." Shinji said.

"I know." Misato smiled.


The second session of the 10th Brethren Court had started, only to take off where it was left before.

"Here we go again!" Shinji muttered, before pulling his gun to fire it once more to gain attention.

Ordinarily the Brethren Court was able to settle things in their first session, and make their initial plans in the second. However, due to various personality problems that the group had, arguments were normal.

"I thought we were in agreement over this." Shinji said.

"We were... until some of us had doubts as to it's success." General Zing said.

"Oh? And why is that?" Shinji asked.

"Because it puts us at a disadvantage." Azize the Corsair said.

"Waiting for you, biding our time yet again, which gives Gendo and NERV more time to prepare. To further their plans." Connor Barbossa said.

"Therefore, it would be better to attack NERV while we have the element of surprise." Zing said.

"NERV is not the issue." Shinji said.

"But SEELE needs it to initiate Third Impact." Gentleman Jabari said.

"Which is why gaining control of NERV, turning them against SEELE, is imperative." Shinji said.

"And as much as we respect the subtle, cunning and subversive nature of your plan..." Azize said.

"Which is a trademark of any good pirate..." Barbossa added.

"'Good pirate'. There's an oxymoron." Misato grumbled.

"We feel it would be better to locate and destroy SEELE as well as their allies, such as Gendo and NERV, while we have the element of surprise." Zing said.

"That won't happen." Shinji stated.

"Oh? And why not?"

"Because... 1-we don't know where SEELE is. They're not stupid. They've hidden themselves very well from the world to avoid being attacked. And 2-attacking NERV or SEELE directly is an act of war." Shinji stated, turning to the Tenth semi-immortal Pirate Lord. "Captain Sparrow, am I correct in saying that the only one who can declare open war, on behalf of the Brethren, is the Pirate King?"

"Correct you are, lad." Jack said. "However, our Pirate King... er, Queen, doesn't like speaking out much."

"I thought only a Pirate Lord could be Pirate King. And I thought there were only 9 pirate lords." Misato said. "Isn't that what you told me, Shinji?"

"That would be correct, love." Jack answered for him. "Our Queen was a Pirate Lord, but is also demi-immortal, and the Code states that she retains the title till she dies. She didn't see it fair to others that she rule as a Pirate Lord for eternity, so she passed those duties down to someone else, so that she can concentrate more on her duties as Pirate Queen."

"Why?" Rei asked Shinji in a whisper.

"She's the wife of the captain of the Flying Dutchman," he whispered back. "As such, when his heart was cut out, he gave it to her for safekeeping. In return, she cut out her own heart and gave it to him. Neither of them can die, unless both of their hearts are stabbed at the same time, and whoever does so becomes Captain of the Dutchman, and their heart must replace his."

"Who is the Captain of the Flying Dutchman?" Rei asked.

"The Eleventh Pirate Lord of the Dead Souls and Sea at World's End, William Turner." Shinji answered. "He can only come ashore once every ten years, and she can't go into the seas at World's End, but she can send people there to serve on the Dutchman, or in the Locker."

"Wait! So there are ELEVEN Pirate Lords?" Kaji asked. "I thought there were only NINE."

"The Nine Pirate Lords make up the core of the Brethren Court, and are chosen to decide the fate and future of all pirates. Captain Sparrow is the Tenth, charged with overseeing the daily activities of Shipwreck Cove, the pirate city. Captain Turner is the Eleventh, charged with care taking the souls of the dead, many of whom are pirates. Our Pirate King, however, holds the supreme authority over the Brethren Court to decide the matters that are out of the Courts hands. Such as going to war." Tao Fang explained. "So, technically, there are TWELVE Pirate Lords."

These explanations started to annoy some of the other pirates, who didn't feel it was relevant to their discussions, until one of them shouted out.

"Hang the Code!" one of Zing's pirate yelled. "We don't need to follow some stupid woman who knows nothing about piracy!"

A gunshot suddenly rang out, sending the pirate to the floor, dead.

From out of the shadows, a figure emerged. Dressed in the same boots, clothes, and hat that she wore when she led the Brethren Court against the East India Trading Company nearly 300 years ago, Elisabeth Swann-Turner stepped forward. She didn't look very human, more like a mutated sea creature, as she carried the Dutchman's curse due to her inability to sail in the seas at World's End. Only when she was with her husband was the curse lifted. Without him, she looked every bit as menacing as she should. Octopus tentacles of hair curled from where they fell from under her hat and around her shoulders, her face clean and feminine, though with a thick leathery look to it, minus a nose. Her hand that held the gun she had shot resembled that of a squid, the tentacles creating her fingers.

The assembled pirates cringed as she stepped forward to speak to them all.

"The only one here who knows more about pirates than me is Jack Sparrow." she said with a hiss.

"Captain Jack Sparrow. Will you never get it right?" Jack muttered, which she ignored.

"Lord Ikari is evidence that there are those at NERV who do not know the truth, and are innocent of the crimes of those who force them to give their servitude. We will not go to war, not until the time is right. Until then, we will follow Lord Ikari's plan." She then stepped toward Shinji, "We will rely on you to give us all the information you can, and to secure the loyalty of those at NERV for our benefit."

Shinji bowed respectfully, "Understood, your majesty."

She smiled, and then said in a lower tone, "Stay here for a day. Tomorrow, the Dutchman comes to port, and there is someone I want you and your friends to meet. His name is Katsuragi."


Nighttime came somewhat quickly to Shipwreck Cove. Misato spent part of the day trying to allay Ritsuko's tantrums about getting back to NERV 'right now'. But when the Commander appeared on the video-monitor, demanding that Misato tell him where they were, as well as to see Rei, the woman did the only thing she could do.

She 'accidentally' hit the 'End Transmission' button. After that she decided to go get drunk with Elena.

Kaji, while under supervision of Zang and Shang Cho, made a report to SEELE concerning the existence of the Brethren Court and their interest in the pilots. Naturally since the pirates didn't seem interested in the Eva's, SEELE didn't think it was too much of a threat. Which was the intent.

But a more important meeting was about to take place between a certain blue servant, and a myth of legend.


Rei awoke suddenly in the middle of the night and turned to the open window of her room. She rose out of bed, careful not to disturb Shinji, and looked around the room as she was dressed in a white empire-waist babydoll she favored for sleepwear. Granted she would have normally slept naked, but with so many people around it was preferable to have something on at all times. Something she could take off and put on quickly if need be, since the only one she wanted to see her naked was Shinji.

"Child..." a soft raspy voice spoke.

"Who is there?" Rei asked softly to the empty room.

"I am." a woman with dark-skin, thick dread-locked hair, and a sea-green and brown dress appeared before the blue-haired girl. A pair of crabs twittered around her dress, hanging off of it.

"Who are you?" Rei asked, getting into a defensive stance.

"You may call me... Calypso." she said with a smile.

"The sea goddess!" she gasped.


"What do you want?"

"Want?" Calypso asked coyly.

"You would not have come unless you wanted something. And you would not be here, in my masters bedroom, unless you wanted something from him... or me."

Calypso smiled. "Very good. But I don't want anything from you. What I want... is you!"

"Me?" Rei asked, confused.

"Yes. I want you to be my eyes and ears on the land." she stated.

"I see." Rei exclaimed.

"Yes, you do. Better than most people think you do."

"No. That is not what I meant." Rei said sourly to the woman.

"Oh. You mean, you understand."

"Yes, except for why you wish me to be your eyes. Why choose me, and not someone else? Someone with more... worldly experience." Rei asked.

"Because of him." Calypso said, staring at the sleeping form of Shinji Ikari.

"Shinji-kun?" Rei asked, confused.

"You love him. The passion you feel for him is written all over you. I can see it, in your soul. Once... a long time ago... I knew what that felt like. It is something dat we have in common, more then I wit the Brethren Court!"

"I see. And what do I receive in recompense?" Rei asked.

Calypso stared at the girl as she walked around the room. "What do you want?"

"Life." she said without hesitation.


"I wish... to be human. I wish to be able to give Shinji-kun children. I wish to love, and live, as a human. Yet there is something that denies me this happiness."

"De Angel within you."

"Yes." she said, sadly. "Shinji knows of it, and loves me still, but does not know that it prevents me from becoming pregnant with his child." she said, turning to the goddess. "This is what I want. My eyes would be yours, but my heart, my soul, will forever be his."

Calypso smiled as she stared at the girl.

"Very well, dear Rei. Become my avatar, and you will be human. Through your eyes will I see the world, as well as the eyes of your many children."

Rei nodded slowly as she said that. "I agree."

Calypso walked towards Rei and touched her forehead with the pointer and middle finger on her right hand. Rei's body tingled as her eyes glowed for a brief second. Calypso pulled her hand away and nodded to the girl, before she vanished into the shadows.

As Rei stared into the shadows, she felt a warm and unfamiliar ease pass through her body. She felt goose bumps on her skin, a beating of her heart, sweat from her brow, and a strange tingling in her stomach she had never before known.

"I... I am human." she said, suddenly feeling a pair of arms wrap around her body from behind. She gasped as a warm breath washed over her skin. Shinji-kun!

"Rei-chan." he whispered to her.

"My love." she said softly.

"My avatar."

She gasped. "You... you heard."

"Yes. And on behalf of our future children, thank you." he said as he kissed the back of her neck softly.

Rei turned around and wrapped her arms around Shinji's neck.

"I was going to tell you, Shinji-kun." she said, speaking of her former inability to give him children.

"I know." he said softly to her. "But whether or not you could have given me children, I would still have taken you for my wife. Because I love you, my Rei."

"But I know what love is, because of you, my Shinji." she said with teary, impassioned eyes.

He stared deep into her eyes as he leaned in close and pressed his lips passionately against her own, their arms tightening around the other in a space-less embrace, tongue battling against each other and breath peaked from their lungs.

Shinji paused for a brief second, picking Rei up bridal-style and carrying her back to the bed, the pair needing rest for tomorrows events. He kissed her warmly before falling asleep with his arms tightly wrapped around her body. Rei never let him go the entire night.


Shinji, Rei, Tao Fang, Misato and Kaji are waiting at the dock with the inhuman creature known as Elizabeth Swann-Turner just before dawn, when the Flying Dutchman eventually broke the surface of the waters right at sunrise, carrying Captain William Turner and his crew into Shipwreck Cove.

The other pirates who were around them cringed again as the ancient and 'plagued' ship sailed up to the dock.

Elizabeth Swann-Turner's lips turned into a warm smile, making her look less monstrous than before. It was Shinji who noticed this.

"Your Highness?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, Captain Ikari?"

"My grandfather told me the history of the Flying Dutchman, and that Captain Turner has been its captain for more than 300 years. Once every ten years he can come ashore to be with you, but... he didn't last time, did he?"

Elizabeth turned to Shinji. "Your grandfather is well informed. When Second Impact happened, 3 billion people died. Many of them at sea. Will and the Dutchman were so busy ferrying souls to the afterlife, that they were unable to come onto shore when they were supposed to."

"You have not seen him for 20 years then." Rei stated.

"No. I haven't." She said with a tear down her face. "Neither him... nor our children. And I curse SEELE for that! Their actions denied me that which I love the most, and come hell or high-water I will see them suffer for that they have done! But even I have limits as to what I can do. That is why I supported your plan, because it is the best chance to get to SEELE and prevent a Third Impact." She said as the Dutchman pulled up to the dock.

From the ship, a large gangplank was outstretched and came to rest upon the dock. A young and handsome man stepped off the ship and instantly ran down the plank into the tentacled arms of Elizabeth. Shinji and Rei were the first ones to notice Elizabeth's body change from that of a squid-like monster, to that of the beautiful young woman, who kissed the young man passionately on the lips, both drinking in deep the feel of each other.

This went on for about 10 minutes, with no one saying anything to stop them.

"Guess they haven't seen each other in a while." Misato stated.

"20 years." Rei stated.

"Even a day apart from the person you love can be truly heartbreaking." Shinji said.

"I missed you!" Elizabeth said to him.

"I can tell." Will said with a smile.

"Mommy! Mommy!" a female voice shouted as a trio of children ran down the gangplank.

"MARY! JUSTIN! WILLIAM!" Elizabeth shouted with tears as she embraced her youngest daughter first, then her second oldest boy, then her oldest son. "Oh God! I missed you so much!" she cried as she held them.

"And you have every right to do so." an elderly man, dressed in elaborate robes and a white wig said as she stepped off the ship. "You are their mother, after all."

"F-Father?" Elizabeth asked as former Governor Weatherby Swann stepped onto the docks, followed by a woman. "Mother?" She turned back to Will, who only smiled.

"It's been too long since we were last together. I figured a better reunion with your whole family would be more appropriate."

Elizabeth smiled as she kissed her husband again before going to hug her father and mother.

"Oh, Elizabeth..." Wilma Swann said as she hugged her daughter. "You really should have worn that dress I made for you."

"Mother!" Elizabeth groaned.

"Daddy? Who are those people?" little Mary asked Will as she tugged on her fathers sleeve.

"Oh! Will, mother, father, children, I'd like you to meet Shinji Ikari, Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean, his mistress Rei Ayanami, his guardian Misato Katsuragi, his grandfather Tao Fang, and his spy Ryoji Kaji." Elizabeth said.

"Mistress?" Misato asked teasingly as she looked at Rei, who was blushing.

"His spy?" Kaji gasped.

"When did this 'mistress' thing happen?" Misato asked.

"Shinji-kun and I have not consummated our relationship as yet, but if you persist in ridiculing me about this matter, I will throw you from the dock." Rei stated.

"You wouldn't dare!" Misato declared.


"Yes. She would." Shinji said as Kaji fished out the now water-logged woman.

"Well, not exactly thrown, but at least you didn't get your butt kicked." Kaji said Misato as she flopped onto the dock.

"The day is still young." Rei said under her breath as Elizabeth walked over to Misato.

"Would all of you please come with me." Elizabeth said to the group. "You Too Jack!"

The group looked over and from behind a mess of crates, a certain bearded pirate stuck his head out.

"Jack Sparrow!" Will and Weatherby shouted.

"Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please." he said as he waltzed up to the group, a bottle of rum in his hands. "One would think after 300 years you would at least remember that much."

"All things considered, it's good to see you too, Jack." Will said.

"And you as well William. How's old Bootstrap?" Jack asked.

"Busy, as a first mate usually is."

"And how's Gibb's?"

"Enjoying his retirement in the afterlife."

"He deserves it, really. What Marty? Cotton? Cotton's parrot?"

"Still short, reunited with his tongue, and chatty as always."

"Of course." Jack nodded.

"Actually, there's someone else who has been anxious to see you again." Will said with a smile.

"Oh? And who would that be? Anyone I know?" Jack asked.

"You could say that." Will said as a small object dropped down onto Tenth pirate lord, knocking his hat off, taking it over to the edge of the dock and throwing it into the water.

"You bloody monkey! Will I never be rid of you?!" Jack shouted as he pulled his pistol and shot the still undead monkey.

"SCREEEEECH!" the monkey shouted, still unaffected by Jack's bullets.

"HISS!" Jack spat back.

"Alright, enough. Come on you lot!" Elizabeth said and lead the crew aboard the Flying Dutchman.

"If it's all the same to you, I'll stay here. I need to get my hat back." Jack said as he looked for a fishing pole.

"Fine." Elizabeth said as the others went aboard the ship.

Shinji and the others looked around the ship, noting that while it was old, it was also in remarkably well-kept shape. Even if it was of supernatural origins, the ship looked almost brand new.

"So, why exactly are we aboard this ship?" Misato asked, still wringing out her dress.

"We're here to meet someone." Elizabeth said, holding her daughter while Will brought the man in question over to them.

"Yes, your highness, you wanted to... see... me?" the man paused as he stared at Misato. "Misato?"

Misato froze as she turned to look at the man, freezing when she saw his face.

"F-Father?" Misato gasped.

"Oh god! Misa-chan!" Dr Hiroshi Katsuragi shouted as he lunged forward to embrace his daughter.

Misato was stunned for several seconds, until she broke out of it and hugged the man back. After a full minute the man pulled back.

"Misa-chan! You... you're not here aboard the Dutchman to be ferried to the other side, are you?" Hiroshi asked.

"Uh... no. I'm still alive. But... you aren't." Misato said.

"No. Not for fifteen years."

"Dr Katsuragi was the one who provided us with most of the information regarding SEELE and the tragedy of Second Impact." Will said. "We've been able to trade some information back and forth between Elizabeth and myself, but only sparingly."

"Why sparingly?" Kaji asked.

"When Second Impact happened, 3 billion lives were ended. Many of them died at sea, so... for more than ten years we've been rather busy. We kept Dr Katsuragi aboard the ship for when we would eventually return to port." Will said. "And now that we've returned, I free you of your duty to the Dutchman, so that you can help Elizabeth and the others stop SEELE."

"I... I thank you, Captain Turner. For everything." Hiroshi bowed.

"Dad!" Misato gushed as she hugged her father once again, overjoyed to have him back in her life. She would worry about the ramifications of bringing him back, on paper, later.

While Shinji and the others just stared at the happy reunion, the young pirate lord just looked at supernatural husband and wife of the Flying Dutchman.

"Captains?" Shinji asked, approaching Will and Elizabeth.

"Yes?" Will asked.

"There's something I'd like to ask of you." he asked as Rei stood next to him.

"Yes?" Elizabeth asked.

"Can you marry us?" he asked, taking Rei's hand tightly in his.


Authors Notes:

Okay, it's been a long time since I updated this story. Seven months! For that I am sorry. I've been busy working on other stories that I've been unable to update this one. It wasn't until recently that a reviewer actually gave me some good material to work with.

Also, I have no idea what Misato's fathers real name is, so I just used the name I used for him in my 'Second Time Around' story.

Anyway, here's my update of Shinji the Pirate Lord, and right below it, are a few Omake's for your enjoyment.

And as always, let me know what you think.


OMAKE! (Based off of the Locker Scene with Jack and the Crew from 'Worlds End')

"The Fourteenth Angel has blasted through the armored layers. It's inside the Geofront!" Makoto shouted.

"Unit 00 is still inoperable!" Shigeru shouted.

"Asuka's arms have been sliced off! Cut the connection or she's dead!" Misato shouted.

"Jeez! Leave you people alone for just a minute and look what happens. Everything's gone to pot." Shinji stated as he stepped onto the bridge.

"Shinji! Thank God! We need you back something fierce!" Misato shouted.

"And you'll need Eva for that." Ritsuko stated.

"Why should I fight for any of you? Half of you pushed me into the pilot seat of that freaking thing, two of you tried to send me away, and one of you actually succeeded, in firing me!" he said, glaring at his father.

"Oh, fine!" Misato growled as she pulled her gun and shot Gendo in the head. "Now will you fight for us?" she asked as Gendo fell dead in his chair.

"Alright." Shinji said and then headed down to the cages.


OMAKE 2 (Extended cuddling scene)

"Rei." he said, softly but sternly. "Tell me the truth. Would you rather go and fetch your masters breakfast, or stay here to keep your master warm?" he said to her in a whisper.

"I...I would... rather keep my master warm." she said, unable to pull away from his gaze.

Shinji smiled as the girl leaned into the young man's chest, snuggling against him warmly as he held her in his arms.

He suddenly felt the girl shake, her arms clutching tightly to him as warm tears fell into his chest.

"Rei? What's wrong?" Shinji asked.

"I am sorry, master."

"Sorry? For what?"

"For wanting."


"I want so much. Can you forgive me for being so selfish?"


"I have never wanted anything before, because I believed my needs to be unimportant."

"That was the commander's doing, not yours."

"But since my emotions have awoken, I have found myself wanting more."

"More what?"




"What do you want, Rei-chan?"

"I want... I want you."

Shinji stared at the girl.

"I want to be your lover. I want to be your wife. I want to be the mother of your children. I want to make you happy for the rest of your days." she stated.


"I just want what every woman in the world wants."

Shinji embraced the girl.

"You'll have it, Rei-chan."


"I love you, Rei-chan. So I am asking you now, officially, will you be my lover and my wife? My partner and my companion? Will you have my children, and let me make you as happy as you want to make me? For the rest of our days?"

Rei's eyes teared as he said those words.

"Yes, my lord. Yes!"


OMAKE 3 (Warning! This omake is a little naughty)

"Just rest, Rei-chan. Get your strength back." he whispered softly to her.

"But, Shinji-kun... I have... responsibilities... as your..."

"Rei." he said, softly but sternly. "Tell me the truth. Would you rather go and fetch your masters breakfast, or stay here and BE your masters breakfast?" He asked in a husky voice as his fingers trailed up her stomach towards her breasts.

"I...I would rather... BE... my masters breakfast." she said, his fingers sending jolts of pleasure up through her body.