Author's Note: I'm sick of Christmas commercialism. Let's get back to basics…


Gift for Lord Sesshomaru

"Here," was all he'd said, but that one syllable was enough. She knew the care conveyed in what was given.

For Rin, a child who was born in a shack with a dirt floor, it seemed Lord Sesshomaru was always dropping some new trinket in her lap: a bright yukata, a stylish obi sash, a specially embroidered comb, and even a few toys like tops, pitch-pipes, and origami cranes. Though Rin thought her guardian often got more pleasure out of the diversions than she did especially when it served to annoy Jaken.

Still every so often, especially on cold wintry days like these when stays at indoors were more common and travel was less, she wondered what she could get him.

New clothes? She didn't have any money for that. Something sweet, like a dessert? Sesshomaru once said he didn't eat human food. What do you get the demon lord who had everything and needed nothing?

"What do you think, Master Jaken? What would Lord Sesshomaru like?"

"Power…and territory, which can only be won with power."

Rin blinked. That was a bit out of her capabilities. Pensively, she crossed her arms over herself trying to gain some sort personal comfort.

"Yes!" She cried so suddenly Jaken's tiny heart skipped a beat.

"What's wrong with you now, silly girl?"

Rin just laughed and dashed off to Sesshomaru's quarters down the hall, not heeding Jaken's squawks of "Hey! No running!"

The daiyokai was in one of his "self-contained" states. Dipping his brush occasionally to swish over the paper then go idle once more. Even though he smelled her enter, Sesshomaru didn't bother glancing up until Rin announced, "I think I have something for you, Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru suppressed a scoff, a little human child giving him something? But he knelt to indulge her anyway. "What might that be?"

Rin wrapped her arms around Sesshomaru's neck, rubbing her cheek against his head. A hug always was the perfect gift – priceless and one size fit all.