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"Tee hee hee! This cake is most delicious Kushina-san!" Tobi informed the red-haired woman happily. The masked man currently had a straw poking out of the small eye hole in his mask, then other end of the straw buried inside the chocolate cake the kitchens had served for dessert.

Kushina and Minato has been forced by courtesy to let Shisui and Tobi spend the night since it was already dark by the time the parents had located the reason as to why their sons and mates had decided to lock themselves away in their rooms for the majority of the day.

"How does he…do that?" Kyuubi asked warily, edging closer to Itachi as bit by bit of cake disappeared into Tobi's mask. Itachi had placed himself and Kyuubi as far away from the other two males as possible. Even so the male had been bristling for the entire evening.

Sasuke and Naruto had been able to decline dinner, mainly because Naruto had been complaining about a sore backside and Sasuke was adamant about 'guarding his mate'. Itachi didn't blame him, he was about to do the same thing, but Kyuubi had far more stamina than his younger brother, both a blessing and a curse in some situations.

"Oh, beloved Lily, don't mind him. My cousin Tobi is completely harmless unless you're a squirrel." Shisui told Kyuubi calmly, his gaze fixed on the redhead, like they had been for most of the evening. The entire table jumped when Tobi let out a shriek and jumped on the table, looking about wildly.

"SQUIRRELS! THEY'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE! YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM MY YOU BLOODY DAMNED MINIONS OF SATAN!" Tobi yelled, jumping off the table and scrambling away on all fours, his tail disappearing around the corner in a matter of moments.

"We think his mother was part Labrador." Shisui informed the stunned table, dabbing bits of cake off his face. "But never mind that, I'm here to discuss the terms for the wedding the two of you are planning." Shisui looked back at the couple in question, a subtle glint in his eye.

"Oh." Was all Itachi could say. "You've come for that kind of visit." He managed, not sure whether to be relieved or frightened.

In a swooping, graceful moment Shisui stood, striking a subtle pose. "But of course, my beloved cousin! The idea of the my favorite baby cousin getting married sets a lovely warm flame in my heart, and I, Uchiha Shisui will plan this wedding to the best of my ability!" The man gestured dramatically to Kyuubi when the fox opened his mouth to protest. "Say not a thing, beloved Lily! I have see your plans, and they are novice at best!"

"Pardon?" Kushina finally managed, standing up to face Shisui. "I don't believe I heard you correctly." She challenged, ignoring Minato trying to tug her back to her seat. Shisui turned to face Kushina and the two stared each other down for a moment.

"You originally had planned a beach wedding with lilies as the centerpiece flowers and also in the bride's bouquet. And don't even get my started on the bride's dress! Halter top with ball gown?" Shisui scoffed. "Terrible! No, this must not be done! I refuse to allow my cousin's wedding to be so, so, ridiculous!" He strode around the table, plucking Kyuubi out of his chair, ignoring the responding warning growls. Shisui turned the redhead to face his family, currently just Itachi, Minato and Kushina, his eyes glittering with what could only be considered a fashionista's gaze.

"Though the baby bump is subtle, it's still noticeable, but not enough to cause a problem for photos or appearance, though I do agree the lack of cleavage would make a halter top dress ideal, a ball gown in the sand? It's a horrible idea! If your lovely bride here doesn't faint from heat exhaustion or ruin his dress by the time the ceremony's over I'll chew up my Gucci shoes." Shisui sniffed at the thought.

"Well," Kushina began, halted by a hand from Shisui.

"My good lady, please, listen to my idea. Chiffon is a light and flowing fabric and suits the beach theme to a tee, more importantly it would call for a more natural look, might I suggest flowers in his hair instead of jewels and a veil? And most importantly, lilies have such a strong odor, best to go with another flower. I think hyacinths would look lovely in his hair, no?"

"Who died and made you drama queen?" Kyuubi muttered under his breath. Shisui paused, turning to face the redhead.

"Listen here, Lily, you may be my cousin's sweet mate, but I am his older cousin, I outrank you and sit on a gilded throne next to Mitoko in my cousin's opinion," Shisui ignored the snort from Itachi's general direction "as such, you must keep in mind that my suggestions are for him, and through him, you. You'll thank me later on." Shisui stated with confidence before, letting Kyuubi sit back down and making his way over to Kushina.

"Come, my dear, we must plot together!" Shisui gestured dramatically with his hands once again, before striding out of the room.

"…Well, I do like to plot." Kushina muttered, cracking her knuckles and following after Shisui with purpose. Minato stood, looking after his wife.

"I believe I'll be needed to break up any fights." Minato stated, looking back to Kyuubi. "But keep in mind Kyuubi, Itachi, it's your wedding, we're all just guests." He reminded the couple before walking off after his wife.

"I admit that the gown idea might be a little extreme for the wedding Kyuubi stated after a few moments of silence from the table." He looked to Itachi. "What do hyacinths look like? I've never seen them before." Kyuubi told the other male.

"Hmm, they're smaller flowers, and I think they'd suit you well." Itachi admitted, standing up, offering Kyuubi his hand. "Let's go out on a date, I'll take you to the florist and we'll see if you want to have a specific kind of flower in your bouquet." He suggested, glancing about the ruined table. "I don't want to be here when the chefs have figured out what a mess Tobi's made."

Kyuubi laughed, taking Itachi's hand and standing back up. "Yeah, I'd like that, nothing too smelly." Kyuubi replied, wrinkling his nose at the thought."

"Of course," Itachi replied soothingly, guiding Kyuubi out of the room and out for the evening.

"Ah, look, the couple's on the move." Konan noted from her vantage point on one of the hills face the front of the Uzumaki manor. "Are we going to take them out now? Or wait until they get a little farther away from the nest?" She asked into her walkie-talkie. Pein's voice cracked from the small box.

"Wait a bit, our source says that they're heading to the florist. I'll contact Zetsu and have him distract them for a bit while we get things ready." Konan nodded her head, shifting up to a sitting position.

"Well, well, see Iruka-chan? I told you something was up." Kakashi's voice drifted out from behind the blue-haired cat's back. Konan jumped, spinning around to face the man, only to have her wrists yanked behind her back.

Iruka glared at Konan as Kakashi kept a firm grip on the hissing and thrashing woman. "Who are you and what are you planning?" He asked, managing to grab Konan's chin. Konan gave the human a dirty look.

"Nothing that really concerns you. After all, he wasn't yours to begin with." Konan spat back at the man.

"Who is this 'he'?" Kakashi questioned, tightening his grip on the cat's wrists.

"Yeouch!" Konan scoffed, shaking her head and refusing to answer. Iruka studied the girl for a moment before looking to Kakashi.

"Kakashi, we need to call Itachi and have him come back, I'll take care of that, you get her in Minato's custody." Iruka began to fish his cell out of his pocket. Kakashi hummed in agreement.

"I agree, we know for a fact that this little miss isn't working alone, more importantly, it seems that this other party has been listening in." Kakashi nodded towards the walkie-talkie, the red "talk" button pressed against the ground.

"She's a smart one," Iruka stated darkly, moving forward to pick the radio up. Konan laughed, her tail wagging in amusement.

"My Master will make you all suffer," She stated calmly, pointing her chin at the mansion. "He'll capture your darling little pets, and see to it he gains the profit necessary to rule the world!" Konan giggled, her small frame shaking. Kakashi lifted a brow.

"Rule the world? Seriously?" He replied, already walking the girl back down towards the secured house, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Iruka was following.

"Well, maybe not the world, but well enough." Konan told the gray-haired man ominously.

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