Title: Reflections

Rating: K+ - Merely slight mention of violence

Comment: Just a drabble that popped into my head after seeing the movie for the second time. Mistah Todd is such an interesting character.

The simple glinting metal was a comfort.

In a meaningless existence based solely on a need for vengeance, for salvation, he could at least retreat to his razors. They were perfect and sharp and his. The last remaining pieces of his life from fifteen years previous. Not even that blasted Judge could steal these from him.

They never lied to him.

When he stared into their depths, he saw only truth. He saw a broken heart, ripped away from everything once held dear. He saw a broken soul, yearning for redemption. And sometimes he saw a glimmer of something more.

It was difficult, he had to admit, to catch a glimpse of who he used to be. Deep under his brutal exterior and aged face laid the man who had once teased a beloved daughter with trivial toys and a devoted smile. Sometimes he felt he could stare at that man forever. That man was not him, not anymore. Now seeing that man was equivalent to watching another act out what he knew to be his past.

These images stirred the boiling stew that was his rage; he would have done anything to return to a time when he could barber for the joy of the art. A time when his Lucy was waiting with the babe on her hip and a smile on her pristine lips. These thoughts caused his lip to curl with unguarded disdain. No matter how hard he worked, no matter how many throats burst under his hand, he could never find a way to go back. But death was all that was left to him.

It was at those times that his cherished razors became detested enemies. That man – and that life – was dead and gone. Benjamin Barker would never resurface, would never retake the demon that now inhabited a broken man.

His finger traced down the edge of his blade, smirking darkly as his last friend reassured him that there was work to be done.