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Bella's POV
Finally, we reached the turn-off to our Meadow. For the whole drive, Edward had been muttering under his breath. He'd never been this. . . disturbed by his siblings before. I mean, usually, they played a joke on him, He plotted against them. That's how it was.

But this. . . well. He seemed much more distressed this time. Perhaps it was because he caught all three couples in his family having sex, all at the same time. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed.

Maybe it was because he was the one teased and taunted all the time for being a virgin, and brooding and cynical. Whatever reason it was, he needed some stress relief. Desperately.

And I was going to give it to him. No matter what it took. True, Edward was overprotective. He had his faults. Actually, that was the only one, but that's beside the point.

The point was, he did anything for me. Anything at all. He fought his bloodlust for me, for us to be together. He would've lived in depression for years, wanting me to be happy, if I hadn't chosen him. So, it was time for me to do something for him.

Something that, hopefully, would take his mind off of the situation at hand.

Edward's POV
We'd stopped. We reached the turn-off to the meadow. Our Meadow. Our pure, beautiful Meadow, where all the bad things would go away. I got out of the car, opened Bella's door, and hoisted her onto my back.

Then, we were running. We ran till we got to the clearing. I let Bella off, quickly, and looked at the beautiful, sunny meadow.

Then I looked at Bella, and the Sun on her face. She looked so bright, but her beautiful alabaster brow furrowed in worry.

Worry for me. Oh, I'd done it again. I'd gotten so caught up in my own troubles and self-consciousness, that I hadn't even thought about what Bella wanted. And now, she was terribly concerned, over my overreaction, and disregard.

Okay, well, it wasn't an overreaction. Really, if all of your siblings had sex on your possessions, you'd be a little disturbed too.

The point was, Bella was always sacrificing her wants, her needs, her normal life, for me. I wanted to make a conscious effort to do the same for her. The only problem was how.

Bella's POV
As we reached the bright Meadow, he put me down, and looked around, thinking. Oh God. He was thinking about his family again, I could tell from the distressed look on his angel's face.

This needed to stop. Now.

I walked to him, firmly, (for me) took his hand, and pulled him down. He sank down without hesitation.

I decided to do then what we'd done that first day in the meadow. I gently traced the blue-ish veins on his snow-white hands.

Like that day in the meadow, his muscles relaxed, and, as I got to the underside of his elbow, his hand flipped over, too quickly for my human eyes to catch.

This time, I expected it. He relaxed, and basked in the sun, as I slowly ran my fingertips over his hands. I reached his forearm, then went to his shirt, and unbuttoned it, slowly.

His eyes closed, as my fingers moved on his cool skin. By now, his shirt was completely unbuttoned.

I shifted my position a little, getting slightly closer to him. I kissed him. His sculpted cheeks, his forehead, his eyelids, then, lastly, his lips.

This took him by surprise. As my lips brushed against his, his eyes flew open, then fluttered closed again. His hands stayed in place, on the grass, his figure relaxed, and his weight back on his hands.

I wondered. . . I parted my lips slowly, gauging his reaction as I went. Now, because he was so tall, obviously, I was sort of sitting on my calves, and feet, directly in front of him.

As my lips parted, his relaxed stance was over, and his large hands were on my tiny waist, securing me there.

Our lips moved together, became one, so in tune with each other. It was heaven. Or, maybe as Edward says, hell.

Still observing his reactions carefully, I bit his lower lip, softly. He groaned, giving me a second or so to breathe.

"Bella," he whispered, almost getting away from my lips, to kiss my neck. No way. It was his turn today. While I didn't actually agree with Rosalie on the 'torturing him till he cracks' part, no way, was he going to be the caresser and kisser today. This was my job, and, today, I'd claimed it.

So there.

I unlocked my hand from behind his neck, and hooked my forefinger underneath his chin, turning his face back to mine, and meeting his lips.

Alice's POV
I actually felt slightly guilty about what had happened with Edward, Jasper and me. We might have gotten a little too carried away in the 'schoolgirl fantasy'.

Now Edward had gone AWOL.

I suppose it had been the shock of Rosalie and Emmett, (but when is that shocking, really?), in his Volvo. Coupled with us christening his bed.

Which he and Bella hadn't even really used properly yet. So, yeah. I'd say, all in all, that wasn't the best idea.

And then, as the icing on the cake, when he'd gone to Carlisle and Esme, they were, ahem, indisposed as well.

Or, I suppose you could also say overexposed. And, it happened to be the 'overexposure' part that Edward walked in on.

Talk about Sex Ed.

Okay, really not funny.

I thought about Edward and Bella. Where would they be now? Hmm, the meadow, probably.

Wait, why am I using the word probably? I can check.

I searched for them, and a pixel perfect picture appeared in my mind. Of something I never needed to see.

I wonder if this is how he felt when he walked in on us.


Now that Eddie-dearest was having some fun, I saw no reason to be guilty.

"Hey guys, you won't believe what Edward and Bella are doing! Or, rather, what Bella just decided to do."

I said, in a normal voice.

I skipped down to the living room, where everyone had gathered.

Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie all looked up at me expectantly.

"Well?" Emmett asked, his golden eyes gleaming with anticipation.

I told them.

"And he accuses us of being vulgar and sex-crazed?" Rosalie said, outraged.

"So, what happens if he breaks Bella?" Emmett asked, sincerely.

"Didn't they make some sort of pact to stay celibate until marriage?" Jasper said, slightly confused.

"Yes, but apparently Bella has decided that after the emotional uproar he went through today, he deserved some action himself." I grinned.

We heard the Mercedes in the driveway just then. Seconds later, Carlisle and Esme walked through the door, looking rather harassed, if I may say so myself.

"Alright," Carlisle started, with an exasperated look on his face, "What did you all do to Edward this time?"

We had the good grace to look embarrassed.

He and Esme stood in front of us, looking quite irritated.

"Why? What'd happen?" Emmett asked, probably assuming something comical had happened.

I knew what had happened, but I hadn't actually wanted to spread the word. I mean, with Edward, it was funny.

Downright hilarious, actually.

But with your parents, adoptive or biological, it was gross. So I was trying not to think about it. It was bad enough that my vision was crystal clear, with no escape button.

"What happened? What happened was that Edward, in all his mindreading glory, walked in on Esme and I during a. . . . tender moment. Normally, he would've been much more observant to the thoughts around him. So we would like to be informed exactly what you all did to him, for his mind to be in such a disarray. Who'd like to begin?"

Jasper started.

"Well, you see, what might have triggered it, is that, earlier today, in fact, Edward happened to walk in on us during a tender moment." He stated, omitting the actual trigger.

"Well that shouldn't have set him off. It must be something else." Esme said, in motherly worry.

"Erm, well, Jasper may have neglected to mention that, the, ahem, 'tender moment'? Well. It may have been. . . . . on his bed." I said, in an undertone, sheepishly.

"Oh no!" Esme's delicate hand went over her mouth in shock.

Jasper looked at his feet.

"You didn't." Carlisle said, his hands going up to hold his head.

Rosalie arched one perfect eyebrow in pleasant surprise. "Did you now." She muttered, somewhat to herself.

Emmett, of course was grinning to himself like an idiot. Oh no, sorry. Like an oaf.

"No wonder he looked so traumatized today." Esme said.

"Err, Esme? That reason could've also been because of what he walked in on." Jasper said softly.

I swear, right then, if Esme could've blushed, she would've been redder than Bella's current tomato record.

Carlisle held up one white hand. "Before we decide how we are going to deal with this, does anyone else have any confessions to make?" he said, looking pointedly at Rosalie and Emmett.

Emmett looked ashamed. Rosalie decided to go with the story that she was fixing her car.

"Well, what it was-" Emmett started, when Rosalie elbowed him.

I raised my eyebrows at them.

"We both heard you. And Alice saw you, in advance. 'Fess up." Jasper told them.

"What happened was, we were in the garage, and Emmett's favourite song started playing, and then we started kissing, and, we. . . . .kinda decided to play follow the leader with the song. Um, In Edward's Volvo." Rosalie finished.

Esme gasped this time. Carlisle simply shook his head.

They both stood up again.

"You all should know better than this. Living with Edward for at least thirty years now, you should know that he doesn't like his things touched. Especially by parts of your bodies that are not your hands. He doesn't even like you two near the piano anymore, that's how terrible it's gotten." He looked pointedly at Rose and Emmett.

"Really, Edward has to take enough from all of you, both pre- and post- Bella. He can't put up with your teasing about his lack of a sex life anymore. And he especially can't put up with your spontaneous decisions to 'turn up the lust', Jasper." Carlisle reprimanded.

Jasper looked sheepish.

"So, please, if you don't want your brother to die of spontaneous combustion, please stop. You can continue after Bella is turned, and he's released of all his sexual tension, but, right now, if you don't want a psychotic, neurotic, bi-polar vampire around, I suggest you stop." Esme ended.

"Um, well, if you wanted him released of his sexual tension before we went back to taunting him, that'll be in approximately 10, 9, 8. . . . . ."

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