Title: Moments
Author: Girl Who Writes
Genre: Angst, Drama
Characters: Usagi, Michiru & Haruka.
Notes: Written for lj's yuri challenge Winter 2007 lead-up. The prompt was 'kiss'. A little bit different from what I usually write. :) I hope everyone who celebrates it had a Merry Christmas.
Summary: She lets Haruka and Michiru have their moments snatched between life and duty – and doesn't say a word.
Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. I'm just a humble fan and make no profit from this fan based venture.

They never kiss in public. They save their kisses for when they are alone, for when prying eyes aren't judging them, aren't drawing lines and boundaries around their relationship, when there is no one whispering about them together, two girls. They save kisses for when it is just the pair of them, when they capture the other's gaze and when they can let down their walls, and simply be Haruka and Michiru.

Usagi catches them together only once, just before they walked into the Shrine, just before they become the ruthless, cold Outer Senshi that the Inner Senshi both fear and pity; Michiru's tucked into Haruka's side, Haruka's arm wrapped around her waist. Their voices are too quiet for Usagi to make out anything they are saying.

They pause at the bottom of the steps, Haruka spinning Michiru around to face her, tucking a piece of her girlfriend's aqua hair behind her ear. Michiru smiles up at her, one hand resting against Haruka's cheek as they both lean forward – Michiru raising herself a little, on her toes – and their lips meet.

It's simple and intimate in a way that makes Usagi want to look away. It's like everything she knew about Haruka and Michiru, Uranus and Neptune, has been thrown up in the air and fallen in entirely different ways – that all of the jokes, innuendo seems especially jarring in wake of what they are too each other.

Usagi smiles as the pair pull away again, both smiling softly, only for each other, Haruka's hand lacing with Michiru's as they continue to make their way to the shrine, and Usagi cannot imagine, having seen them like this, how anyone can condemn them, criticize them, when together they look so right and she doesn't understand how she – or anyone else – could ever look like that with another person.

She goes back inside to sit with her friends, not mentioning the scene she has just witnessed to the others – she lets Haruka and Michiru have their moments snatched between life and duty – and doesn't say a word when they walk in holding hands; Usagi just smiles.