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teaser: a peek into a family's life. Love without love, and angst without angst. Suspension of doubt is required. Total crack. An anonymous meme on lj asked for this. Well, I guess it's not so anonymous now, huh? XD

notes: remember, suspension of doubt is required.

/In the Family Way/

His arrival in Melior is not all together surprising. She accepts it as due course, and merely nods when he says "Ike sent me". What he never says is: Ike sent me to look after you and she doesn't blame him. She never says, Ike asked me to keep an eye on you.

Soren never offers his tactical aid (though Geoffrey asked once) and Elincia never faults him for it. She understands his presence has nothing to do with them and everything to do with a ghost.

She thinks it must feel awful to be left behind. But with Soren it is often hard to tell. She tries to be more like him, and fails quite miserably at the attempt. Occasionally, it makes Soren smile, so she keeps trying.

When she starts to show he says simply, "It's Ike's, isn't it?"

Elincia considers lying to him, but only for a brief moment. She looks out her bedroom window, into the beautifully ordinary scene of a Melior garden. "Yes."

Two days later, sitting across from each other in the outer rooms of her bedchamber (they've grown into the habit of discussing politics in the privacy of her chambers; Elincia does not worry about wagging tongues, and Soren does not care) he says, "You'll need to marry. There will be too many questions."

That's when she leans across the table and takes his hand. He looks into her eyes, and sees himself reflected there, nods, and kisses her with no enthusiasm. The same is returned.

They marry four weeks later, and ignore the protests of the senators. Geoffrey claims to be ill and hides out in his own rooms. Elincia forgives him for being absent. Micaiah sends her congratulations; she is blissfully happy with Sothe. Sanaki's holds a tinge more doubt.

On their wedding night he says to her, "I'll probably outlive you so don't make me your prince consort. I have no wish to rule." Elincia nods, and admits she never planned to, and instead names him Grand Advisor Soren. The senators are appeased.

Their child is two months premature.

No children follow. Elincia's first labor is a difficult one, bloody and fierce, and she nearly falls into a black sleep. Her only memory of the two days of her struggle is Soren's eyes looking down into hers and his fingers, surprisingly firm, gripping her own.

The baby is a boy and has blue hair. They say nothing about it. He has Elincia's nose and is considered quite the magic adept.

Soren never speaks of Ike, and Elincia only in her sleep. They share a bed, and occasionally—depending on what has happened that day—they will mate. Afterwards, they never speak on it. Soren lets Elincia wash first. He is a gentleman.

They name their son Gawain.

notes: there's no need to tell me how unlikely (no, scratch that, impossible) this is. I know. In fact, I don't even really like Soren x Elincia. I just thought it would be intersating if these two were bound together by their love for one man, who totally left them high and dry. I may/may not return to Gawain in a another drabble, because it's such interesting concept. Ike's son by Elincia raised by Elincia and Soren.

Also? Please note, I'm pretty sure Ike wasn't aware of the baby. Notice how Soren only guessed it when she started to show? After Ike was gone? (but, hey, who knows maybe he knew and left her anyway).