Staring at the list of school-sponsored clubs, she took a deep breath, weighing her options carefully. Her artificial dark brown eyes shifted nervously, once a hazel-green, until she realized her own did nothing to capture his attentions.

Sure, he was currently taken by the biggest bookworm ever (for the past millennium), but she had done enough already.

She'd kept the glasses, befriended the nerds…wore shower curtains! If anything, she deserved him.

Spotting the Chess Club sign up sheet, she signed her name with an oversized flourish.

"If it's a nerd Gerald Johanssen wants, it's a nerd he's going to get."

Extra credit if you can figure out who is talking (it's not too hard, promise...). I've never written about this character, but I always see her paired with the same two characters, and wanted to try something different.

Anyway, I was taking a break from The Compromise…for no real reason, actually. I've nearly got the entirety of the next chapter written, but I'll post it in a few days. Anyway, in taking a break, I thought this up, and looked over my Original Fiction again. I only call it "Original Fiction" because I' torn between two names right now. One has a lot of significance, but you don't find out why until half way through, and you don't find out the truesignificance of it until nearly the end, and the other has no real importance (partly because it's in French) but it sounds a little nicer. I'll more than likely go with the first. Well, my dad read the prologue and said I have a lot of run-on sentences (he should know too; I get my writing genes from him…thanks, Dad!),so I might just spruce it up, and post it in the new year. Thanks for reading!