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By Akira E. A.

Mental shock. That was the first thing that Kabuto felt after he learned what Sasuke had done to the medic's master. The followed the Sadness and grief. Then the only thing he felt was blinding rage. And that is most of what he has felt since then. There are times that thee rage makes him loose all of his sanity.

But despite the fact that he was almost insane, there was one thing he knew. Now he was truly alone. He knew how the Uchiha felt, living an empty existence. He hated it, but he felt exactly like the younger teen.

Itachi had murdered Sasuke's family. Kabuto's family had been murdered by other shinobi during the battle of Kikyo Pass. He had been too young at the time to remember much of anything, his parents or the fighting, but he did remember the blood. So from the start, he had been alone.

In the Yakushi home, Kabuto hadn't really felt loved. He had to act as if he were a mediocre shinobi to hide his purpose as a spy for Sasori. And his foster parents looked down on him for it. They thought that they had taken in a weak orphan of war, and they had hoped that he would be stronger.

But when Sasori had passes the boy over to Orochimaru, he quickly learned that the sannin was different. In the man's snakey eyes, he was actually respected and cared about. He was an asset. Orochimaru needed him, not only for his healing abilities, but also for his ability to gain information.

Orochimaru had become a father figure to Kabuto. The teen loved his master as such. He had once been the only one to care about him. But now Kabuto had no one.

The Uchiha had taken that away from him.

At once it had only seemed as if the whole world was against Kabuto. Orochimaru had always been there to make sure that it wasn't true. He always cared. But now that wasn't the case. The sannin wasn't there. Now it truly was that the whole world was against him. And he was against the world.

And he was going to avenge his master. He was going to kill Uchiha Sasuke. Then he was going to find a new way of life. He was going to find someone else that would care. And then he was just going to try to live. He was going to try to control his master as a life force, and try to keep it from over taking him.

But there were times where just had to tell himself, "As soon as Sasuke is dead, you can take over Orochimaru-sama. To help you was my only purpose in life. I'm not going to change that now."