Wedding Blues


"If anyone knows any just cause why you may not be lawfully joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

"Yeah I think I do!"


Every head within that church turned and every gaze, glare and stare landed upon Blaise Zabini. The sound of Rachel's shriek was drowned among the chatter.

"YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. And what reason do you have for why these two should not be wed?" The priest throughout his 30 years of ordaining weddings had never seen anyone object a wedding. Ginny smiled up at Blaise. Although she had opened her own mouth to object she was quite glad Blaise reacted first.

"Draco, I've been your best friend since we were born. I refuse to let you make such a big mistake."

"BLAISE ZABINI! Why would Draco be making a mistake by marrying me?"

"HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU THAT'S WHY." Ginny screamed to add to the noise


"NO HE DOESN'T!" Blaise answered back



"YES! Tell them Draco!" Rachel looked to her left to where Draco had been standing only to realize he was gone. Draco had run down the aisle of the church and was about to push open the doors.


"Rachel they're right!"


"No I don't."

The church went silent. Rachel for once had nothing to say. Narcissa Malfoy sat smirking on the church pew flipping through the latest addition of Witch Weekly. She always loved weddings.

"Everyone- look I am so sorry to have wasted your time. Please return all gifts." Draco pulled off his shoes and threw them to Blaise. "Return those please Blaise. Rachel I am the most sorry to you but I can't marry you. You can keep all the presents that aren't returned, the dress, and anything else you want. Everyone else please feel free to take flowers or take the rice to boil. I have a bushy haired bookworm I need to go apologize to."

Draco opened the church door and blindly sprinted out until not five feet later did he collide into another body which was running towards the church. Draco wasn't sure if this was a sign or not until he looked up and realized he had bumped into none other then Hermione.



"Look I-" they both started

"Oh sorry you can go-" they again said

"No you" Draco and Hermione laughed together at their overlapping words

"Draco I just wanted to say that…well…I'm trying to say that…YOU JUST CAN'T GET MARRIED. YOU DON'T KISS A GIRL AND THEN GET MARRIED. IT'S CRIMINAL! IT'S TERRIBLE. IT'S-"

Hermione's thought was never finished as Draco's lips came crashing down onto hers. At first she was shocked and meant to pull away but her desires overtook her as she responded to the kiss.

"Hermione I never meant to hurt you. I was scared."


"Great way to ruin my romantic speech."

"It probably wouldn't have been that good anyways." Hermione laughed as Draco pretended to pout.

"So your not getting married?" Hermione asked with a laugh

"No not today. Hermione I'm just hoping you will give me a second chance. I'm not sure why but something about your bossy know-it-all attitude attracts me. And maybe I like you….a lot."

"Well Malfoy you might be in luck. Conniving rodents are my type."

"Oh yeah real funny…how about we go and get something to eat? Stopping weddings makes me hungry."


"You really do know how to kill the romantic mood."

"Oh shut up and kiss me."

"Gladly." The sound of church bells rang even though there was no wedding. Hermione thought that whoever was in charge of the wedding obviously was a romantic.


"So it was a pleasure doing business with you 'black cobra.'"

"You too 'flaming ace.'"

"Ginny I know this isn't ideal timing but is there any chance you would like to date me? I mean for real this time and not just to trick friends?"

"I was hoping you'd ask me that….."



"I believe I said I wanted lilacs at this wedding. I am so firing the wedding planner."

"I am getting lilacs just hold on ferret. And you know if you fire me Draco then you will have no bride either." Hermione laughed as she hugged her fiancé close. Their wedding was in three days and neither she nor Draco could be happier.

Rachel got over her and Draco's separation easily and quickly and she found a nice old man to marry for inheritance. Sadly he died within a month of their marriage and he hadn't had a chance to update his will so his kids got all the money. Rachel is looking for a man so if you know any "fabulous" rich men give her a call.

Ginny and Blaise were married earlier that year and of course Hermione planned the wedding. Blaise surprised Hermione as he was very openly involved in the planning process. Hermione held that over Draco's head and thanks to Draco's jealousy the results turned out great.

Harry Potter is still working towards his promotion. Whether he gets it or not, we all will never know.


Author's Note: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! I didn't think this chapter needed to be particularly long and I hope you enjoyed it! I really enjoyed writing and completing my first real fanfic that wasn't a oneshot. You all are great!