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Carlisle POV

"Goodbye!" I called to the girls as they left – excluding Bella – to go hunting. I took one last look at Esme as they left, and then the door closed, blocking her from my sight. With a sigh, I turned back toward the rest of my family. Jasper and Emmett were whispering together while Edward stared at them, listening with his ears and mind. I focused on their voices, and I got the gist of the conversation. They were planning a revenge on the girls for dazzling them. I had to admit, I enjoyed my dazzling, but revenge would be fun. Half a second after I decided to join them I was there. They didn't even look up as I appeared next to them, though Bella glanced up in surprise from over on the couch. I smiled at her before turning back to Emmett and Jasper.

"It should be like an attack," Emmett was saying. "Like Edward did to Bella after he taught you to dance," he motioned toward Jasper.

Jasper nodded in agreement, ignoring the reference to the past. "That sounds good. How should we do it so everyone's involved, though?"

"We could surround them," I suggested. "If one escapes their partner could give chase."

"Nice," Emmett grinned appreciatively.

"Thank you." I tipped my head. "How would we surround them without letting them be suspicious?" The moment I asked the question an answer formed in my head, but I waited to see what they would say. I saw Edward from my peripheral vision, watching us. He nodded slightly at my glance, obviously agreeing to my plan.

Are you sure you don't want to come over here? I asked silently.

He shook his head slightly, his eyes darting to Bella (who was sitting in his lap) and then back to the program they were watching. I understood. He was more than willing to give up his revenge plan to stick with Bella. Smiling slightly, I turned back to the boys, waiting for their ideas.

"We could move fast and hope to catch them off guard," Jasper said. "With them not expecting it, we might be able to stop them from escaping."

"You forgot Alice there, Jazz," Emmet said. "She's probably getting a vision right now."

"She was getting a vision, until you pointed that out," Jasper amended. "We'll just have to think of something better."

"Well, if you would like to hear my idea," I began. They gave me their immediate attention, so I continued, "We could sit around the room in positions to block the doors and surround the girls. And to keep Alice out, we could each be struggling between which directions to take. Whether to go from the right, left, and so on. For example, Jasper, you could be by the door, Emmett, you could be by the kitchen, I could be by the window, and Edward could stay by the couch."

"What are we going to do about Bella?" Emmett asked. I saw Edward's ears prick up.

"She would probably want to get up and greet Alice. The moment she does, we surround. But we have to be careful not to get out of control. Bella is extremely breakable." I saw Edward relax slightly, and I absently wondered what emotions Jasper was receiving from him.

Emmett grumbled slightly, but I could tell he didn't want to hurt Bella any more than I did. She made him laugh too much – he had too much fun being around her. Jasper nodded seriously.

"I'll focus on Alice," he told me. I smiled my approval.

Can you hear the girls coming anytime soon? I asked Edward. They had merely gone hunting in the woods close, so they weren't planning to be gone long.

"Yes," Edward replied, startling Bella and his brothers. I smiled at their reactions and went to take my place by the window. Jasper and Emmett looked at him curiously, but didn't press the issue. Bella, however, had no such reservations.

"'Yes', what?" she asked, looking up at Edward.

"'Yes', the girls are going to be home soon," he answered her. A flash of intuition sparked her eyes, and she nodded.

"Men, in your positions!" I whispered so Bella couldn't hear. It would be much more fun if Bella had no idea what was happening.

We approached our appropriate places, watching for a sign that they were coming. In my mind, I was still deciding on whether to head toward Jasper or Edward, making sure to throw Alice of the plan if she had somehow retrieved some details.

Then Edward cleared his throat, causing all three of us to look at him.

They're here? I asked, knowing he was getting the same question repeated from both Jasper and Emmett.

A swift smile and nod, and then the front door burst open. Esme, Rosalie, and Alice burst into the room, not noticing anything different in our positions. Their eyes were a pleasantly light color, but I barely had enough time to register that before Bella acted just as I thought she would.

"Alice!" she cried, jumping up.

The growling erupted from all around – every single one of us boys growled playfully, deep and hard, but playfully all the same. We quickly formed a circle around the girls, leaving no room for escape. Their eyes widened simultaneously, and Bella's gasp sounded under the rumble of our growls.

Suddenly, as if by some unspoken consent, we each leaped, aiming for our partners.

Edward had Bella first, pulling her out of our way while twisting in the air so his back would brace their fall. Then I got Esme and we slid across the floor, stopping in front of the kitchen doorway. I saw Jasper and Alice crash into the couch, sending it sprawling. Emmett and Rosalie flew over our head, just managing to avoid hitting the table. I wrestled Esme for several minutes, neither of us making much progress. Finally, we gave up, laughing too hard to continue. I helped her to her feet and saw the rest of my family doing the same.

Edward, Bella, Jasper, and Alice joined us in the kitchen. I was about to ask what they wanted to do when Bella's stomach grumbled. She blushed, her face turning a deep red, and Edward chuckled softly.

"I'm guessing you're hungry?" he said teasingly. Her face flushed darker and I decided to save her from further embarrassment.

"How would everybody like to make Bella some food?" I asked.

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