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The End

Edward POV

I stared at Emmett, waiting for him to finish his thought. What exactly did he want us to do by having another crazy idea? He only had to look in the mirror to realize that maybe, just maybe, his ideas weren't all he made them out to be.

"Well…" he trailed off, then after a moment's pause, gave in, "Iwasthinkingwecouldallgoswim ming."

I just stared at him, not giving him the dignity of an answer. I knew why he wanted to go swimming. Obviously. But did he really think we were all that stupid?

"What?" Bella asked. I realized then that Emmett had spoken too quickly for her to understand.

"He wants to go swimming," I explained, rolling my eyes and then smiling at her. Bella laughed.

"Emmett, do you really think we are all that stupid?" she questioned him. My eyes widened as she said exactly what I had been thinking. It made me smile again, a private smile that she didn't even notice.

Emmett looked around hopefully, like maybe another member of the family was going to jump up and say, "Yes! Brilliant idea! Let's go to a place where you can wash out the dye Alice and Jasper just spent so long administering to your hair!"

But, of course, no one did.

Jasper's thoughts intruded into my mind. Complete lack of subtlety. I just got that dye into his hair. This is going to be a long week… I caught Jasper's eye and grinned. He grinned back.

"Emmett," Esme began, her tone indulgent. I groaned, but they all ignored me. Except Bella, who just looked at me questioningly. I shrugged and sat down, pulling her into my lap. She smiled and leaned back, and I pressed my forehead to her temple.

"Emmett," Esme said again. "Sweetie, we are all here and willing to do an activity with you. But please, don't insult our intellect."

Emmett, realizing he was being made out to be a fool, frowned. "Fine. Sorry. I have a better idea though. One that you all might actually enjoy." He paused for a moment, but then he realized that we were no longer being kept in suspense. We just wanted him to spit it out.


Didn't we just recently play baseball? Speaking of, we went swimming not long ago, as well! I'm disappointed, I expected Emmett to have more creativity. Alice's thoughts mirrored my own.

"Alright Emmett, let's play football. Go get your ball." Carlisle smiled and then, in the blink of an eye, my family was gone and out the door.

"Aren't we going to go?" Bella asked, looking around at the suddenly empty room.

"You don't want to play football with vampires." I said with a smile. "Also," I kissed her hair, "wouldn't you rather" I kissed her nose "stay here" I kissed her jaw "with me?" I let my lips drift just in front of hers, teasing her with their proximity.

Bella wasn't having any of that. She closed the almost nonexistent distance, leaning into the kiss with far too much passion than was good for her. However, this time, I found that I did not really mind. I kissed her back, completely forgetting my family and their misguided attempts at happiness. This was true bliss.

Jasper POV

We reached our football field, totally psyching ourselves up to play. I had come up with a new move that I was sure would send Emmett flat on his rear. It was even sweeter knowing that Edward had stayed home with Bella, meaning we would not have to worry about breaking her.

Emmett broke into my thoughts. "Where's Edward?"

"With Bella," Carlisle responded before I could. Comprehension dawned Emmett's face.

Alice stood in the middle of the field, thinking. I went to stand by her.

"What are you thinking?" I asked softly.

She looked at me and smiled. "You know," she began, "we are all usually pretty smart."

"Yes…" I said, not sure where we were going with this.

"I mean," she continued, "we understand how important it is to keep ourselves secret. And usually, we don't have these kinds of lapses in judgment."

I tried to follow her way of thinking, but failed. She must have had a vision that led her to this line of thinking. "Alice, what are you trying to say?"

"What I'm saying," Alice sighed, "is that there isn't a storm."


It made sense now.

Of course.

How could we be so stupid?

"Alice, dear," Esme walked up to us, "you are completely right. I am disappointed that I did not see this sooner."

Carlisle joined us, laughing. "It is a fault we all share. We were not paying enough attention to ourselves."

"Lame," Emmett commented, throwing himself on the ground and looking to the sky. "And I was so looking forward to getting back at Jasper."

I grinned over at him, his ridiculous hair practically shining under the bright sun. "Those are the breaks, bro."

Emmett sighed and ran his hand through his hair. When his hand came free, the pale skin was tinged blue and purple. Apparently the dye wasn't completely dry yet. When he noticed what had happened, he groaned and threw himself backward, laying on the grass and closing his eyes.

"Well. This is fun." Rosalie joined in the discussion, fluidly sitting to join Emmett on the grass.

Carlisle looked at Esme, a silent conversation passing between the two of them, and then spoke up, "I think, unless you have other plans, Esme and I will take this opportunity to go hunting."

Alice paused, and I could see that she was looking into the future. Then she blinked, breaking the trance. "No problem. I don't see an issue with that," she smiled.

Carlisle nodded, Esme smiled, and then the two of them were gone.

Rosalie looked at Emmett for a minute, but he didn't change his position. Her face was thoughtful, not judgmental, and for a moment I truly appreciated the beauty she could have if she wasn't so difficult to deal with. She wasn't even close to being as enticing as my Alice, of course, but maybe if she tried to be more accepting and kinder she could have an appeal beyond her stunning looks. I shook the thoughts from my head. She would get better with time. She already had; it was only Bella's entrance to our lives that set her back.

I looked back to Alice, and then, on instinct, grabbed her and twirled her around. She let out a surprised laugh and, when I set her back down, got on her tiptoes to kiss me.

"You surprised me!" She exclaimed happily. I grinned; that was no easy task.

Rosalie cleared her throat. "I'm going to go work on my engine," she paused, as though expecting a response from Emmett. When none was forthcoming, she continued, "See you at home."

"Bye Rose!" Alice said happily, doing a little twirl and then grabbing my hand. "Come on, Jazz, let's race!"

"Do I get a prize if I win?" I asked, smirking slightly. She stopped so suddenly I took an extra step, putting her behind me. Before I could turn, she was in front of me again, pulling me down for another kiss. I was more than happy to oblige. She pulled away far too soon.

"Let's just say that was a preview for what you could win," she purred before turning on her heel and sprinting into the forest. I instantly took off after her. This was a race I was determined to win.

Alone in the field, Emmett opened his eyes and sat up.

"Where did everyone go?"

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