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Summery: This story is an AU about what would happen if Bella moved to live Forks, Washington with her father. Who because of his crazy work schedule decided to send Bella to boarding school. The only problem is that only one school in the whole state of Washington has an opening and it is at an all boy boarding school. What will happen when Bella suddenly finds herself the only girl in the mists of hundreds of teenage boys. AU and all human.

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It's Raining Men!

By: Librarian2be

I stepped off the plane and into the crowded terminal of a small airport in the very wet, and boring town of Forks, Washington. My eyes fell upon a face very similar to mine however, weathered from age and the stress of a hard job. I pushed my way through the crowd and saw a weary smile form on the face of my father. His eyes were filled with happiness that his daughter was finally back in forks with him. Yet some how they were also filled this worry that I would leave him just as my mother had all those years ago.

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short, and I am 16 years old. I was born to a very happy and young couple, Renee and Charlie Swan. Eventually, Renee got bored of Forks and her marriage so she left and took me with her. I have been back to visit Fork and dad about once a year, but sadly I can't force myself to like it- even for Charlie's sake. This year I am moving to Forks to live with Charlie. No one is forcing me to move to my own personal hell, I am exiling myself in order to ensure my mothers happiness. Recently, she remarried a man named Phil who makes her the happiest I have seen her in well- forever. Renee has home schooled me for my whole life so when she married Phil who traveled to play baseball, she was torn between he two loves. I couldn't put my mother through that. So here I am walking through the airport with a man I barely know, yet shares my DNA.

The 10 minute drive from the airport to Charlie's house was the longest 10 minutes of my life. When we finally arrived at Charlie's house my gaze fell upon a bright red truck parked out front.

"Charlie, you didn't have to get me a car! I was planning on buying my own car once I got here."

"It's no big deal Bella, just consider it an early birthday present."

"Thanks cha- dad! I really love it!" With that I quickly and awkwardly hugged Charlie, grabbed my suit case, and walked into the house my parents bought when they first got married.

"Dad, I'm really tired. I think I'm just going to unpack and hit the sack. I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok Bella! Hey Bella … I'm really glad your here!"

"Me too dad." I said but did not really mean it.

It took me a grand total of 30 minutes to unpack the very small amount of things I had brought with me. Then as I laid down in bed, I couldn't help but wonder what the days to come would bring.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of bacon sizzling, coffee brewing, and the table being set. I hopped out of bed and padded across the cold floor of my room. I threw on my robe and opened my door only to be hit with a wave of smoke from burning bacon, eggs, and toast. I flew down the stairs (amazed that I did not trip), turned on the fans, and threw open all the doors and windows. Frantically trying to air out the house and turn off the fire alarms.

After about 10 minutes, the house was finally aired out and I plopped myself down into one of the kitchen chairs. It was 9 o'clock in the morning and I was already exhausted. Just as my eyelids began to droop, I heard a clatter on the table in front of me. I looked down to see that a plate of black and brown mushy, and charred stuff sitting right in front of me.

"I'm really sorry Bella. I just wanted to feed you breakfast. I really tried!"

"It's ok dad. It looks fabulous!" I grabbed my fork and scooped a big bite into my mouth. It was the worst thing I had ever tasted in my life! But I didn't want to hurt Charlie's feelings so I swallowed and hoped I did not gag. When it finally made its way to my stomach, I planted a huge smile on my face and said, "Its great dad! I am really full. I don't normally eat breakfast at home so that was plenty."

"Ok, Bella! Listen I have the afternoon shift and I go on duty in about 30 minutes but after that I will go and register you at the local school so you can start on Monday."

At the sound of the words "local school" my heart began to pound so hard that I thought it would jump right out of my chest. My eyes grew wide and my breath became ragged. I could not go to "public school!" Not with all those kids!!!

"What's wrong Bella?"

"Oh, nothing it's just that I've never been to a public school before! I can't go to one!! Mom home schooled me!!! Please, don't make me face all those people!!"

"Bella calm down! I can't home school you. Not with my schedule at the station, it just would not be possible."

"…But dad, please! I can't handle it! I will freak out and die!" I screamed realizing that I was becoming a little over dramatic.

"Well Bella, I don't know what to do! Could you handle a private boarding school? It would be more people than you're used to but not quite as much as a public school."

I took a ragged breath and said, "I…guess…so? But make it the smallest one in the state of Washington!"

"Ok, Bella I will look after work. Will you be ok here alone while I'm at work?"

"Yes, I'll be fine."

"Ok, I'll see you later"

He patted my hair as he grabbed his coat and gun belt and walked out the door. This was going to be a pure nightmare! I was going to freak out! Well, at least at a boarding school I can stay in my dorm all the time when I'm not in classes. It will all work out, I told myself hoping that if I kept saying it then it would come true.

I spent the rest of the morning with my nose stuck in a book trying to calm myself down. At about 1 o'clock I realized that if I was going to go to a boarding school that I was going to need A LOT more stuff. I called Charlie and he told me the credit card was under the ice cream in the freezer (I don't know why? Something about not wanting to use it) and gave me directions to the nearest target. I had some major shopping to do! The practical thinker in me realized the quickest way to get this done was to have a list prepared, that way I would not have to walk around the whole store. I sat down at the still soot covered table and began to make my list.


1. Bedding

2. Fridge and Microwave

3. School supplies

4. WARM clothes

5. Bathroom stuff

6. Food Staples

7. Books

I was planning on being fully stocked so that I would have to leave my room as little as possible. I grabbed my keys, list, and the credit card as I walked out the door and into the humid air of Forks. My car roared to life (literally roared) and I slowly crept slowly off toward the target. When I finally reached the store I walked in, grabbed a red cart, and looked around already overwhelmed by the store. With a giant breath, I was off in a shopping frenzy.

I decided to hit the bedding and home décor first. I searched through hundreds of bedding choices before I finally settled on one that fit my tastes. It was a simple but cute quilt with navy and light blue daisies on it. I picked out lots of comfortable matching pillows and a small area rug. I moved on to navy towels and a blue polka dot shower curtain (just in case). I grabbed an ironing board, desk lamp, under the bed storage boxes, bookcase, and alarm clock. Before moving on I grabbed some scented candles, just in case my room mate smelled. I got the rest of my bathroom stuff including a warm blue robe. I moved to clothes, making sure to get plenty of warm things. I then got a fridge, microwave, and any food that I might want before moving on to the school supplies. Where I got enough to last me the next two years. I grabbed a hand held vacuum and some cleaning supplies. Finally after 3 hours, I think I have it all I thought as I paid and some employee helped me take it all out to my truck. I guess if I forgot anything Charlie can mail it to me. Exhausted, I got into my truck and drove home only to plop into bed and fall fast asleep.


Charlie had been frantically calling every boarding school in all of Washington. Only to find that all the schools (both all girl and coed) had filled all their openings and even after a very generous bribe still could not accept Bella. In one last attempt he called St. Paul's Preparatory. He held his breath as the phone rang once, twice, and finally a third time before an elderly sounding woman answered.

"Hello, St. Paul's Preparatory. This is Elsa speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hi, this is Charlie Swan and I'm calling to see if you still had any openings at your school."

"As a matter of fact we do! What is your son's name?"

The joy and relief that had washed over Charlie came crashing down.

"Son?" he croaked, "I have a daughter named Bella."

"Oh, I'm sorry sir! This is an all boy's preparatory!"

"I'm sorry I must have dialed this number by mistake. Do you think you could recommend any schools for me to call? You see my daughter…" He trailed off before he all of a sudden broke down and told this poor woman his story.

"Sir," she cut in after about 20 minutes of Charlie's ranting. "Let me transfer you to the headmaster. There might be something he can do."

Before he could say anything he heard the line click and music come over the line. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the voice of a very distinguished man filled his ear.

"Hello sir! My name is Headmaster Charleston. I think I have a proposition for you which will help both of us out in out little 'Situations'."

"My ears are open Headmaster."

"Well, for some time now the preparatory has been wanting to make the switch to a coed preparatory. The board of education does not believe at this time the school will be able to handle the switch. We want to prove them wrong. To do this we need at least one girl to attend out preparatory this fall. I think that Bella just might be our girl. You need a school for her and we need a girl. It is a win-win situation. Plus, Bella has been home schooled so she is new to the whole idea of guys. She is more innocent and naive. She won't go looking for trouble. We will even give her a full ride scholarship. You won't have to pay a dime for her to attend our fine academy. What do you say?"

Charlie carefully thought the whole situation over. Bella would freak he thought, but this might be just the thing to bring her out of her shell. I just won't tell her it is an all boy's preparatory.

Before he could change his mind Charlie quickly said, "Sounds great! When will she start?"

"How about Monday? It that enough time?"

"Yes, yes. It's plenty of time. I'll see you Monday!"

Just as he got off the phone, he herd Bella walk in the door and go strait into her room and fall fast asleep. I guess I will tell her the great news tomorrow.

The next day, I woke and quietly walked down stairs to see that all of my stuff had been brought in the house from my truck. It had all been unwrapped and packed into boxes and suit cases. My eyes gazed upon a very comfy looking mattress propped up against the boxes. I crept back to Charlie's room to see him still sound asleep in his bed. My turn to cook breakfast, I thought as I padded back through the cold house to the kitchen and began to pull what little there Charlie had out of the fridge. I managed find some eggs, bread, butter, and PLENTY of fish. I decided to make a smoked salmon scramble. Just as I was about to stir in the salmon, I heard Charlie enter the room and sit down at the table. I quickly cut the toast and arranged everything on two plates before sitting one down in front of Charlie and one at my spot.

"Bella this smells fabulous! I can't believe you figured out a way to use fish for breakfast. I'm going to miss this when you're gone. You'll either have to give me the recipe or I won't be able to let you go to the boarding school I got you into." He said as a smile crept over his face.

"Really, you got me into one! I'm so excited that I won't have to go to public school! When do I start?"

"Tomorrow providing that you give me this recipe."

"Here it is! Let's go! I want to get there early and set up all my stuff before my room mate gets there." I said as I shoved the recipe into his rough hands and took off to my room to change.

I watched as my little girl bounded off, so excited for the first time about school. This was the right decision I told myself once more to just to reassure myself. After about 20 minutes, she came back dressed and ready to load everything into the truck. It took about 10 loads and 1 hour but we finally got it all to fit in the back and we set off.

When we finally arrived at St. Paul's Preparatory, I was actually starting to get excited. For once I was not getting extremely nervous and I had a good feeling about this place. It felt like home. I wanted to make a good impression on the Headmistress. So I wore a white tea length skirt with blue daisies on it paired with a light blue tank and a navy shrug over it. I followed the map through the middle of the school and to the headmistress' office. I walked up to the lady at the desk and waited for her to notice me.

"May I help you?"

"Yes. My name is Isabella Swan and I am hear to see the Headmistress."

"You mean the Headmaster."

"No, the Headmistress."

"Bella," my dad interjected, "I have something to tell you. This is a coed preparatory so it has a headmaster."

The lady at the desk looked like she wanted to correct him about something but then decided not to. "Right this way Miss Swan." She said very calmly but I was already starting to freak out about it being a coed school. It'll be ok! It'll be ok! It'll be ok! I kept repeating to my self. The headmaster looked nice. He handed me my schedule (all honors courses I noticed. Good!), room assignment, key, and rules of the school. He looked very concerned about me and told me that if I had any problems what so ever, not to be afraid to come talk to him at anytime.

We walked out of his office and back out to the truck. I stared at the truck for a couple of minutes before turning around to discuss with Charlie the plan of action for unloading this stuff and getting it all the way up to the top floor.

"How do you want to go about this?"

"…" He just stared ahead with this perplexed look on his face.

"Hello! Charlie!" I said as I waved a hand in front of his face.

Finally I slowly turned around to see what had his so baffled. My eyes fell upon about 10 extremely good looking guys all standing there with my stuff in their arms. I just stared in amazement and felt a blush begin to creep over my face.

The one closest to me with dark, curly hair and huge muscles took and step towards me and said, "Where to?"

"Um…um…um." was all that came out of my mouth. He took another step towards me and leaned closer and stared into my eyes before looking at the paper in my hands and shouting, "To room 432 guys!"

I watched as they walked off with my stuff. Slowly, I turned around and looked at Charlie not sure what to do. He grabbed the last box out of the truck and motioned for me to follow the guys. On the way I turned to Charlie and hissed, "Charlie, I thought you said this was a coed school. Where are all the girls?"

"Um…The boys and girls have separate check in times and we got here so early that it is during the boys check in. The girls will get here later."

"Ok Charlie."

When we finally arrived at my room, I gazed upon the faces of the guys who had carried my stuff. They looked at me very eagerly like they were waiting for something. While I simply wanted to go hide in a corner.

"Thank you for you help boys!" Charlie said realizing my discomfort. They began to file out of the room. I turned to Charlie and asked, " What was that all about?"

He shrugged and kissed me on the forehead before saying good bye, handing me a cell phone to call him on, and walked out to his truck. I stood at the window and waved him good bye. I turned around and surveyed my new room. It was nice and spacious, with two beds, desks, and closets. It also had an attached bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. I returned to the main room noticing that my room mate had not arrived yet and began to unpack and set everything up. After 2 hours of hard work, I finally finished so I pulled out the map and made my way to the library.

On my drive home I realized that I had made a terribly wrong decision. I had left my little innocent girl alone with hundreds of guys. I should have realized it when 10 guys dropped everything they were doing just for the opportunity to take her stuff to her room. They looked at her like she was a piece of meat! I had left her alone with hundreds of horny teenage boys! What did I do?

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