Sakura reached out her hand and touched the cold doorknob, she opened the door and took a deep breath. It wasn't as if she was afraid of who was waiting for her inside the room, it was just that she hated to talk with him when he was in a bad mood and that was probable why he had called her here in the first place. She must have done something he didn't like again.

"You asked to se me Leader-sama?" Sakura asked and closed the giant door behind her.

"Sakura?" Itachi asked and Sakura looked at him suspiciously.

"what are you doing here, Itachi?" Sakura asked and walked towards him in the dark room.

"Leader-sama asked for me. What about you?"

"Same here…" Sakura answered and stood beside him.

"That's enough chit-chatting. You probably want to know why I asked you to come here." a person said. He sat on a chair, like it was his throne and looked down at them with his rinnegan on as usual. Anyone who saw him now would either faint from fear or probably never be able to talk again. But Sakura and Itachi didn't care, they have seen him and his rinnegan so many times and they knew he wouldn't kill them for no reason. He needed all of the Akatsuki members that where left. "I have a special mission for the two of you"

Sakura and Itachi looked at each other and then back at they're leader. A mission?

"This mission will help our organization in many ways. We usually don't accept missions from other people but from our own but this is also for our own benefit. In this world there are lots of different secrets behind every corner and we need to know what we're up against if any village decide to take help from others. You will go to the world of magic, a world not known to the most of mankind. You will go as long as it is needed it a school named Hogwarts where a boy named Harry Potter lives. Your mission it to attend at that school and find all the information you can get your hands on as possible. After that you will end your mission by killing the boy named Harry Potter. This is a mission from one of the greatest wizards in the world, this is purely a mission and other instructions than your orders your have just received is not needed. We are in no way associated with the person who gave us this mission, money is what we get. Now go to the train that you will be traveling with along with the other students and teachers. Failure is not a option. Now go!" Pein said. Itachi and Sakura bowed to him and walked out from the dark room.

Itachi closed the door after them and turned to Sakura. "You should go pack your bags, I got a paper of what that is needed in the school before you came." Itachi said and Sakura nodded.

Sakura got in her room and pulled out a bag from under her bed. Kunais, shirukens, scrolls and explosion tags, she packed down in her bag. Itachi walked in and saw her laying on the floor, her eyes closed as if she was sleeping. "You should pack some cloths too, you know we're supposed to be there for quite a long time." Itachi said and she opened her eyes.

"I forgot about that… Your right, but can I see the list so I can check what we need to buy." Sakura said and Itachi sat down beside her.

"I have already fixed what we need, even your school cloths." Itachi said and Sakura looked at him surprised,

"I have to wear the school uniform?!" She shouted and Itachi nodded. "What about you?" Itachi started picking out cloths from her wardrobe while still sitting down on the floor.

"I'll be going as a teacher because I'm older. Your still 16 so you will go as a student, It'll be easier if we have a student. You will be able to be near the Potter boy and get information about the wizard world from the student's while I get from the teachers."

Sakura looked at him then nodded and laid down again, closing her eyes. Itachi packed down the cloths he picked out for her in her bag and stood up looking out of her small, almost not noticeable window. It should be 10.00 in London now, the train would leave it exactly one hour. It would be best if they got there a little early. "Sakura, we should get going. If there is something else you want to take with you get it now."

"One can't get to relax for five minutes anymore, I wonder why I even joined the Akatsuki." Sakura said and stood up. She got her bag and looked at Itachi. "Lets get going, to London!"

Both of them disappeared is smoke and before they knew it they where on platform 9 ¾. It was good that they got there before anyone else, otherwise they would be discovered before they even got to Hogwarts. It wasn't every day that two people would appear in a cloud of smoke. The train was already there and they where still 45minuts early so they got on the train and picked out a cabin.

"The headmaster has already been informed of us coming, you will be introduced as a exchanged student from another wizard school in Asia. The school has four houses, Slitherin, Ravenclaw, Griffindor and Hufflepuff. The Potter boy goes in Gryffindor and that's where you will have to go too, in order to get close to him." Itachi said and Sakura nodded.

"How is it that you know all this?" Sakura asked and he looked at her with a smile.

"Of all the people in this world, you must be the person who should know the answer for that question the most." He said. She frowned but he could se she had a slight blush on her cheeks. She stood up picked up her bag.

"I'll go to another cabin, we should start avoiding each other from this point on. When we meet again, no one must see us. It would be best that way." she said and he nodded.

"Don't get into trouble, you always have a habit of doing bad things." He said and she gave him a evil glare. She was just about to hit him when they heard a person go on the train. Sakura gave Itachi one last look then she left the cabin.

Sakura got off the train and walked around, there where already so many people there. The boy named Harry should have black hair and a lightning scar on his forehead.

"Come on Harry! We should find a cabin before there aren't any left!" Sakura heard a girl shout. Sakura then saw a girl with bushy brown hair, a boy with red hair and then the boy named Harry Potter. Black hair and a scar, that must be him.

Sakura watched them walk onto the train and she quickly when after them. The girl was right, almost all cabins where already full, including Itachi's. Sakura saw the trio get into a empty cabin, she waited a while before opened the door to they're cabin.

"Excuse me, all the other cabins are full. Mind if I sit here?" Sakura asked smiling.

The trio looked at her, she was really one of the most beautiful persons they have ever seen. Her short hair was the color of springtime cherry blossoms and her eyes where emerald green. She wore a pair of black, very short, shorts, a very low cut tight T-shirt and knee-length socks. The cloths fitted her perfect body like they were made especially for her, but for Sakura they where only for being able to move easy when fighting.

Ron and Harry only glared at her. Hermione tried not to, finding it awkward to be starring at a girl because of her beauty. "Sorry about them… please, take a seat." Hermione said and Sakura sat down beside Harry, making him blush. Sakura, used to this, only smiled sweetly.

"I haven't seen you before, are you new here?" Hermione asked Sakura, wanting to have something to talk about.

"I'm a exchanged student from a wizard school in Asia, I'll be attending in the 6th year here at Hogwarts." Sakura answered. "Oh yeah. my name is Haruno Sakura, you can call me Sakura, pleased to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. My name is Hermione Granger. This is Ronald Weasley and that is Harry Potter. We also go in the 6th grade here at Hogwarts." Sakura nodded.

"So, what house do you think you'll be in?" Harry asked her, trying to keep the conversation going.

"I don't really know but I hope I'll get in Griffindor. It seems to fit me somehow."

"We go in Griffindor too!" Ron said and the others nodded. "Hope we can become real good friends." Sakura smiled and they continued talking all the way to Hogwarts. Only stopping when they went to change into they're Hogwarts robes.

Soon the train stopped and the trio showed her the way to the carriages. As they got on one of the carriages Sakura saw a dead-like horse with wings driving the carriages. The others except Harry didn't seem to notice them.

"Is your hair naturally Pink?" Harry asked and she stopped looking at the horses.

"Yes, it is. Many people find it strange but I don't feel like changing it's color, I find it kind of nice as it is actually."

"Yeah, I think it's really nice." Hermione said and they got of the carriage, they where already there. The school was not as Sakura had thought it would have been. This was more like a castle than a school. They walked inside where a lot of people where standing. The trio led Sakura to some people they knew.

"Sakura, this is George and Fred. They are my brothers." Ron said.

"Pleased to meet you" Sakura said and smiled at the two identical brothers.

"Haruno Sakura?" A woman old woman asked walking up to them.

"Professor McGonagall?" Hermione asked as the woman looked at all of them.

"Oh Hello ms. Granger, Weasly, Potter. ms Haruno, if you come with me I'll take you to the great hall." Professor McGonagall said and Sakura followed her, leaving the others.

"You will have to come after the first years and you'll be sorted into a house. If you wait here, I will go in with the first years then I'll come and get you." Professor McGonagall said and left Sakura standing by the great hall, all student's almost already taken they're seats.

Sakura got to stand there waiting for about ten minutes before Professor McGonagall came back go get her. "now, we will go across the hall and there the sorting hat will place you in a house. Then you just have to sit at the table of the house that you got into." She explained and Sakura nodded. "fine then…"

Professor McGonagall opened the large doors to the great hall and started walking trough the hall with Sakura behind her. Sakura could see how everyone was looking at her, she didn't really care. What she was thinking about now was how to get the sorting hat to put her in Griffindor. Sakura and Professor McGonagall stopped in front of the teachers table where all the teachers, including Itachi where sitting. Before Sakura was a hat and a chair, Professor McGonagall picked up the hat and Sakura sat down on the chair, facing all the students in the great hall. If it's a hat then it must have something to do with my brain. Then if I can lure the hat into thinking that I'm fitting for Griffindor, it'll surly put he there. What was it Itachi said before… Griffindor values courage and chivalry above all else. Griffindor corresponds roughly to the element fire… I'll just focus all my chakra to the element fire. I can also place a genjutsu on the hat, making it think I am made for Griffindor. Before Sakura could think anymore McGonagall placed the hat on Sakuras head.

"GRIFFINDOR!" The hat shouted after McGonagall released the hat from her grip. What? I didn't even have time to place the genjutsu… Itachi?! Sakura glanced over at Itachi but he didn't even look her way. Professor McGonagall took the hat off Sakuras head and she sat down beside Hermione at the Griffindor table as everyone at the table where cheering.

"Welcome to a new at Hogwarts, school for witchcraft and wizardry. This year we will have a new Professor at the defense against the dark arts, please welcome Mr. Uchiha Itachi." Itachi stood up by the headmaster saying his name and all the students applauded and Itachi took his seat once again. Avoiding Sakuras gaze.

The headmaster continued with his speech and after a few minutes he finished

"Let the feast… Beguine!"

To Sakuras surprise the empty plates on the table where suddenly filled with lots of food. Pies, potatoes, meets and lots of other food. She looked from plate to plate, nothing seemed quite eatable in her eyes while she saw Ron filling his plate with everything he could get his hands on.

"Bour nwot goin o eat?" Ron asked with his mouth filled with food. Hermione hit him on the head and Sakura laughed at them.

Sakura didn't eat anything during the whole feast, just talking with the trio and laughing. When the feast ended they walked up to the one of the castles highest towers where they stopped at a painting of a fat lady.

"Mackled Malaclaw." Hermione said and the painting opened reviling the opening to the Griffindor common room. All four of them walked inside, a lot of other students had already arrived so most places to sit where occupied.

"Our dormitories are up there and this is the common room where we study, talk or just sit." Hermione said to Sakura as they at last found a place to sit down. "We should go to sleep soon, we have classes tomorrow so we have to get up early."

"Yeah, I'll stay here for a little longer. Our bags are already up there right?" Sakura said and Hermione nodded, leaving the room. After some time Sakura was the only one left the common room, sitting on the sofa by the open fire. She thought that she should go meet Itachi, but she was to tiered and didn't know where he lived. Sakura starred into the fire before she walked up to her room. Everyone in her room, including Hermione where sleeping. Sakura quietly walked to her bed and changed cloths, she didn't like her school uniform, it was hard to move in it. Sakura fell asleep in her bed, still sensing every little bit of movement around her. Knowing if someone was near.

The next morning Sakura woke up before everyone else by habit. She changed into her school robes but leaving the long black cloak, wearing the white shirt, with the Griffindor tie, and the uniform skirt. She went down to the common room, maybe Ron or Harry already where awake. But when Sakura got down to the common room there where no one in sight. Maybe they still think it's summer holiday?

Sakura sat down on the same sofa as the night before and started writing down on a scroll what she has found out about the wizard world this far. Then she put away the scroll ((A/N: Don't ask me where she puts it, she a ninja! Ok?)) as Harry came down to the common room. He had his school robes on and yawned as he came down from the stairs. He blushes when he see her sitting there.

"Good morning. Sorry, didn't think anyone would be up this early…" Harry said and sat down beside her.

"Not me either but I'm used to waking up early so I just couldn't sleep." Sakura said. They continued talking for a while and people started coming down from their dormitories.

"Good morning Harry, Sakura." Hermione said as she also came down from the dormitories. "Ron is still sleeping huh?"

"Yeah, seems so…" Sakura said. Hermione frowned, Harry got the point and went up to get him leaving Hermione and Sakura left.

"When did you wake up? Don't say you've been up the whole night?" Hermione asked.

"No, I went to bed a little after you but I'm used to waking up early so out of pure habit I woke up early."

"Oh, You should have woke me up. We could have studied together." Hermione said and Sakura sweat dropped. After a while both Harry and Ron came and they when down to the great hall to eat breakfast.

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