In the dark you are the one I see 20

A/N: This chapter will be from Sakura's view of things. I started writing the chapter and noticed that I was writing it like that xD tried to change it but I somewhat like it more this way.

It all came back to me then, all lost, no… hidden, as if forgotten. His voice… his face… like a key to my heart, how could I have forgotten someone so innocent yet so darn annoying? My absolute best friend, how long since?

"N-Naruto…" I said, my voice just as unstable as my mind.

"…Sakura-chan?" Naruto's expression was beyond surprised, somewhat insane. "W-Why? Why are you-"

"Dumbass, what are you doing? You-"

"…Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke-kun, the only person ever in my entire live that has been able to change my personality - to the worse. Everything about him had always been, and will forever remain it seems, perfect. It's not about his looks, not that he was the most popular in the whole ninja academy. He would always be there to save the day, like a superhero, he treasured team 7… more than he let it show. However, other things where always more important than friendship, of course much more important than my love for him ever was or ever will be. Revenge… revenge against the person who I never will let him touch.

"Go, get away from me…"I said a last, no matter why they are here… he will kill him.

"Sakura? What are you talking about? Do you know how much we've been searching for you?! We won't leave you now!" Sasuke said.

"I don't care, leave me alone… I have nothing to do with either of you." However, my voice was trembling and my face showed nothing but fear.

"Sakura?" Harry said "What's your connection to those two?"

I had completely forgotten that the trio was right there beside me, suddenly my life was spit up in three parts. One with my memories of team 7, my very closest friends. Another with my new found friendship with these three that somewhat made me feel at home. The last, and probably strongest was my love for the man who changed my entire life, Itachi.

"Yeah, what's all this about? Do you know each other?" Ron asked.

"You three have nothing to do with this, please leave now." Sasuke said, never letting me free from his glare that was somewhat holding me from running away.

"She's our friend, we won't simply leave her here with both of you."

I'm their friend, the meaning of those words is strong, like I had always been together with them. Like an equal. They wouldn't leave me here without me telling them to do so. I'm not alone in this world, I have people who wants to be with me and would not betray me. Everything has always been a paranoid thought in my mind and the more I thought about it the more it became the truth in my head. Of course the truth can be deceiving, and this truth will be forever lost by my actions. It will not be them who will deceive me, it will be me who will deceive them. They are going to stick by my side until the second where I am to finish my mission.

Trust… why would I trust someone? It is not a bad thing to not trust someone, it is my decision and that decision has made me into person I am today, and I do not dislike that. Do I have to trust my absolute best friend? Otherwise we are not best friends? That is just absurd.

Do people think it inexcusable to think like this? Not taking other persons view in regard. It is my psyche, what other thinks is not the paramount concern of the entire thing.

"Sakura, tell them to leave, they have nothing to do with us." Sasuke commanded me. My first thought was to simply obey, though I wasn't like I once was.

"I thought we made it clear that we won't be leaving! Can't you see that she doesn't want to talk to either of you right now?" Hermione said.

Hermione, the last person in this group of people, excluding me, that I thought would stand up for me. Never have we been friends and we never will. Of course, when you think about it she wasn't standing up for me, but for her two friends who were probably putting their lives at stake for me.

Best thing to do would be to run, things have gone over the line of what I probably can handle right now. Though Sasuke-kuns glare would not let me.

Before I could understand what just happened my life was crushed in front of my very eyes, it happened so fast, though still it was as if it was in slow motion. Red blood on the wall, red blood on his clothes, red blood in the air, red as his eyes.

"I'll defiantly bring Sasuke back! That's a promise of a lifetime!

"…Sakura-chan! I… I'll defiantly keep my promise!! I said that it was… A lifelong promise! I won't go back on my words, because that's my way of the ninja.

"Sakura, I love you."

"…Itachi…? Naruto…-kun…"

There was no way this could be real, this couldn't happen. His usually bright and life-filled eyes suddenly seemed so dark as they took one last glance at me, begging for help.

"NARUTO!!" My body ran over to my friend who lay there on the floor, falling down beside him. Soaking his shirt wet as my feeling welled out. His skin was pale and his dead eyes starred at me. I cried, I cried for my loss, I cried for my weakness, but most of all I cried because there was nothing I ever did for him. Nothing that made me worth his friendship, his love.

Sasuke-kun was stronger than me, he didn't linger on his thoughts. He was a ninja, he attacked the cause before it attacked him. But Itachi had always been stronger than Sasuke-kun, I should know.

"Sakura!" Harry's voice echoed in my head, and I understood that I still had a purpose here. Sasuke-kun wasn't going to be better than me this time. I would not lose.

I stood up once again, out of determination.

I loved them all, but why does that make a difference? I am a ninja, I live for my missions. Emotions are not needed, I don't need these tears, still they keep falling down my cheeks. Naruto-kun… The only person who's smile could light up the darkness around me.

I walked towards my pray.

Sasuke-kun, of course I stilled loved him, feeling like that can't just fade away. He was never an evil person, never. Admirable, to always follow ones will, as both of them always did.

"Harry…" And I finished it all… "I'm sorry."

Screams, warm red liquid and his green confused eyes –losing their shine as well.

They had been such nice friends, I was already prepared for this to happen, for them to hate me. Detest me to the fullest.

I had such fun times with them all, laughing, doing homework, sneaking around and just talking about anything from heaven to earth.

I never forget people I've killed, though Harry is someone I don't want to forget. I want to remember his smile, his shouting, his crying, as well as his determination in life.

"It wasn't anything personal, just my mission." I said as I saw Hermione starring up at me with hatred filled up in her eyes. Ron was simply starring lifeless at the floor, the shock was probably too much for him.

I picked up Hermione and Ron's wands and snapped them both in pieced.

"I knew you where evil…" she stuttered.

I gazed down at her, of course she didn't understand. That a ninja's life is centered around one's mission. "I don't believe in evil, just what different people understand as the right thing."

"And this is the right thing?!"

"You wouldn't understand, this was my mission, the reason for me coming here. I had no other purpose. I don't expect you to be very sympathetic."

"Then why don't you kill me too?!"

I could hear the clings of metal down the corridor, Itachi and Sasuke where still fighting. I did not fear, Itachi wouldn't lose, I know he can't die by Sasuke-kun's hands. "It's not my mission to kill you."


I simply turned my back to her, hearing her crying as I ran to aid Itachi. We had to get away from here as soon as possible.

Why did I choose to become a ninja? I was nothing special… yes I had the brains, but nothing more. How come I didn't understand the consequences, the rules, the sadness and loneliness of the jobs we would have to accept. Constantly seeing deaths, of people I don't know, people I've seen before and as well as of people who have always been dear to me.

I think too much about things in life, always wondering if there is a way around things I don't want to do. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. We always have a choice, and no choice is wrong, just more or less accepted.

As I at last came there I understood that even I could be wrong, that I shouldn't take things for granted, because it only makes things worse, like a birthday when you expect so much but it never is what you though it would be. And now I start thinking, if only I've thought of it sooner, if only I hadn't been so stupid. But now it's already too late, there's nothing I can do anymore, the smile who greets me is the wrong one and all I thought was right is suddenly so wrong.

I am left to walk the world alone.

A/N: all this has been in my head, to write it down it hard… because writing and talking it just a very bad imitation of thinking, right?

Thank you for sticking with me trough it all, love you all.