The Kindred

How it should have been

Author: Pajus

I would like to thank Rosehawk for her betaing and support. Without her, this story would be full of spelling errors. Thank you.

Teyla was very disappointed with how her second visit to the vilage went. They had a prisoner they could interrogate further, but she would like to have her answers right now. At a moment such as this, she couldn't help but think about her people. „Where are they? Are they still alive? Will I ever see them again?" The question she had asked herself for the last six months once again popped up in her mind, torturing her with uncertainty.

„Dart!!" The sudden cry of Major Lorne made Teyla look up to the skies where she saw the approaching slim profile of the Wraith fighter. She tried to run for the gate like she promised to Colonel Carter before she left Atlantis that day, but the strong hands of their prisoner held her tightly. Teyla's efforts to free herself from his grip have intensified when she heard the screaming noise of the Wraith transporter beam being activated, but to no avail. The Wraith dart scooped her up along with the prisoner.

Major Lorne fired a few shots at the dart in a vain effort to damage its engines, but all of the bullets missed their target. After making sure his team was alright he ordered them to return to Atlantis and began thinking about the best way to tell to Colonels Carter and Sheppard.

The dart arrived safely at the abandoned facility. Michael had the cargo from the transporter's buffer rematerialized and mentally ordered two of his drones to take Teyla to a cell. „As soon as she wakes up, I will give her some food and allow her to gather her strength. The experiments will begin the next day." Michael thought to himself and watched his drones carrying Teyla's unconscious body to the detention section of his base.

Preparing the equipment for what he was about to do took several hours. Teyla should be awake by now and Michael decided to give her her first meal – a healthy mixture of vitamines and substances designed to ensure the healthy development of the child Teyla was carrying. In a way, Michael felt like a father to the child. He was willing to sacrifice much, only to ensure its safety and well-being, as it held key to making his warriors more powerful.

As Michael approached the prison cell holding Teyla, he couldn't get rid of the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong. Upon his arrival to Teyla's cell he saw that she was lying on the floor, still unconscious. Michael quickly ordered two of his drones to take Teyla to his lab, where he could examine his prisoner. Michael's eyes widened the moment he used the handheld scanner on Teyla's stomach. The child was lodged much lower than it should have been and he couldn't hear the child's heart beating.

Quickly putting everything away, Michael took the Wraith version of a scalpel and began a crude attempt at a C-section. Fifteen minutes later, he held the dead body of an infant in his hands. Being carried for only seven months instead of nine, the tiny boy infant weighed only about two pounds and was less than half the size of an ordinary baby. A minute later, Michael finally realized what had happened: The Wraith transporter beam fired a stunning jolt into Teyla's body upon rematerialization. Her body reacted to it by triggering a premature childbirth. After falling unconscious, Teyla's body lost the ability to properly control the process and with no way for Teyla to yell for help, there was only one possible outcome to the situation.

With the death of her son, there was only one purpose Teyla had. Michael sew up Teyla's stomach and had his drones put her into a conversion pod. She will make a fine addition to his army.

The daily inspection of the conversion pods made Michel smile lightly. All of the people there are well on thein way to becoming his drones. With his proteine attacks against the Wraith and thesuccess of his conversion process, he will soon have an army powerful enough to challenge his enemies and defeat them.

Suddenly a report from the drone guarding the gate gave Michael cause for concern. The Atlanteans have found him.

Michael quickly deactivated the conversion pods, took what remained of Teyla's dead son and ordered a small kontingent of drones to stay in his compound and hold the attackers off and give him time to escape in the prepared cruiser. The drones did exactly what their master ordered them to do.

Colonel Sheppard and his men managed to free what remained of the Athosians, but their way to Michael's lab was blocked by a group of drones. It took several minutes to kill them and get to the lab. The sight of the conversion pods left the soldiers with their mouths hanging open in astonishment.

Suddnely, Colonel Sheppard caught a glimpse of a familiar face in one of the pods. „Doc!! I've got Teyla!" he yelled.

Carson opened the pod and quickly examined the body inside. Then he tore the clothes on Teyla's chest open and began a desperate effort to save his friend. After three minutes, Carson turned around, looked at John, but didn't say anything. He just shook his head a little.

„Any idea where the kid might be?" John asked quietly, hoping that at least the little one may still be alive.

„No, Colonel. I'm sorry." With nothing left to do, John ordered his men to take Teyla's body to Atlantis for an Athosian funeral and left Michael's compound.