This is NOT business

Chapter 1. Not Thinking

This is set from the scene between Mary and Fred in the alleyway. Just a little fic of what I thought would have been good in the movie...but I still loved it! Let me know what you think:)

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"Here take this" spoke Fred to Mary, grabbing her hand unexpectedly and placing money into her palm and closing it gently with his fingers. His touch was so warm, she didn't want him to let go.

"Buy some food, ge'a room, stay there. Don't tell anyone where you're going, I dont want to know. In three days, come to the Ten Bells, I'll leave a message wif the barkeep".

He eyed her with concern as she nodded slowly and let out what seemed to be a small sad sigh as she averted her gaze to the ground at her feet.

"Wha'h? It's no'h enough"? He questioned.

"I wish I could show you the li'll village where I was born." She said softly as she met his eyes. "It's so lovely there. It's by the sea where you said you saw me".

Hearing her words, Fred's expression softened as he listened to her intently, looking right into her eyes.

"I used to think it too small to spend a life in I'm not so sure." She said to him solemnly, a stray tear running down her cheek. And before he knew it, she was moving her face to his to kiss him. He had such an urge to do the same, his face even moved toward hers for a split second, rubbing his cheek against hers before he withdrew, receiving a questioning look from Mary.

"Don't Mary" he said to her with a sad smile "Don't".

So many emotions were running through Fred's mind. He loved Mary so much...He fell in love with her the day he met her at Polly's funeral, but he didn't think she loved him back. The last thing he wanted to do was be thought of as a 'client'. He respected this woman so much and would not take advantage of any services she had to offer.

Mary's eyes looked hurt. Her expression turned to one of deep, hurt anger.

"I ave to go" He muttered to her sadly before she could get a word in. Fredrick Abberline was a wounded man. Still getting over the death of his wife and falling in love with a prostitute whom he presumed would never love him back, his emotions were ripped. He had to get away from there. He couldn't stand it any longer.

"Be safe" he said as he walked off, leaving her in the alleyway staring after him, angrily and hurt.

"WAIT"! She screamed after him. He wouldn't turn around. He just kept walking and raised his arm in the air to silence her as he quickly walked away, looking at the ground.

He's not getting away with this! She thought. Not after all this time. So she began to follow him. He was a fair way away now but she could still see him as he walked, head down and hands in his jacket pocket. A slight smile came to her face as she was watching him before she shook it off remembering how angry she was.

As he walked quickly across the streets of Whitechapel, the troubled inspector thought of nothing but Mary. He was so confused. She was going to kiss him...but why? He always thought she probably would never like him back but that angry expression on her face just before he turned his back on her (which he felt awful for) spoke otherwise.

Suddenly, he stopped. Bringing his hand to his forehead he closed his eyes as visions of the previous event kept coming back.

Its so lovely there. Its by the sea where you said you saw me.


She slowly bought her face to his, looking into his eyes solemnly and a tear trickling down her cheek.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before continuing on. A bath is what he needed. A nice bath to calm and relax his body and his mind.

After another 15 minutes of walking through the dimly lit streets and avoiding the alleyways, Fred reached his home. As he stepped inside and shut the door behind him, he let out a long breath of relief to be home. Picking up the mail that had been slid under the door and shrugging his coat off, he paused at the coat hook when he heard a sharp knocking at the door.

After following Fred for fifteen minutes, Mary had finally gotten there unnoticed. She had seen him stop suddenly, grabbing his head for a short while and just standing there for a while holding his head in his right hand, the other buried deep in his coat pocket. Was he having one of those visions?

She waited at the door as she sharply rapped on it, still remembering her anger.

Fred slowly put his coat on the hook as he stared at the door, wondering who it could be. Wondering if it was her.

He slowly opened the door to reveal none other. She was staring at him, anger hurt in her eyes with her arms folded.

"How'd you get ere"? He mumbled.

"Followed ya home"

"Oh". "Come in" He said after a pause, moving aside to let her in.

"Take a seat" He said quietly to her, motioning towards the small chair by the fire. Mary silently made her way to the chair and took a seat, keeping her eyes on him as he swallowed, slightly nervous.

Fred was silent, as he stared from her eyes, to the floor when he saw that fierce expression on her face.

"Wha'h was that"? She suddenly said, breaking the silence.

"Wha'h was wha'h"? He mumbled back to her, sometimes making eye contact.

"You know perfectly fuckin well wha'h. She broke in fiercely. His eyes flickered to hers and this time, stayed there. "Back there, in the alleyway."


"Wha'h the hell did ya think?! That I was paying you back"?!

Fred's mouth, which was held open beginning to form words closed at that as he furrowed his eyebrows together.

"I didn't mean it as business" She left her chair and got up to move over to him and stand before him.

"Im still a woman yeh know"! She spat. He blinked at her words.

"They haven't taken tha'h from me! How could you think tha'h?! Just cause im an unfortunate yeh think I dont mean anythin by it a'h all bu'h business!".

Fred was slightly shocked. He moved his eyes to the ground again before moving them back up to her glare that was still in her eyes. She started again.

"Well?! Wh"-

He cut her off by moving forward and taking her face in both of his hands and kissing her full on the mouth fiercely. Her eyes slowly fluttered shut as she, slightly shocked by his action, softened and returned the kiss, a small sigh escaping her throat as her hands held onto the collar of his shirt gently. He pulled her closer toward him, one hand moving to her soft red ringlets and toying with one gently as the other caressed her cheek as he deepened the kiss even more but softened it and his tongue crept around her mouth and hers in his.

All his suspicions disappeared as he kissed her in his lounge room. She didn't mean it as service to a client. She actually had feelings for him. He loved her so much. He remembered the day he met her at the funeral of her friend. He remembered how much inner strength he saw in her as a woman. Her attitude toward them was not one of trust. Her and her friends trusted no one, which he understood and respected. And then that look she gave him before she left. That captivating smile when she old him he could do anything if he put his mind to it. Her green eyes staring right into his as they suddenly turned bitter before she walked off, leaving him staring after her. from that day on, she had his heart.

All Mary's anger was suddenly washed away from her so fast and it turned to this indescribable happiness. She had never known what it had felt like to be kissed by a man who she meant anything to. Well, she tried not to let any clients kiss her, only do their job, pay her and be done with. Her skin or hair had never been touched by a man who had touched her with any meaning and no sleaziness. The way Fred was playing with her hair and stroking her cheek so tenderly sent shivers up her spine. She never knew what it was like, till now to be truly loved by another man and now she was experiencing it.

She was returning his kiss with so much passion now as one hand felt round to the back of his neck and buried her fingers in his soft, brown hair and the other playing with the edge of his collar.

They finally broke apart from one another for some air before Fred planted one last, small kiss on Mary's lips and they leaned their foreheads together and just watched each others eyes in silence, breathing slightly heavily.

Fred was the first one to break the silence after a couple of minutes.

"Would you like anythin? Cup of tea"? He breathed, before taking his forehead off of hers.

She closed her eyes at the loss of the contact and continued playing with the front of his collar

"Thanks" She nodded, smiling nervously.

"I'll be back"

Mary gave him another nod as the nervous smile remained on her face. She stared after his back in awe as he walked away to the kitchen. She hadn't experienced feeling for a man before since she was a little girl in Ireland, when he had little crushes on boys.

She couldn't understand why he loved her back. He accepted her so much, for who she was. Most looked down on her but Fred just accepted her and loved her!

Her legs began turning to jelly as she was thinking of all this so she returned to the chair by the fire she was seated in previously.

A few minutes later, Fred returned with a pot of tea and two cups and dragged a small table and another chair over to Mary's place at the fire. Giving her a small smile, he poured her a cup of tea and then poured his own.

"Im so worried about baby Alice" Mary said as she sipped her tea with one hand and traced the stitching of the side of the chair with her forefinger.

"Don be" Fred smiled. "As I said, we'll get er out after this is over"

"Will it be over"?

He just nodded softly at her. "Yeah. It will"

Then came another silence. The two just sat there, in front of the fire with their cups for quite a while. Sipping their tea, looking at each other and then looking at the floor. Mary was both thinking of Fred and how to sneak another look over at him and now about the man who killed her friends. Was she safe where she was? Would he find her?

"What are you thinkin"? Fred asked, concerned with her face expression changing back to one of worry.

"Maybe I should get back" She said softly. "Somewhere safer per'aps" what are you talkin about? You're at the constables house! Cant get much safer than that!

"Fredrick gave her a small smile. "You're pretty safe here Mary. You can stay ere the night...have the bed, I'll ave the couch and keep me gun handy if anyone comes through the door. There's no way of enterin the room without first gettin past ere. An I dont think he even knows you're here anyway".

Mary felt her cheeks redden a little and opened her mouth to refuse and make some kind of excuse but a thank you came out instead to which she received another smile.

Either of the two mentioned their kiss from earlier, in fact they seemed to avoid the subject completely. That was until they both got out of their chairs and took their cups to the kitchen and both reached for the teapot to clean it out when they accidentally brushed hands, sending what felt like a huge jolt of electricity up both of their arms. But their hands remained there, slightly touching one another's before Mary slowly started to stroke the side of Fred's hand before slowly finding her fingers interlocked with his.

Fred just remained still, watching their hands and feeling his as it began to get pins and needles, causing it to tingle uncontrollably.

Then, they both looked up from their hands at the same time to look into one another's eyes, Mary chuckling nervously. Before she knew it though, she had moved forward and so had Fred and their lips were so close. After hovering ever so close to each others mouths the tiny gap between the two was closed and their lips were on each others again. The difference with this kiss from last time although, was that it was much fiercer. This kiss was full of fiery passion and they were pressing so hard against one another's mouths that it almost hurt.

Fred's hands started acting by themselves as he de-tangled his fingers from hers and both of his hands rubbed up and down her sides before one crept up to the front of her dress, beginning to undo the buttons as his mouth continued to work fiercely on hers.

When he had gotten three of her buttons undone, Mary turned completely stiff in his arms. He was undressing her, she was an unfortunate. It seemed like this was another job. It felt so strange and she just completely froze with confusion.

Noticing her stop, Fred immediately stopped as well as he noticed her expression. He had her up against the cupboards in his kitchen now and noticed what his hands had been doing and felt the fierceness of their kiss still on his lips. His hands then quickly withdrew from her buttons, clearing his throat.

When he felt her ease a little at the loss of contact from her buttons, realization struck him.

"Im so sorry...I didn't mean to act like that...I wasn't thinkin...I-"

He was so ashamed with himself then, for taking those actions. He took a step backward, creating some more space between them.

Mary immediately stepped away from the cupboards and faced him, hunching her shoulders and letting out a loud, slightly shaky breath.

"I Im just goin to sit down for a while". She flashed him a small smile and exited the kitchen, retreating to the chair again to ponder over what had just happened.

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