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Chapter 2. Dragon of Deceit

Confusion. It can be a rather un-comfortable feeling at times. Not quite knowing a way to solve something or a reason for something, when you aren't exactly sure what that something is. When you do not know what the little somethings are that you're feeling and cannot make a decision of which of these things you can't identify- you want to feel and act on.

Mary was in a complete state of confusion. It was making her un-comfortable, unsure. It was causing frustration arguments with her head, heart and guts. Her vital organs were squabbling, sending her to insanity. She did not know what to feel. Not long ago, her and Fred were in a moment of intimacy, heated passion of which not only he wanted and yet the thing that she wanted ever-so much, as-well as he, also made her extremely un-comfortable and before she knew it, she was exiting the room.

She watched the warm fire she sat next to as her thoughts continued to battle. She watched as the large, thick chunk of wood that had been placed on-top of the fire spreading through its thickness. It made her wonder whether doing each job that she had done for so long, did the same thing to her. She wondered if it had gradually eaten her away. Broken her down taken her strength away and made her incapable of any real relationship. Any chance of actually being able to love a man.

She wondered for a minute if what she had said to Fred earlier about her still being a woman was even true. Was she even a real woman anymore?

And then the fact that Fred loved her...she could not understand it! She began to feel a rather strong feeling of self doubt. Doubt that she had any good qualities.

A small tear slowly trickled down her cheek as she imagined Fred loving her with all his heart and her being the whore that she is and being un-faithful to him. Not loving him in return. Using him for his money. The thought of hurting him like that made her eyes water. What if she was like that? What if she was just convincing herself she loved him so she would then have money of a man to take care of her? All these thoughts began to plague her mind, making her feel terrible, more confused.

Why had she felt un-comfortable when Fred had gone to her buttons like that? Why?

The thoughts were taking her further and further away. They were trying to overcome her. Bringing her crumpling down. Take away all of her strength and substance as a woman...just like the fire did with the once very thick and hard chunk of wood. They were trying to make her feel worthless like that whore she was. A worthless whore...


He watched all of it...he saw it all. He saw them in the alley way and watched as they both left, Mary chasing after Fred. There was something between the two of them...and that wasn't good news. He was an inspector, he may be able to provide protection for Mary and that would never do. His master had to kill this woman, he knew she was the one. And if she was under the protection of that police inspector...things could get rather complicated. This had to be stopped...


Mary continued to battle with her thoughts as she stared into the fire with a frustrated expression. A single tear fell down her cheek, but her breathing and expression remained steady. She didn't hear Fred come and stand in the doorway of the sitting room.

Fred swallowed nervously in the doorway as he stood there in silence, watching her, seeing her discomfort. He didn't know what to say, or if he should say anything so he just kept quiet..and watched her.

She was just sitting there, and staring into the fire. He saw the tear trickle down her cheek. He had some understanding as to why she would be feeling this way. He knew she must be confused. And he wondered if she had ever been intimate with another man when the situation actually meant something.

But oh he loved her. He loved her so much. Before he found out that she shared his feelings, he still loved her as much. He didn't care what she would feel...he was bewitched. He wanted her to be safe no matter what the circumstance may be.


Mary's voice broke him out of his reverie. She had finally turned her gaze from the fire and noticed him standing there...deep in thought. Fred gave her a small smile.


"Sorry about before", he finally spoke up.

She shook her head nervously "Oh nono s'okay" she babbled, straightening her back and sniffing. "I think I'm gonna go for a walk...ta clear my head a bit. I'll be back"

Fredrick looked down at his feet for a moment, and softly nodded. Before he said anything else, Mary was standing in front of him. She took his hand, making him look up at her and meet her reassuring smile. "I'll be fine" she murmured, reading his mind and body language. She softly took a hold of his hand, feeling his fingers instantly curl around hers. "see ya later" she whispered, letting go of his hand and walking out the door, softly shutting it behind her.

Mary leaned back on the closed door with a sigh, before straightening up and making her way down the dark street, keeping in mind to keep her distance from the dark alleyways.

She eventually came to the front of the Three Bells. Now, I need a drink.


Netley entered the Three Bells soon after Mary. He had seen her, walking quite tensely and decided to follow and she was now seated by herself, with a drink, distress clearly written on her face.


"Hello" a friendly sounding voice spoke from in front of Mary, breaking her out of thought to look up at the man smiling down at her. He was an odd looking man, slightly hunched over, but a friendly look in his eyes. Friendliness Mary thought was asking for something other than a simple hello...as men usually did with her.

"Hi" she mumbled, looking down at her drink.

"Ya alright. Somethin seem to be botherin ya"

"Nothin that concerns you"

"Aw come on, just tryna be friendly" Netley then took the seat opposite her, trying to get her attention.

Mary slowly moved her gaze up from her drink and met his. "Look. No business tonight alright?"

The man gave a small chuckle. "Aww no no I'm not that much on n idiot. I just saw ya sittin here and thought maybe ya wanted some one to talk to ya. You look down."

"Ta!" She snorted. "N I'm meant to believe that?"

"m serious!" Netley put a hurt face on. "Come on, what's botherin ya? I'll buy ya another drink"

Mary just rolled her eyes. She looked up to throw another comment back at him but he had gotten up and gone to the bar. This guy isn't gonna give up!

"Here ya go" the man said merrily, putting a glass of gin in front of her and taking his seat once again. "Now what's botherin ya?"

Mary sighed, and looked up at him, realizing that he probably wouldn't give up any time soon.

"What is it? A man maybe? if it were I wouldn't be surprised. You're very pre'y" he added with a warm smile.

Alright...I'll share it with him just to shut him up...I just won't spare the details.


Fredrick Abberline wandered down the street Mary had previously walked down. He decided that he needed a drink, and also had a sneaking suspicion that Mary would be there as well. He didn't want to intrude on her privacy but he was worried.

He glanced around him, hearing the sounds of London at night...the yelling and cursing of the homeless drunk men, the sickly, smoke filled coughs, and sometimes the odd splattering of vomit coming from a dark alleyway. They started to form visions that he did not feel lie seeing at this point in time.

Thankful that he had finally reached the Ten Bells, he stepped aside for a young couple exiting the pub and strode in and went straight to the bar.

After ordering an absinthe, he sat in the corner of the bar, and as he scanned the room while taking a swig of his drink. he spotted her. There she was. Mary. Sitting at a table with a man. She appeared to be talking with him about something serious...could she be just pouring her thoughts out to a random stranger? Perhaps she knew him...he had no idea. But he couldn't help but be a little confused.

Fred continued to watch Mary Kelly as she talked with the man. He watched her movements...how she looked at her drink more than she looked at the man...sighing every now and then. And how she played with that beautiful red hair occasionally, letting it run between her fingers. And he couldn't help but just become completely captivated. He was lost...she was all he could see and he felt like he could just sit in that corner and watch her all night.

But then, she stood up, breaking him out of his trance as his eyes followed her. She walked to the other side of the bar, not noticing him and went to sit with Liz who must have just gotten there. He looked back at the man who was still seated at the table, but soon got up out of his chair and began to talk to another man at the bar, who had confronted him with a question.

"How do ya know that pretty whore mate?" The rather large man drunkedly questioned him.

The other man appeared to have quite a low self esteem, as he stood with his shoulders hunched and stuttered for an answer. But as Fredrick got up from his table as came into view, the man seemed to find the answer he was looking for as he eyed the inspector. "Oh well ya know...Don' really know er, but I just thought she might have a fuck in er tonight...thought I'd take my chances" he answered, making it purposefully loud enough for the inspector to hear.

Fred just stood frozen at the bar, his hand resting on the edge and his back to the men, waiting to hear more.

"Looks like ya didn't get much luck mate" The other man laughed.

"Nah I didn't but she talked to me about another guy that she's plannin on givin her stuff to...apparently he's a cop of some sort...an he's got money. She's 'opin ta get some money outta him the little whore. She's pre'y enough too...lil temptress."

The inspector bunched his fingers into a fist as he heard these words. He didn't know whether to believe this or not. No. That's not Mary...She loves me. The idiots just bein a dick.

He couldn't take it anymore, truth or lie he didn't want to hear it. He walked in the direction Mary had sat (it was near the small side exit of the pub) and the words he heard from her and Liz made his stomach churn.

"So Mary...how many times have ya pleasured this cop huh? How much has he given ya so far?"

That was it. He felt sick. He quickly exited the bar before he threw up right there in front of everyone. He tensely walked away from the pub and turned the corner, leaning against the wall and closing his eyes. Was it really true? Was she fooling him all this time? Was it actually all an act? How could she? How dare she play with his heart like that?

"Fuck!" He roughly kicked the wall behind him with his heel, before standing up straight again and starting for his home.


"So Mary...how many times have ya pleasured this cop huh? How much has he given ya so far?"

Mary looked at her friend disgust as the words were uttered. "Never, Liz "

"Like hell ya aren't" She laughed.

"Look can we just drop it please" Mary said tiredly. "Where's the rest of the girls gone?"


Netley saw it all. He watched as the inspector grew un easy as he spoke about Mary. He saw how he had to leave. Hopefully this could help. Sir William would be pleased. The man smiled to himself as he got up and left the pub. His job was done here.


"Alright Liz, I think I'm gonna get goin' alright?"

"Goin where Mary?" Liz questioned teasingly. "That coppers house I bet."

Mary just sighed and shook her head. "Bye sweetheart. Don't stay ere too late ya hear."

"I'll stay ere as long as I want Mary. Now go and give that cop some pleasure and bring me back the money"

"Right" she murmured and got up. "Bye" she patted Liz's cheek as she left.

As Mary walked back to the inspectors place, she oddly felt a little better. Amazing what sharing your words with someone else could do...even if it was a complete stranger and what you shared was very un-detailed.

She made her way up the street with a slight spring in her step, eager to get back to Fred and tell him she felt better. The poor man looked so worried when she had left and she just wanted to reassure him. He was more vulnerable than he seemed.

"Careful young lady" came a low, croaky voice. Mary looked over to her left to see an old, frail, homeless woman lying on some stairs, Her hair was obviously falling out, as it was quite short and thin, sticking out in all directions. Her slits for eyes were staring into Mary's.

Mary smiled sympathetically at her. "Careful of what?"

The old lady then looked up, directly above her as she spoke. The dragon of deceit...I feel him here...saw 'im... he flew past the moon not too long ago.

She then realized this old lady must be insane.

She continued her ramblings. "That dragon is sneaky...ve-ry sneaky. That fog that comes out 'is nostrils...it's the thickest fog 've ever seen. Stay away from 'im darling. Stay a-way..."

"Get some sleep love" Mary smiled sadly at her and began walking again. She heard the woman mutter as behind her. "Can't do that. Too risky...too risky."

Mary finally came to the door of Fredricks home. She gave a small knock ad waited until she heard his footsteps. The door was opened and as he stood before her, the inspector had an odd look on his face. It seemed very cold, and he had a sweat on his forehead. He did not say a word as he stopped aside to let her in and close the door behind her.

Mary turned to him with a smile, only to see his back as he remained still, facing the door.

"Hi" she said softly putting her hand on his shoulder, making him turn around to face her.

"Sorry for the way I acted earlier" she said to him softly, placing a hand on the front of his coat, fiddling with a button.

He closed his eyes as she touched his coat, becoming lost in her again, but suddenly snapping them open again and firmly grabbing her wrist.

"What's wro-"

"If you've come here thinkin you can do this n fuck around with me I don't wanna hear it ya understand?"

"What-?" Mary breathed

"I think you know what I'm talkin about Mary." His eyes no longer had the love in them from before. No. They had a coldness in them that gave her shivers.

No... Fredrick I don' know what you're talkin about." She spoke slowly, her eyes beginning to feel hot from tears threatening to come. Tears that she did not want to shed.

"So you don't know what you are? You don't know that you're a whore?" He said in a low, threatening tone. His words tore at her heart. They burned. She could not understand...What had she done? What had come over him?

She just stared at him in silence as a silent tear slid down her cheek.

He stared back. His face like stone. But she could also see hurt in his eyes.

"Don't pull that fucking act on me" he whispered venomously, shoving her wrist back at her as she stared at him in wide eyed shock.

He went to walk away but stopped. "Oh and you don't have to open your legs for me to stay ere. I'm not interested...if you're feelin the urge get the fuck out of my house and find a man who'll take ya on the street."

"No! I've al-ready told you! It's not like tha-" she was now unable to hide the shakiness in her voice.

"Don't talk to me" he mumbled, as he strode across the room and down the hall, the slamming of his bedroom door echoing through the house, Mary letting out a shaky sob as soon as he was gone.

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