based off my trip to The Great Wolf Lodge (great hotel, go there) but all i did with the guy i met was give him a peck on the cheek (i'm a girl by the way if you don't know me)

Summary: Sasuke and his gang go to the Grat Fox Lodge. There Sasuke meets Naruto and things develop... lemon.

i own this idea thats it.


Sasuke slouched against the cool counter top as his brother made small talk with the hotel clerk.

"Sasuke, have you seen this? Come here!" Kiba called from the bottom of the hotel stairs.

Sasuke sighed and walked over to him. They walked up the stairs and over to one of the unoccupied windows. The window held a view of the indoor water park.

You could see all the kids and adults run around. There were indoor super slides, indoor hot tubs, and the best part was the indoor "play place", if you will. It was up to the ceiling and stretched out so that it covered almost all of the room, and people from all ages could go on it. It had monkey bars, rope bridges, built in water guns placed at several stations, a slide leading to the bottom, floating islands that you could jump on, hanging ropes that you could swing on.

But the best part about this indoor water park was that on every hour there was this bucket at the top that would fill with water, so every hour it would fall and dump all of the water it had inside of it onto all of the people. For safety though, a bell would ring every time it was about to tip over.

Itachi had taken Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Neji out of school and took them here; driving for 3 hours, not including breaks just to stay at this hotel for 4 days. Kiba, jumped up and down at the idea and immediately agreed, Shikamaru just nodded and said yes, Neji was more reluctant to go since that would mean missing four days of high school. But they convinced him to go; well actually Kiba did by whispering something to him. None of the others knew what Kiba had said but it got the man to go, so no one really cared.

The hotel didn't just have the indoor water park, it had an outdoor one to; but sadly it was closed due to the cold winter weather. Yet, they still had the outdoor spa open.

The lobby was also a very nice sight. It was made to look like a lodge since the name of the hotel was Great Fox Lodge. They had foxes everywhere, they even had a live fox that if you paid, they'd let it come to your room and you could pet it and play with it, since it was tamed.

Itachi had rented a room for each of them; they each got a Luxury King Suite, where they got a bathroom with shower and tub, a separate area for the king sized bed, and a couch which could pull out to become a bed and then in the other area they had a table with a microwave and a mini fridge. Also, the whole room had wireless internet connection.

In the lobby there was a large sitting area, signs pointing out where the elevators were and the restaurants, and the gift shops. And a grand staircase that led to the second floor, which are the same stairs Sasuke had taken to get to the windows. You could also see the third floors hallway from the lobby, but they didn't have any stairs leading from the lobby up to them, it was more like a third floor balcony.

Itachi called them all way from the window and handed them each of there keys.

"These rooms are no where near each other." Neji pointed out.

"I think you're all old enough to be by yourselves." Itachi retorted back as they walked into the elevator.

Some other kids where on and wet, probable just got back from the water park.

"Third floor." Shikamaru said as the kids smiled at him then pushed the button.

"That was so much fun!" the one boy said.

Sasuke huffed and rolled his eyes leaning onto the elevator poll.

"I hope my mom gives me some money to use in the arcade." The other boy replied.

An arcade too, this is a good hotel. Sasuke thought as the elevator door rung and they stepped out.

"Ok, have fun, enjoy yourselves, and don't bother me till it's time to go." Itachi said as he walked over to his room and closed the door.

They all sighed and went into there rooms. Sasuke dumped his bag onto the floor and walked around the room inspecting it. After that he got changed into his swim trunks and headed out into the hallway where he was greeted by Shikamaru.

"Good timing, come on." Shikamaru said as they walked to Kiba's room and got him out, along with Neji.

Once all four boys were out of there rooms, and in there swim trunks they decided to look around.

"Hey, look you can see the lobby!" Kiba yelled happily looking around at all the incoming guests.

"Shut up, no one wants to hear you." Neji lectured, and leaned onto the railing.

"Yeah they hear your voice and turn around to leave." Sasuke said smirking.

Shikamaru cocked and eyebrow at Neji.

"Something you want to tell us Neji, like why are you studying all the people down there?"

Everyone turned to Neji, Kiba smirked and triumphantly boasted.

"See, I told you Neji!"

Sasuke leaned over Neji and lightly hit Kiba "What are you talking about?"

"Look!" Kiba pointed down to the people in the lobby.

"Yeah." Shikamaru said, "And?"

Kiba groaned, "Look, look at the girls."

Shikamaru and Sasuke looked back down again then back at Kiba, still confused.

"Ugh," Kiba put his hand through his hair. "You can see down there shirts." He whispered smirking.

Shikamaru and Sasuke hit him over the head.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru sighed.

"Is this why you finally agreed to come, Neji?" Sasuke asked.

Neji smirked still studying the crowd. "Yup."

Sasuke and Shikamaru sighed at there friends.

"Well I guess this wouldn't affect you Sasuke, since so many girls are ready to give themselves to you." Kiba said rubbing one of his new bruises.

"Like I care." Sasuke said. "I don't even like women."

"Hey, where's Shikamaru?" Neji asked finally looking at them again.

"Over here." He called from down the hallway. "I'm going to the water park."

"Hey wait for us!" Kiba yelled as they all went to catch up to the pony tailed man.

Sasuke's foot slipped through one of the holes. "Ah! Of course." He groaned.

Sasuke grabbed his leg and pulled his foot out of the hole. He was walking up a rope bridge and his feet just couldn't adapt to the slippery ropes.

Finally freeing his foot, Sasuke stood up and went to continue his way up. But, when he looked up he saw something falling towards him.

"Watch out!" The thing, that is now identified as a person yelled.

Sasuke couldn't move out of the way fast enough and the falling person fell on him. Causing both of them to roll down the rope bridge and back into the pool where the bridge started.

Sasuke shot his head out of the water gasping for air. The person that hit him was hanging on his neck, also gasping for air. Sasuke identified the person as a guy from the lack of breasts.

Sasuke looked the man over as much as he could. The guy was tan and slightly slimmer then Sasuke, and he also had bright blond hair.

Finally they both caught there breath and the unidentified man let go of Sasuke's neck.

"Sorry about that." The mystery guy said.

"It's ok." Sasuke replied.

The guy looked up at Sasuke and both of there eyes widened a bit and only for a second.

This guys hot. Sasuke thought looking the front of the man over.

He had three scars on each of his cheeks and had a pair of very vivid blue eyes.

"Hi." Sasuke said, getting out of his trance.

The blond haired guy blinked then shook his head and moved away from Sasuke a bit.

"Hey, I'm Naruto." The man now identified as Naruto announced. "Sorry again about falling on top of you." Naruto closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck with one of his hands.

"It's nothing." Sasuke shrugged.

There was an awkward silence both of them deciding to scan the area around them.

"Well," Naruto said. "I'm going to go try and climb that thing again." He smiled then swam towards the rope bridge.

Sasuke watched Naruto climb up onto the rope bridge then smirked and went towards him.

"After falling down this and knocking someone else down with you, you're actually going to climb it again." Sasuke said and you could practically hear his smirk.

Naruto stopped his climb and turned back to Sasuke; staring at him in confusion.

Sasuke shook his head, still smirking. "You must be a real dobe."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched. "Hey!"

But before he got to say anything else, Sasuke stopped him by climbing over to him. Naruto glared at him, still mad about the insult. Sasuke looked at him then extended Naruto his hand.

"Since this thing is difficult and since we both..." Sasuke stated then thought of about how to pinpoint there skills on this.

"Suck at climbing this." Naruto finished for him, laughing.

"Yeah, want to climb it together?"

"Sure!" Naruto smiled at him and grabbed his hand. "Hey what's your name anyway?" Naruto asked realizing he never asked the guy his name.

"Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke said already programmed to say his name formally.

Naruto looked at him wearily then it turned to a serious expression. "Bond, James Bond." Near the end Naruto broke out into laughter.

Sasuke glared at him then released his hand and decided to leave the blond dobe on his own.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled up to him still laughing a little.

Naruto tried to catch up to Sasuke. Finally when he was relatively close to him he said in his defense.

"It was joke, I'm sorry."

Sasuke glared at him then grabbed his hand and they continued to climb.

Once they reached the top, they took a moment to look down at all the other kids attempting to climb the horrible rope bridge.

"Man, no matter how many times I try to climb this I always manage to fall." Naruto said straightening himself up.

Naruto kicked the air over the bridge then patted down his swim orange swim trunks.

"So you've been here before?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto scrunched up his face thinking of how to respond; then he slowly let his answer slip from his lips.

"I kinda never leave." After saying that, he turned to look at Sasuke.

Sasuke was confused but he didn't let it show. "How?"

"Well..."Naruto drawled out.

"Hey, move! You're blocking the way!" Some kids besides them yelled.

Sasuke glared at them, but Naruto smiled and apologized then stepped out of the way; reluctantly, Sasuke followed.

"Well?" Sasuke said as he followed Naruto throughout the water structure.

""Well?" What?" Naruto asked, while running through a mini water fall.

Sasuke ran through the water fall too then afterwards he ran a hand through his wet hair, trying to get it out of his face.

"How do you never leave?"

They were now standing in a line that led to a water slide. They had spent most of there conversation screaming and running around the water place. Now in line they had time to talk and Sasuke was going to use it.

"Well," Naruto said, running his hands through his hair. "I'm adopted."

Sasuke cringed. Stupid! He mentally hit himself, over bringing this up.

"So my adopted dad," Naruto swished his head back and forth not looking directly at Sasuke anymore. "Owns this."

""This?" So he's the manager?" Sasuke asked for clarification.

"No...he's the" He made circles with his hands trying to think of the word. "the...whatever, he owns this whole building, company thing." He said throwing his hands up in defeat of ever figuring out the word.

"Wait, so your dad owns all the Great Fox Lodge Hotels?" Sasuke asked still needing clarification.

"Yeah, so I live here in the hotel." He said, and then before Sasuke got a word in edgewise he shouted. "Bye!"

Sasuke blinked as Naruto grabbed the bar above the slide entrance and threw himself down it. Sasuke looked around him, there was a staff member holding a poll in front of the entrance, blocking it so no one could go down till Naruto got to the bottom.

When did we get to the front of the line?!

He waited frantically, then once the staff worker moved the poll away Sasuke threw himself down the slide before the girl even got to give the go ahead. Once Sasuke crashed into the 2 feet of water at the bottom, he stood up and jumped out of the water and looked around frantically for Naruto.

After spending about five minutes just walking around aimlessly looking for him; Sasuke sighed in defeat.

"Where'd he go?" He whispered.

Naruto looked around the poll he was hiding behind. He stifled a laugh watching Sasuke look back and forth for him.

Alright lets see how he likes this.

Naruto went the opposite way of where Sasuke was, and then he weaved around some polls. After that he weaved through the crowd of kids then casually, he walked right behind Sasuke.

Sasuke sighed then from the corner of his eye saw orange swim trunks walking away from him. So pushing through the crowd, he grabbed the tan arm pulling it so that the person would have to turn around.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled out faking his surprised tone.

"Hey yourself, where'd you go?" Sasuke asked pulling them both over to a less hectic area.

Naruto noticed where they were and he stated tugging on his arm. But Sasuke wouldn't let go, instead he just looked at Naruto strangely.

"Sasuke! Let go!" Naruto stated frantically

"Why?" Sasuke asked simply, still confused by Naruto's pulling.

"Be-" a bell interrupted Naruto.

"Here it comes!" yelled out some excited guests.

"Oh." Sasuke said, letting go of Naruto's arm; finally understanding as they watched the bucket drop all its water.

Naruto looked at the oncoming water glaring. Then in a monotone voice he said. "I hate you."

All the water crashed down onto them and the other guests, drenching them. Once all the water had fallen. Sasuke stood straight up again, since the pressure of the water caused him to hunch his back. He shook his hair out then turned to look at Naruto.

Naruto was completely soaked and still hunched over. He turned his head and glared at Sasuke then spit out the water that got into his mouth. Sasuke couldn't stop the smirk from forming on his face.

Naruto stopped glaring at Sasuke so he could straighten up and crack his back.

"Sasuke!" Sasuke turned to look for who was calling him it was Kiba.

"Oh man, you got soaked!" Kiba yelled laughing. "I saw the whole thing, your face!" Kiba broke out into a new fit of laughter mimicking Sasuke's face.

Sasuke glared at him "Hn."

"Hey, so who's this guy?" Kiba asked titling his head in Naruto's direction.

"This is Naruto, Naruto this is my friend Kiba." Kiba and Naruto shook hands and exchanged hellos.

"So did you two come together?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, Sasuke's older brother Itachi brought our whole gang over here." Kiba answered. "There's me, Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru, and Itachi."

"Oh." Naruto nodded.

"What about you? Did you come with anyone, family, or something?" Kiba asked.

"No I live here, my Dad owns this."

Kiba looked shell shocked trying to comprehend what Naruto said. "This? As in the whole hotel?"

"Yeah, the whole line of Great Fox Lodge hotels."

Kiba smiled in amazement. "So, you can do anything?" Naruto nodded yes. "You can go in here even after it's closed." Again, he nodded yes. "You have unlimited amount of playing tokens, for the arcade?" Once more a yes.

Kiba shook his head smiling like a madman; he wrapped his arm around Naruto's neck. "We're going to be great friends!" He yelled.

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched and ripped Kiba off of Naruto.

"Leave him alone Kiba." Sasuke commanded then grabbed Naruto's arm and started pulling them away from Kiba. "Let's go Naruto."

"Stop being so possessive Sasuke." Shikamaru said, appearing next to Naruto. "Hey I'm Shikamaru."

"Hi." Naruto replied.

"I'm not being possessive; Kiba's being rude and trying to use Naruto for his own purposes."

No, this isn't awkward. Naruto thought sarcastically, watching the three friends argue. Maybe I shouldn't have told Sasuke about that.

"I apologize for my friends." Naruto flinched then turned to see Neji. "Hello I'm Neji Hyuuga."

"Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you."

They shook hands and turned back to watch as both Shikamaru and Sasuke hit Kiba over the head.

"Um...could you tell Sasuke I left?" Naruto asked Neji.

"Huh? How come?"

"Well, I promised my friend I'd meet them in the arcade."

"Oh, ok I'll tell him, bye."

"Thanks, bye." Naruto waved then walked over towards the exit.

"Are you three done fighting yet?" Neji yelled, the three didn't answer and only continued to argue.

"Ten-Ten! Ten-Ten!" Naruto called.

"Hey Naruto, about time you showed up." Ten-Ten answered walking up to the blond.

Ten-Ten lived around the area and she was one of Naruto's closest friends, she was allowed into the hotel without payment. Ten-Ten could walk right into the water park without a pass, because all she had to say was her name and they would know she was one of Naruto's friends.

"So what are you up to?" She asked.

"Oh well, come here." He gestured towards the door to the water park.

They walked in and Ten-Ten put her clothes into a locker, leaving her green bikini on. Naruto was still in his orange swim trunks so he just followed her to the lockers.

"See that guy over there." Naruto pointed towards a guy with raven hair and dark blue swim trunks.

"They guy with blue swim trunks?"


"He's cute, do you like him?" She asked smiling.

Naruto blushed a little. "Yeah."

"Have you talked to him?" Naruto shook his head yes, and then told her what had happened before she came here.

"Why would you tell him about your Dad?!" She ranted. "He's probable only going to use you for that now!"

"That's why I need your help." Naruto smiled deviously.

"So what room did you say you were staying at?"

"243." Ten-Ten lied.

Ten-Ten was now in one of the hot tubs with Shikamaru resting lazily against one of the fake rocks. Sasuke who was trying to relax but he'd still turn his head looking for someone every so often. Then finally there was Kiba and Neji who were, obviously looking at her female features and trying to flirt with her.

No more favors! Ten-Ten swore in her head.

"Sasuke what are you looking for?" She asked leaning forward.

Sasuke looked at her, and then sunk back into the hot tub.

"He's looking for Naruto." Kiba answered, leaning forward also so he could talk to Ten-Ten directly. "See Sasuke's gay, so he doesn't like girls."

"I don't like dating girls. That doesn't mean I don't like all girls." Sasuke said sternly.

"Anyway, Ten-Ten, " Neji spoke up. "Would you like to accompany me to go down the main water slide? We could get a two person tube."

Ten-Ten smiled at him, "Maybe later. So Sasuke, you like this Naruto guy?"

"Hn." Sasuke turned away from them.

"That's Sasuke language for yes." Kiba explained.

"I see, so why do you like him, money, looks?" Ten-Ten asked smiling.

"Sasuke's got enough money, he's an Uchiha. He just likes this guy because he thinks he's hot. But in my opinion you're-"

Kiba was cut off by Shikamaru grabbing the back of Kiba's head and dunking him under the hot water.

"Stop butting into other peoples lives." He commanded.

Kiba's hands flared all around splashing everyone in the hot tub. Most of the other occupants of the hot tub left glaring at the group.

"Well that's good to hear." Ten-Ten smirked, leaning back into the hot tub.

Once she leaned all the way back, she noticed someone's arm around her shoulders. She immediately bolted upright, causing Shikamaru to let go of Kiba's head. Kiba sprung up gasping for air.

"Well I have to go." She then hurried out of the hot tub.

"Neji most people make sure the girl likes them before putting moves on them." Sasuke explained, smirking. Then he turned to the gasping Kiba. "What's your problem why would you tell her who I like?! It's none of her business."

"Sorry, but what does it really matter. She probable doesn't even know Naruto." Kiba said in his defense.

"You're so troublesome, all of you." Shikamaru stated leaning back.

After some more time in the hot tub they were already to get out and head into the water park again but as they all stood up to leave, Ten-Ten walked back in with Naruto not too far behind her.

"Oh, hi Sasuke." Naruto smiled at him.

"Hey, where'd you go earlier?" Sasuke asked completely forgetting about Ten-Ten's presence.

"Oh well, I went to the arcade to met my friend Ten-Ten but she was late. So I sat there waiting forever."

Naruto glared at Ten-Ten who only smiled then waved to the other boys and sat next to Shikamaru.

"Y-you two know each other?" Kiba asked fearing for his life because of the glare Sasuke was sending him.

"Oh yeah." Ten-Ten closed her eyes, smiling a huge smile. "We've been friends since forever!" She opened her eyes and smiled devilishly at Kiba.

Naruto had to suppress a laugh by how all the guy's faces turned pale from her smile. Ten-Ten had already told him about her conversation with the four friends. Now he just had to act like he didn't know.

"I'm sorry again that I was late to meet you Naruto. But I was just having the most fascinating conversation with these guys." She couldn't help but let out a tiny fit of laughter at the end.

Naruto cocked and eyebrow and titled his head, further faking his confusion.

"Ok." Naruto said then sat next to Sasuke. "So, Sasuke do you want go to the outside hot tub? It's a lot better than this one."


"Ten-Ten, guys, do you want to come?" Naruto asked standing up.

"No I'm good, I think Neji and I are going to go down the water slide together." She turned to Neji "Right?"

"Yes." Neji answered almost immediately.

"We'll stay here too." Shikamaru answered for Kiba and himself, shutting Kiba up before he got to say anything.

Then Naruto and Sasuke left. They walked through the lobby, both of them holding a towel and wearing there swim trunks and a loose over shirt.

Naruto walked in front of Sasuke and ran up to the guard man that was standing in front of the door that led to the outdoor hot tub. Naruto then started talking to the man. Sasuke seeing this quickened his pace to catch up to Naruto.

As he neared Naruto, Naruto turned and waved to him with a smile on his face. The man Naruto was just talking to smiled at Sasuke, he had a scar across his nose and his hair was up in a ponytail. Iruka was the name written on the nameplate he wore.

Sasuke nodded to the man as he walked in after Naruto. Once outside he shivered from the winter air. He looked around and down the cleared out path was Naruto running towards the bubbling hot Jacuzzi.

Sasuke, not wanting to stay out in the cold weather any longer then needed, ran to that hot tub as well. Even thought the hot tub was scalding hot, the heat was welcomed to the two teens. Both of them slipped in, not even bothering to take off there over shirts.

The hot tub was empty minus the two of them. This made sense, since snow was covering the ground around them. Sasuke relaxed against the side of the tub, it was relaxing, plus the heat of the Jacuzzi helped overcome the coldness of the snow.

Naruto also took this time to lean back and relax. They stayed in a comfortable silence until a thought came into Sasuke's mind.

What about Ten-Ten?! She said they were good friends so no doubt she'd tell him that I like him! But, he didn't act like he knew but they had enough time, he may just be trying to fool me.

Puzzled Sasuke decided to ask Naruto. "Naruto." Naruto perked up looking at Sasuke. "Ten-Ten did she...did she tell you about our c-?"

Naruto interrupted him already knowing his question. Ten-Ten had told him about how Sasuke did like him, not for his money or any benefits he could give, but just for him. Actually she hit him repeatedly because he didn't realize Sasuke u Uchiha /u was the same Uchiha from Uchiha enterprise. So finding no need to "beat around the bush" he bluntly said.

"I think you're hot."

Sasuke caught off guard shouted. "What?!"

Naruto was grinning like a mad man. "Yup, but I wasn't sure if you hung out with me for my money or the benefits. So I didn't say anything." Sasuke nodded understanding. "But when Ten-Ten told me that you like me for me, I just..." He trailed off blushing.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows and smirked at how cute Naruto looked. Then he scooted himself closer to Naruto and draped an arm around the blonds shoulder.

"Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"

Naruto looked over to Sasuke then relaxed back into his arm. "Sure."

At dinner both of them talked about random things and then after dinner Naruto walked Sasuke back to his room. Once Sasuke got the door opened he turned to give Naruto a proper goodbye. But when he turned around his face met Naruto's.

Naruto had leaned his face forward so that this would happen. And then Naruto pushed his lips forward more and gave Sasuke a chaste kiss. Then he pulled away smiling and walked down the hall over towards the elevator.

Sasuke stood there then licked his lips and looked down the hallway, smirking. Bold. He went inside then closed his door. I like it.

Naruto got off at the top floor he walked into his suite and dived onto his bed. Crawling over towards his dashboard he sat up, leaning against it and called Ten-Ten.

"Naruto? How'd it go?" She asked, excited.

"Great, he's really awesome!" Naruto bragged.

"Did you kiss him?" She asked excited but then her voice grew stern. "You better have gotten something out of this; we had to reserve that Jacuzzi and I had to go on that ride with Neji. He's a nice guy but kind of perverted."

"Haha, well yeah I did give him a kiss in front of his door." Naruto smiled.

"That's great, well I have to go bye." She rushed.

"Later." Naruto hung up his phone.


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