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Notes: I seem to have a thing for angst around the holidays. This was inspired by a 15pairings prompt, photograph, and the song "Foolish Pride" by Travis Tritt. And… the timeline I'm unsure of, but it's definitely a few years after season two.

Foolish Pride
By: Daystar-chan

It's the only thing left of their relationship; faded and torn, just like his heart, just like their passion for each other. (Sorato)

Hikari had taken it at Christmas on their third-year anniversary.

She had tried three times to get it; Taichi had interrupted the first one, grinning and making faces behind them (Hikari had scolded him fiercely afterwards), while Daisuke had been shoved in front of them in the second one (he'd said something to upset Miyako, and she'd shoved him right in front of them just as Hikari snapped the picture).

The third one had been perfect, and Hikari had looked so giddy at having gotten him to sit that long with Sora's head on his shoulder and a smile on his face that looked so sincere for once, that he didn't even care that she and Mimi were getting so gushy over it.

They had been happy together, and Yamato had dared to hope that maybe, just maybe, they would be alright; he would stay with her, and they'd have kids someday, and he would be there for them – all of them - whenever they needed him. Like a father should. Like a man should. And then…

They'd had a fight.

Over something small and pointless, he was sure, because he'd been letting the stress of his band and school get to him, and she was more sensitive about things now than he remembered her being when they were younger, and neither had been willing to set aside their pride at the time.

It was a stupid fight, a childish fight, he was sure, but that hadn't stopped them at all, had only made things worse, if anything.

And now…

He's never kept a photograph before and the more he stares at this one, the more he stares at the smiles on their faces and the love in their eyes, the more he realizes why.

It's the only thing left of their relationship; faded and torn, just like his heart, just like their passion for each other.

It's four in the morning, the day after Christmas, and the photograph has just become three-years-old; and they haven't dated for months, and Yamato's sure the ache shouldn't still be this raw, this painful, but it is.

And he hates that, hates this stupid photograph, and he's never hated a holiday as much as he hates Christmas right now, but mostly hates himself for not being able to pick up the phone and tell her two small, simple words.

"I'm sorry."

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