A/N: This is mostly a single scene dialogue between Edward and Bella. The dot dot dots [ • • • mean some silence has passed between the conversation, but it is still the same setting.

Prompt by beaconxxeggs: bananas, whipped cream, almonds (hmm, I wonder what she was eating?)

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Author: Artemis90

Word count: 566

"Stop staring, Edward."

• • •

"I said, STOP, Edward."

"But Bella, I enjoy watching you eat that."

"I thought you didn't like watching me eat."

"Not usually. But I do like the way you are practically devouring that dessert. Alice thinks you look at your dessert the way I look you."

"So I'm dessert, am I?"

"Don't tease, Bella."

• • •

"You know Bella, you will miss ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, cherries, as well as all your other favorite foods … you know … after." Edward couldn't resist any chance to try to dissuade Bella from her decision to turn into a vampire after graduation.

"I'll have you. " Nothing would change Bella's mind. Certainly not food. [Not even food.

"But Bella what about Mac n' cheese? Sour Belts? M & M's? Meat-lovers Pizza?

"Edward! Don't start. My mind is made up!"

"Authentic espresso in Rome."

"Too near the Volturi."

"In-n-Out Burgers at Los Angeles!"

"To sunny for you!"

"In the fall, wild-grown ripe alpine strawberries just picked and still warm from the sun and hand-dipped in freshly melted Belgian dark chocolate!"

"Oh now, that's just cheating…"

"Fresh sushi on the beach of Nagoya…"

"You know I don't like raw food."

"And you do not think THAT shall be a problem?"

Bella just rolled her eyes, "Hush up Edward, and let me finish my banana split." Even if she did wonder, she would never reveal her uncertainty to Edward.

• • •

"May I ask a question, Bella?"

"Shoot, Edward."

"What do bananas taste like?"

• • •

"You didn't have bananas back then?"

"Maybe during the World's Fair, but I cannot remember."

"Wanna bite now? I dare you."

"It would not taste to me the way it would to you or anyone else if I swallowed it now."

"What if I got Charlie or Angie to eat it? Would you be able to taste it once they've eaten it?"

"No, I cannot overhear 'taste'. Most people would just savor the food and think, 'oh yum!' or 'disgusting'. No one really eats their lunch and starts describing flavor in words in their head."

"Well, bananas are … uh, they're different from most fruit, that are tart or sweet. But bananas I guess are pasty, but creamy. The green ones are a little sour but not at all like sour milk, and more firm to bite, which I actually like better... But, I guess, bananas, well … they're banana –y!"

"Banana-y? Ah. I see. Now I know that bananas tastes … banana-y."

"Don't tease."

• • •

"So, can I ask you a question, Edward?"

"Anything, Bella."

"When you … when you, uh, … well, when you hunt … um…"


"Well, whenyoufeedandallthat, like, on a bear, ... um, can you tell what the bear had as its last meal?"

• • •

"I, uh, mean, can you tell if the bear had had fish or berries or mountain lion as it's last meal?"

• • •

"You said I could ask." Bella tried to keep the whine out of her voice.

• • •

"Aren't we past all evasiveness, Edward?"


"Oh! Well okay then."

• • •

"Edward, uh …."


"Well, was there a food you were really curious about? I could … you … know… before…"

"Stop right there, Bella…"

"I'm sure there are bananas in Vegas."