One Week Slave of Love

-Chidori Amane-

Summary: This is the sequel of "Truth AND Dare" so be warned to those who haven't read it yet. Enjoy the sequel!


He smirked. "I wonder how you'll react tomorrow."

He dismissed his thoughts and fell asleep with the girl he liked the most in his arms.


After a long sleep, Mikan finally woke up, only to find out she was not in HER room! She scanned the room and a bulb pop out on top of her head. "I'm still at Natsume's room!" she thought with a tint of red across her cheeks as the memories of last night came flooding to her senses.

As the scene was going on, Natsume suddenly stepped out from the bathroom. He was ooh-so gorgeous with his half-naked figure dripping in fresh bath water. (A/N: drools…) "His body. His hair. His abs. And specially those crimson eyes," Mikan thought dreamily, and now she was furiously blushing!

Something struck her. "Ahh!" she screamed on top of her lungs as she realized the embarrassing situation she got into.

"Shut up, polka," Natsume scolded in an annoyed tone. "You could have awaken the whole academy."

"Put on some clothes, will 'yah?!?" she said, more like ordered. "Ahh! What did I get myself into now?!?" she miserably thought.

Natsume looked at him calmy. "You don't have the right to order me, polka," he said. "I'm your boss."

"Huh?!? What?!? You're not my boss! Never!" she shouted as Natsume went to his wardrobe and picked some clothes. (A/N: This is Saturday…so no class!)

He looked at her with those no-emotion-at-all crimson-eyes. "You're my slave for a one whole week," he reminded her.

She looked at him with confused eyes, then she recalled the dare! "Oh yeah! I'll be HIS slave for a one whole week!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot," she laughed nervously.

"Wait in the living room," he quietly said.

"Huh?! Why?" she asked, rather confused.

He looked at her then smirked. He shook his head and ruffled his hair. (A/N: Gorgeous, isn't he?!?!) "Do you want me to dress in front of you?" he asked in an amused tone.

She flushed and she threw at pillow at him, and of course, he easily dodged it. "Baka! In your dreams that'll happen!" she yelled then she walked out of the room and closed the door with a loud thud.

Living room

"Baka Natsume! What an egoistical jerk! I can't believe his guts!" she thought while sitting Indian seat on the sofa.

Natsume's bedroom

He slid down the only piece of thing that covered his body, the towel. (A/N: yum…) He put on his clothes and looked at the bed he and his slave had shared.

He smirked as he thought, "I'll have her on one week."

Living room

Mikan heard the door opened and her head snapped to the direction of a now dressed Natsume. She suddenly had a little blush on her cheeks as he walked handsomely towards her. (A/N: he's not seducing her! That's just how he walks, right?!?)

She turned her head away from his sexy figure before she could not suppress the red color on her face. "WTH! What's going on?!!? Am I sick or what? I never felt hot like this before. Nor felt my heart beats too fast! This is really mind confusing," she thought wearily.

"Oi polka," Natsume called. "I have listed some rules and works you should abide as of being my slave for a one whole week." He handed her a paper with scribbles on it.

She eyed the paper curiously, and oh my, she regretted it. The rules and works that she had to do were… "This is horrible," she miserably thought.

"Read the paper aloud so I could hear you," Natsume ordered with a smirk plastered on his amused face as he witnessed Mikan's expression. "This is going to be…fun", he thought. (A/N: O.o…fun?!?)

She frowned at him. She sighed in frustration. "RULES AND WORKS MY SLAVE MIKAN HAVE TO DO," she muttered in between gritted teeth. "Number one, Mikan must…"

To be continued…

Natsume: You made me OOC!

Chidori: The hell I care

Natsume: -throw a fireball at me, only to be cancelled by Mikan.

Mikan: Natsume-kun! Don't be harshed! Chidori-chan is only doing her job. And besides, I think he complimented you a lot.

Chidori:- blushes.

No, I didn't!

Natsume: -smirked at me.

I see you got your eyes on me.

Chidori: -looked at him evilly.

You'll pay Hyuuga. You'll pay.

Mikan: -sweatdropped.

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