First Ouran Host Club fic, so be gentle with the reviews. Anyway, this will be a story about the Host Club members asking Haruhi out, except for Honey. (Yes, I can't seem to imagine him to ask her out, so I choose not to include him to do so. :P) Anyway, this was supposed to be a compilation of drabbles of our favorite host club but I just had a great idea for this story! Hehe! So, for this chapter, it will be about Kaoru telling Haruhi what he feels about her (I always knew he could express his feelings more than his brother). Now, let's begin.

Chapter 1- I Felt Jealous of That Music

It was a Friday afternoon. The Host Club were in their usual place, The Third Music Room, doing their job, 'hosting' girls and pleasing them. It was pretty much a normal day for them, the usual talks, the usual squeals of the girls, the usual food for Honey, the usual 'brotherly love' from Hikaru and Kaoru, the usual calm, cool and collected image of Mori, the usual evil conniving ideas of Kyouya and the usual girl-talk Tamaki gives. Then, entered Haruhi, late and sweaty, changing the atmosphere and the normality.

"Haruhi, why are you late? Are you okay??" Tamaki asked suddenly running towards her exaggeratedly, with a towel that appeared from nowhere. He was ready to wipe her sweat away.

Haruhi stepped to her right, making the 'king' miss her and bump himself on the wall. "Ow."

Haruhi took the towel that fell from Tamaki's upon falling. "I can wipe myself, sempai," she said, doing so.

"Though, Haruhi, you're late. What's up?" Hikaru and Kaoru asked in unison.

She looked down. "Oh… well… I was practicing for music class. You guys do know that I don't sing, right?"

All the girls whimpered and 'aww'-ed upon hearing so. The host club just nodded.

"Don't worry, Haruhi-kun. Surely, Hikaru would help you!" one girl claimed.

This made Hikaru blush. "I don't… sing."

"What about Kaoru?" asked Haruhi.

The other twin shook his head. "Sorry. Hmm… What about you Honey-sempai? You have a cute speaking voice, your singing voice may be-"

"Iie. I sing out of key. Even Takashi does. Those great in Martial Arts aren't really good in music," the little blonde senior responded.

Mori found the urge to speak. "Yeah."

Haruhi turned to the one wearing eyeglasses. She started, "Kyouya, what about you? Can you-"

"Iie. Though, I think I know someone who does," he said, evilly grinning the blonde beside him, the president of the Host Club, Tamaki Suou.

Haruhi faltered. "Him? Of all of the hosts… him? Oh no." she thought to herself. "Sempai, do you… sing?"

"Haruhi, I'll do anything for you!" he answered, striking a proud pose. Everybody just sweat dropped, asides from the girls that went shrieking like banshees over his awesome charming look.

Haruhi gave out a sigh and a shrug together. "Uh… then can you-"

Tamaki beat her to her request. He immediately sat by the piano after that 'moment'. He made a breath then put his hands on the keyboard, ready to play and sing at the same time.

Everybody became silent, eager to hear him sing.

… silence

… a moment of peace

… yet somehow, a feeling of something really wrong to happen for Haruhi.

Tamaki then began to play beautifully, enchanting everybody, even Kyouya (though he really does love his playing as well.) And then, after the intro of the piano, he began to sing.

Stopping by the path,

I see you there walk.

Your beautiful auburn hair,

Your eyes of brown color.

Everybody found it weird, even his fans. Tamaki was in tune, yet, his voice was absolutely horrendous. They couldn't explain it though. The notes were all correct, since he did play the piano and memorized its pitch, considering he learned to play in a very young age. But his voice quality was totally bad to hear, that they all couldn't bear but laugh.

I wanted you to see me.

See me who I really was.

I'm here, don't you worry,


"Why are you all laughing!!!!?" he asked angrily and stopped from playing and singing.

"Tamaki-sempai. Arigato for volunteering to teach me… demo… uh… how do I say this?"

"She wants to sing with you now!" Hikaru said, gleefully smiling, as he pushed Haruhi to him.

Tamaki pulled her closer to him and made her sit beside him. "Oh, of course, let us sing together!"

Kyouya smirked again. It was obvious that he had something manipulative in his sleeves. Perhaps, a video camera hidden in the room?

Anyway, upon hearing Hikaru's request of Haruhi singing together with Tamaki, they all got scared. They knew Haruhi's voice was out of tune. They knew Tamaki's voice was unbearable. And they knew it would be a nightmare to hear them sing a duet. Why would Hikaru tell Tamaki that Haruhi wants to sing with him the first place? To torture them all? Or that was the first thought that came upon his head?

Tamaki again started to play the intro, and he began to sing the first verse of the song.

Stopping by the path,

I see you there walk.

Your beautiful auburn hair,

Your eyes of brown color.

As he played the instrumental and stopped from singing, he asked Haruhi to sing the next part.

I wanted you to see me.

See me, who I really was.

I'm here, don't you worry,

I'll defend you, whatever comes

Everybody really didn't like it. They still thought the song was too much to bear. Until the chorus was up and Tamaki and Haruhi sang together. Sure, they thought it would be the most ghastly melody they would ever hear in their life, but they were certainly wrong.

And now that you know that I'm here,

Now that you know I'll be there,

I'll take care of your love.

For I stood when we met,

I'll stand when we part,

For you'll always be, in my heart.

Everybody felt awestruck. They may be horrible in singing individually, but their voices together created such a beautiful melody. It may sound impossible, but it really was. They captivated the feelings of everybody in the room, including the serious, Mori and the devilish, Kyouya.

They kept on singing together the whole song, and it was such a pity that it ended. Everybody came to like it already. Though, in the end, they ended it with big smiles, staring at each other yet still singing. They even looked as if they both enjoyed singing. Yes, it was okay for Tamaki to enjoy it, but of course, wouldn't it be weird for everybody else to see Haruhi enjoy it as well? She hates singing, and she gets really annoyed of Tamaki. Then why would those two things together be something that causes her joy?

For you'll always be…

Always be…


In my…


Everybody clapped in joy, with smiles of total bliss, of total enjoyment, as Haruhi and Tamaki bowed before them. Upon seeing everybody's reaction, this made the two smile even more.

"I can't believe you guys could sing like that!" Honey remarked.

"Yes, you were great," Mori said with voice in monotone as he usually does.

"I must admit, we didn't expect that great performance," Kyouya explained, fixing his glasses. "I thought I was blind and that I was deaf," he continued, smirking. "That video will give us more money when I've made an advertisement of this for the whole school."

Suddenly, someone butted in. "Well, they proved you wrong, huh, Kyouya? Though, seriously, that was unexpected. Who would have known your voices could blend like that, right Kaoru?" Hikaru commented, looking at his brother.

Kaoru gave a faint smile and nodded. He didn't know what to say. He felt jealous upon seeing Tamaki sing with Haruhi. He wanted to bond with her, but it was always either the others that would bond with her. He even knew his brother liked her, and that he always sacrificed his feelings just for his happiness, but he couldn't take it anymore. He may be close to Haruhi, but he knew all she saw him as was a friend. This caused his sudden gloomy mood.

"Kaoru, are you okay?" Haruhi asked, upon noticing his reaction.

"Uh… yeah," he lied.

Hikaru held his brother's shoulders. "I don't think you are. Tell me what you're hiding, Kaoru."

"I'm not hiding anything."


The brother pushed away his twin, as his hair covered his face. Everybody got shocked, the girls, the club, everybody. But most importantly, Hikaru got shocked as well. Well, who wouldn't, right? Who wouldn't get shocked if your twin that never fought with you, would do so? Most especially, the twin that you spend every waking moment, making you two seem like homos. "Don't push it Hikaru. You're not the only one who can get intense. Anyway, I better go. The club meeting is finished anyway," he commented and walked out of the room.

Hikaru stared at the door for a few seconds. He then turned to everyone. "I think… this really is our… first… fight."

Everybody gasped, aside from Mori, Kyouya and Haruhi since gasping wasn't really their character. And of course Hikaru didn't gasp, since he stated that fact.

"But… why would he get mad? You didn't do anything, Hikaru-chan," Honey commented.

Kyouya began to speak. "He must have been angry with all of us. Unless…" He turned to Tamaki and Haruhi who were standing beside each other. "He's angrier with you two."

Tamaki gasped again and his eyes widened exaggeratedly. "WHY!?"

Haruhi snapped. She kinda realized what was going on with Kaoru. "I have a hunch. Let me talk to him."

Tamaki changed his mood. He became serious. "I'll come with you, Haruhi."

"No. From what I see. He may be angrier with you."

Tamaki made his shocked face again, this time, in the background, you could see the word clueless all over. "I don't understand? Why would Kaoru… be angry with me? Haruhi, tell me!" he said as he decided to pull her to him, only realizing that she had gone outside already. Tamaki just got to grip Kyouya.

"Let go," he said straightforwardly, with his eyes all serious.

He did as told since he got scared. "Where's Haruhi??!!" he afterwards asked.

Honey started. "He left by the time you got shocked again, Tama-chan."

"NOOO!" he emoted then secluded himself again from everybody, with only spotlight with him- no actually, striking him.


Kaoru was out by the school garden, kicking rocks on the ground. He felt to just think for a while and just control his emotions. But he couldn't by the time it rained. He couldn't help but start to cry, to cry with the rain and release his emotions.

"Stop whimpering, Kaoru. You're a guy. Guys don't cry. She's… just a girl. Nothing serious to cry about. Besides… You knew from the start that she'll never like you. You're bringing her and Hikaru together, remember? Then why are you feeling this!!!???"

Out of the blue, there were footsteps just right behind him. It stopped after a while, then the person began to speak. "Kaoru…"

His heart skipped a beat. He knew who that voice belonged to. He didn't want to talk to anybody yet, to even see anybody. Especially her. But apparently, he had no choice.

He turned around to face her, first wiping off his tears. "Haruhi," he callously said.

"Tell me, Kaoru. Why did you get angry back there?"

"It was nothing," he answered as he shook his head.

"Don't lie to me. Even Hikaru doesn't believe you. Tell me, are you angry because of me?"

He didn't respond.

"Are you angry because of Tamaki?"

He didn't respond again.

"Are you angry because of Tamaki and me?"

Though, that question hit him. That was it. He may had been angry for a couple of reasons, but that set him off. "What will you do if I say yes?"

"Why, Kaoru? Why are you angry? Tamaki and I only sang together. We-"

"It's because I felt jealous of that music you shared with Tamaki on that brief moment. You looked happy, even though you'll never admit it."

"Fine, I was happy of that moment. Since I never imagined singing with sempai. But why be angry with Hikaru? He didn't do anything. Is it because he asked me to sing with Tamaki?"

"Well yeah. And… because I'm freaking jealous of him as well!" he blurted out, hiding his teary eyes with his bangs.

Haruhi couldn't move an inch. "Jea… jea…je… jealous?" she stuttered.

"Yes. I'm jealous of Tamaki, of Hikaru. Hell, I maybe even jealous of Mori and Kyouya. Maybe even Honey!"

"They didn't do anything," she reasoned out.

"I know. But I can't help it."


"Because… I… like you a lot, Haruhi."

Haruhi stared at him then hugged him for comfort. "You can like me. But don't take it out on others."

Kaoru smiled. "Thanks."


Though, while that was happening, the whole remainder of the host club was by the nearest bush, listening to Haruhi and Kaoru's conversation. Of course they got shocked upon hearing everything.

"I can't believe it!!!" Honey said cutely, making a very worried yet absolutely adorable face.

"I can't as well. Who would have known," Kyouya remarked.

Mori just nodded.

"Kaoru… you baka. Why would you bring me close to Haruhi if you like her anyway?" Hikaru said to himself.

Tamaki shoved his head to his palms. "I can't believe this!!! My daughter and Kaoru? No!!"

And that was that. The whole host club knew that Kaoru liked Haruhi. The only question is, what would they do about it?

I want us to make beautiful music together

Blending in harmonious affection.

Sounding in striking resonance.

Being in stellar tone.

Our pitch as one as us.

Our style, eccentric.

Yet our message, clear.

It speaks of love.

Till the next chapter!

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