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Summary: A cruel twist of fate would find Naruto temporarily blind, but that only make his life a lot better than it was. NaruSaku.

Notes to you: This story was originally written in about 2007, as such the series Naruto had yet to come to its conclusion. Because of this, this story takes place as if the events with Pain never happened, in a tangent universe where Kishimoto is no longer in control! MWAHAHAHA!... Ha… Enjoy it! (I still do.)

PS: Also the humor becomes a little brighter flavored in the chapters following this one, if you found this to be a little dark you may still enjoy reading further.

Revision notes: I AM ALIVE! Sorry for the break… I'll explain that later. For now just know that I am completely revising this entire fanfic due to the fact that it was littered with spelling errors and grammatical issues. Also as a bonus, I am rewriting certain sentences to make them either more readable, or just generally better overall. I am interested in finishing this story, but if you're a long time fan, then I'm just letting you know because it is going to be a whole lot better than it once was.

Naruto and Sakura: Forced roommates.

Chapter 1

The Longest walk

For Naruto it was just like any other day off; he woke up in his small apartment and found himself not only starving, but wishing he had just one person to be with him. As he boiled his water to prepare for his daily breakfast of instant ramen and whatever else he could find, he looked out the windows only to find himself feeling more lonely. It was December and the thin layer of snow reminded him of the holidays that were coming up, holidays that he never once got to celebrate with friends or otherwise. This reminded him of his training trip with pervy-sage, as the most they would do to celebrate the holidays was leave Naruto in the cold while pervy-sage got plastered. Naruto quickly got his mind off of this and finished his breakfast looking forward to today's training, but Naruto found it a little cooler than he expected when he left his house, so he immediately went back inside to retrieve a large orange scarf. Other than his usual attire this was what the 16 year old would wear in the winter months. He proceeded to go to where he would commonly train and worked up quite a sweat before finally deciding that he was done for now.

After making his way back into town he found himself in front of the bathhouse and decided that the cold air, and the fact that he needed a shower after his training, was good enough of a reason to go for a long soak. It only took him about thirty seconds before his perverted mind started to get the better of him. The images of those women on the other side of the wall were just begging him to go take a look. With a snicker and a perverted foxy grin Naruto quickly changed into his sexy jutsu form before trying to make his way into the girl's dressing room. He found it surprisingly empty but was not concerned as he heard feminine voices from beyond the door into the bath.

Naruto began to unzip his usual sweater, when he was absolutely shocked to see both Ino and Sakura walk through the door from the bath, they may have been wrapped in towels, but Naruto still was surprised. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, but his quickly recovered his expression before they even looked over at him. He turned his head to face where he was setting his stuff down only to hear that the friendly conversation between Sakura and Ino had completely stopped. "Sakura what's wrong…?" asked Ino as she had no clue what was going on.

Sakura just stood there for about two seconds before she realized the incredibly obvious coat that Naruto had forgotten to change when he altered his appearance. Sakura's eye twitched before a look of pure hatred came over her. In the lowest meanest voice she could muster Sakura said "Naruto…!" through her teeth.

"Fuck", was all that went through the head of Naruto who was now sweating bullets. He was screwed and he knew it. A few of the longest seconds in Naruto's entire life passed as he stood there staring at the wall. Ino suddenly caught on as Naruto could now feel the amount of killing intent in the room rise to levels he could only think that the Kyubi was capable of.

"Naruto!" Sakura said but this time a bit louder and a lot more aggressively. He gave up; there was no long any use in trying to hide it. Naruto quickly released the Jutsu and turned to face the irate women. Sakura began to walk towards Naruto as he simply closed his eyes and waited for his beating. "I've had a good life" he thought to himself before he quickly remembered that he had a very shitty life and decided not to dwell on this anymore. The following hit could be heard all over the city, almost, Naruto was now lying on the floor facing away from the two angry kunoichi's.

"She restrained herself" he thought as he laid there.

Sakura now stood over him and said "I should kill you, Pervert!" Naruto now climbed onto his knees and nearly threw up as he realized what was happening.

"Sakura…" Naruto said as serious as he could.

"What?" Sakura practically screamed back at him.

"Sakura…" again he said this time even more serious.

A few short seconds passed before Sakura asked "What? A little more concerned than angry.

"Sakura I think I need to go to the hospital" Naruto said as he rolled over with one eye popped out of its socket. Ino screamed and ran back into the bath section as she saw his left eye now dangling from where it should be. Sakura just froze as she saw him sitting back on the floor with a look somewhere between stunned and horrified was on his face. "Sakura, help…" he said in a wavering voice on the verge of crying.

Sakura composed herself and quickly took his hand and made him cup his eye trying to stop it from just dangling. "Shit" was all she said after realizing what she had done. She helped him up before telling him "Naruto you need to get to the hospital right away."

"Sakura can't you just fix it?!" He asked panicking.

"I could try but, I might mess it up... I've never dealt with eyes before."

"Sakura it hurts… Help me." Was all he said as he stood there.

"I can't… but if you close your other eye that should keep you from looking around and make it hurt less." She said as he complied.

"Ok now what Sakura?" he asked.

"Go to the Hospital!" she said looking at him as if there was no way he could not have already grasped that concept. "…you even said that yourself!" she continued.

"…Right!" he said loudly as he turned around then just stopped. "Uh Sakura… I can't see." He let out as he stood there tears running down his cheek.

"Uh, right, just let me get dressed and I'll take you" she said realizing she was now obligated to take him across town the hospital. She rushed over to her things and began to let her towel down before shut abruptly stopped and looked at Naruto still facing the other direction. "No peeking!" she yelled at the boy.

"Sakura I'm blind just hurry up!" he yelled out even more panicked than before.

Sakura got dressed faster than she ever had before. Afterwards she ran to Naruto taking his wrist and began to run with him outside to the hospital, before Naruto suddenly stopped in his tracks yanking Sakura back a little. "What?" She yelled out just as panicked as Naruto.

"Sakura, it bounces when I run, and it hurts ten times worse than I thought it could have when it bounces" he said starting to calm down a little.

Sakura looked at him holding only one eye and closing the other. She shook her head and tried to think of what to do. "Ok, if it gets twisted and looses blood flow he could lose his eye, but if it's just out of its socket then he could keep it even if it took him a couple of hours to get the hospital" she thought to herself, then asked Naruto" Ok, let me see it." Naruto uncapped his eye and let it hang like she asked. "It's ok Naruto it's not twisted or anything so it will be ok as long as we can get it back in within a couple of hours" She literally witness her blonde friend go from still on the edge of losing reason, to calming down completely as he reached back up and covered his eye again. "We'll just have to walk" she said and let out a large sigh, both from frustration and relief. "Give me your hand" she said actually sympathetic to her injured friend.

Naruto began to let down his hand from his eye to take her hand, when she forced it back up saying "Tch, Your other hand! You have two!"

"Oh… yeah, sorry" he replied.

"It's amazing" she thought, how someone apologizing to her made her feel like a piece of shit. That is until she looked at him to see that same foxy smile that he always had.

"It's ok Sakura-chan, as long as I'm with you I'm sure I'll be fine" he said scratching the back of his head.

"HAND!" was all Sakura yelled.

"Oh, yeah, Sakura-chan" he said as he placed his hand blindly in front of him. Which would have been fine except for he reached perfectly out and accidentally grabbed a hold of her breast. She was shocked, was he really that perverted to do that even when risking loosing an eye? All Naruto thought was whatever he felt was soft before he finally realized what had happened and his face turned an amazing hue of bright red. He immediately felt the back of Sakura's hand hitting across his face and once again fell to the ground. "AHHHHHHHH!" He screamed clutching his eye. Which made Sakura sorry for hitting him the second time in the same day.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Naruto!" she said genuinely as she helped him up "come on let's just get you to the hospital so this can be all over."

She got a hold of his hand and began to lead the way to the hospital which she remembered being quite a few miles from where they are. "Aren't you sorry for hitting him?" inner Sakura spoke out.

"No!" Sakura retorted.

"Liar! You hit him and now you wish you hadn't, I mean he may be a pervert, but that's not worth losing an eye over"

Inner Sakura snapped back. "Fine! Your right, but he still deserved something!" Sakura said to herself.

"Yeah, I suppose something like back handing him for an accident was good enough."

Inner Sakura came back at her saying. "ALRIGHT!" Sakura thought.

"Naruto…" Sakura said out loud.

"Yeah Sakura-chan" the blonde boy whimpered as he was nearly being dragged though the town.

"I'm sorry for hitting you…" she said. Naruto expected to hear her say this although not nearly so soon.

He quickly responded. "No, Sakura it's really my fault, had I not"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto was cut off by Sakura "This is my fault, you didn't punch your eyeball out of your head, just take the apology!" she yelled at him.

"But… I already did Sakura…" he said a little under his breath.

A long moment passed as the two hastily made their way down the street, Naruto now completely lost as to where he was, and Sakura on the verge of tears from what she had done. Sakura started to replay all of the mean things she had done to Naruto in her head finding that she slowly regretted each one. "Why have I been so mean to him? All he ever did was try to be nice to me… and see me naked…" She thought as she let out a long sigh and continued on her way.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto said.

"Yeah Naruto?" she asked.

"Could we ease up a bit, I mean we are walking a little fast for my… it to not bounce… and your kind of crushing my wrist…" he said as she looked down.

It was only then that she actually realized how tightly she was clutching his wrist. She was so used to using her chakra to enhance her strength that she completely forgot to not when dealing with people on a normal basis and relinquished his arm noticing that there was a large red mark where she had been holding it. "Sorry, Naruto, I just didn't realize it… here." She said as she now took his hand in hers and slowed down to walk beside him instead of practically dragging him though streets.

"Thank you Sakura-chan" he said.

"You're welcome Naruto-k, I mean Naruto" She said as she smiled trying to cheer him up, forgetting to realize that he couldn't see it; Though she also just realize that she also nearly called Naruto of all people Naruto-kun.

Inner Sakura jumped back to life at this saying "Really I had no idea we liked Naruto-k… was it?"

"What, No, it was just an accident… yeah that's it" she said in her head trying to convince herself that she didn't like the person she stood next to.

"Please, he's cute and you know it, just look at him… well ok his clothes show that he really doesn't have the best fashion sense, and they really don't show off his figure, but he's still cute." Inner Sakura said.

"What, no, Naruto-ku… AHHH! Naruto! I mean Naruto isn't that!" She replied internally as she tried to get herself some sort of evidence that Naruto was not cute by looking at his face. But try as she may she couldn't see anything on him that wasn't "cute". "Wait! are those real?" she thought to herself looking at Naruto's whiskers. This was short lived though as she only had a brief moment before she walked both of them right into a wall.

"Ow! Sakura-chan are you walking with your eyes closed too?" Naruto questioned.

"Uh… sorry let's go" she said blushing as she helped him get up. "Crap, I just ogled Naruto." She thought to herself.

"Come on admit it he's cute." inner Sakura said.

"No, come on I like Sas…" she knew she didn't like Sasuke anymore. The entire thought of it made her feel a little sick. He was a selfish arrogant jerk who never really cared for her, and besides he admitted himself that his only goal was to kill Itachi and revive his clan, and if that was the only reason she could be with him, then she didn't care to be with him at all. She even realized it was only a childish crush she had on him. "Ok you know what, your right he is cute." She thought to herself. Realizing she should try to move on she took a mental note of all the boys in the village. "There, is Shikamaru, but I think I would find our relationship troublesome, especially since I think that sand-nin Temari? Was it? molests him, There is Neji… HA! Hahaha! Yeah right, he's got a stick even farther up his ass then Sasuke, Choji… um no, he eats more than Naruto… Or does he? Shino is just too creepy, There's is Kiba, but I think he's got a thing going for Hinata. Then there is Lee…" Sakura shudders at the mere thought of those eyebrows.

"Are you cold Sakura? You can have my jacket if you want it." Naruto said after feeling her shiver.

"Hmm? No Naruto I'm fine" she said. "Now where was I," She continued to think to herself "Oh, yeah, Lee is definitely out, There's Naruto… yeah but he's stu-"

"-pidly in love with you?" said inner Sakura.

"What no, he's" Sakura thought before getting cut off.

"Cute?" inner Sakura said finishing her sentence.

"No! I mean Naruto is… ok, yeah, he's ok, what's wrong with Naruto? Nothing that's what, he's just a cute, funny, normal guy!" Sakura thought.

"Sakura-chan can we stop and get some ramen?" Naruto asked.

"Sure, Naruto we can… wait, NO! Your eyeball isn't even in your head and here you want RAMEN?!" Sakura said shocked… well not that shocked

"Pff, not that normal" Her thoughts trailed on.

"Aww come on, I can smell it. We can get it to go, please… I'm hungry" Naruto pleaded.

"NO! We are not getting any fucking ramen together until we get your eye inside you face!" She snapped back.

Naruto instantly realized what she said "together" this word rang through is head several times in what sounded like her voice. He heard her own words say they were going to get ramen together. It was then that Naruto realized that he was walking through town holding Sakura's hand. This instantly gave him a warm bubbly feeling, as he cracked a smile and kept walking. Then to his surprise Sakura suddenly moved real close to Naruto. She grabbed his arm with both hands and put her head on Naruto's shoulder. This instantly made Naruto's face grow redder than it had ever been. His heart was racing and for the first time in his life he felt true happiness.

"Naruto quick act like we are together, I see Lee coming and he's gonna try to… ask me out… I know It's awkward but could you help me out?" Sakura asked as she got into the most couple-esque pose she could strike with Naruto.

"Sure Sakura-chan, if Lee kept asking me out I would ask for your help too… of course I would do it just because you asked me anyway." He said as he went to put his other arm around her but stopped as he remembered he was holding his eye.

"YO! Naruto-san Sakura-san what are your two doing" Lee yelled at the two walking down the street in the cold.

"We're just going on a date Lee, and if you wouldn't mind we would kind of like to be alone" Sakura said.

Looking completely crushed Lee responded "Ok, you two, well I won't keep you… Why is Naruto-san holding his face?"

"Oh, yeah" Naruto said. "We're kind of on our way to the hospital, because my eye isn't really in my head at the moment." Lee just looked shocked.

"You mean-" Lee asked.

"Dangling." Was all Naruto said.

"I wouldn't really call that a date Naruto-san." Lee said.

"I would. Sakura, really likes it when you go all out for her, like when you-"was all Naruto got to say before Lee got this terrified expression on his face.

"I think I'll leave you two alone now" Lee said running away with a hint of fire in his eyes.

Naruto and Sakura just stood there watching Lee run off into the distance before… or rather Sakura watched, before she broke the silence. "Thanks Naruto, I don't think he'll talk to me for a month."

"Uh, I don't think he's going to talk to you ever now… either that or he's going to gouge his eyes out to try and be with you." Naruto said just before something happened that he wouldn't have expected to happen in a million years. Sakura kissed him on the cheek.

"You earned that Naruto-kun, just don't say another word." Sakura said and went back to walking with him. "Come on."

Naruto felt as if he was on top of the world. He just got Sakura to kiss him, and it seemed that she had forgotten to retract from the couple pose they had made to scare off Lee. This was it, the best day in Naruto's life. He's felt Sakura cling to him a little hard before he noticed her say something.

"Hey Naruto?" she asked.

"Yeah Sakura?" he said back.

"It's cold and I wasn't really thinking earlier when you asked if I could wear your coat, Is that still up for grabs?" she asked Naruto.

To which he replied. "Yeah Sakura-chan here." he said as he removed his coat and gave it to her blindly. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt underneath.

"Thanks Naruto-k, kun." She said slightly surprising Naruto as he realized she stopped herself, but this time she decided to say it.

Something that Sakura didn't expect was that she actually liked the smell of the coat she was now wearing. Something about the slightly foul odor actually made her feel warm safe, and a little attracted to Naruto, which she now realized really needed a shower. But before she could say anything she felt him get ripped away from him, by someone entirely unexpected. Hinata just earlier today got convinced by Tenten to give it some guts, and ask Naruto out. She whipped Naruto around making him lose his grip on his face and let his eye flop right out two inches in front of Hinata's face. They both immediately started screaming as hard as they could, back and forth. That is until Hinata turned around to run away but only made it three steps before passing out and hitting the ground hard. Sakura couldn't help but bust up laughing at the spectacle as she grabbed Naruto's arm and continued walking him to the hospital. Which as they turned the corner was now in sight.

"Hey Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah Naruto-kun?" She said realizing she liked the sound of that.

"Thanks for helping me out today, I really couldn't have done it without you." Naruto said gratefully.

"You're welcome. Oh yeah, um we're here." She said as she realized that his comment was not just because they were coming to the end of their journey, this was because she knew that he could not see, so she felt the comment would have had to have just come from his heart.

She took him inside and signed him in, but she couldn't bring herself to say goodbye after getting him there.

"Hey Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm? What is it Naruto?" She asked back.

"Earlier you said we wouldn't get ramen together until we got my eye fixed, um... I was wondering… If-" Naruto started to say, but was cut off by Sakura.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Naruto-kun" She said.

Naruto smiled as he was taken away by the doctors who seem to be very disappointed that they had to do anything with this kid again.

"I'm gonna wait here, ok Naruto" she spoke to him. "It should only take like thirty minutes to an hour so I'll just be right here." Naruto smiled back to where he thought she was, giving a thumbs up to the wall as he followed the doctors, and quickly disappeared from Sakura's vision. She waited there patiently just as she said she would, about thirty minutes later they told her she could visit him. After making her way to the room he was laying down in she realized that he was fast asleep.

"Why is he asleep? That should have only taken a mild pain killer to be able to put it back in. Right?" she asked the doctor.

"Trust us, we learned a long time ago, if you want to do anything with that boy you have got to knock him out" The doctor said with a chuckle. "Relax he'll be awake any minute now. Kid's a freak, he chews through hours of anesthetic in minutes."

Sakura walked in to see the blonde laying there on his back drooling, and she thought it was kind of cute how he looked asleep. The doctor left the room and Sakura sat down next to the sleeping boy. She looked at the white bandage that now covered his left eye and was sorry for what she did, even if he did deserve it. Sakura waited patiently for about five minutes before she started playing around with his hand, "Gosh Naruto your fingernails are all messed up." She said to herself, when she remembered that she thought his whiskers weren't just marks. She quickly brought her hands to his face finding that they were indeed real whiskers. She gave them a slight pull and made them fluff out. She was surprised at how cute that Naruto could be when he was quiet. She ran her fingers along the whiskers and played with them until she realized that each time she agitated them a little too much she would actually make Naruto start to giggle a little. "I guess he must be ticklish" she thought to herself as she continued playing around with the sleeping boy. That is until he started to wake up and realized Sakura was messing with his face.

"What are you doing?" Naruto said sleepily. This caused Sakura's face to turn bright red as she just realized that she had practically been molesting his face in his sleep.

"Oh, um, nothing" she said trying to get out of it. "Oh, let's go get some ramen what do you say Naruto?"

"Sakura-chan… you mean like a date?" Naruto asked, just as he always did.

Sakura though of her usual response and decided to try a different approach "Sure Naruto-kun, I guess we can call it that." This caused Naruto to make a grin which she had never seen before, one that only preceded a sound louder than she had ever heard before.

"YEAH!" was all Naruto screamed.

Sakura on the other hand. "Quit Yelling! That was loud. Yeesh!" She let out a sigh. "Come on lets go."

After leaving the room they talked to the doctor who said that Naruto should be fine so long as he didn't get jarred to hard for the next week, and that he should keep the bandage on his left eye. He was fine with this until the doctor told him no training and no work until his eye was healed, but seeing as it was so close to the holidays anyway he eventually just considered it a vacation.

After leaving the hospital it was still about mid day, and Naruto's gut was really beginning to tell him that lunch was needed. As he and Sakura began to walk towards Naruto's favorite place, Naruto asked a question that he thought might get him hit again, but nevertheless thought it was a good joke " So, Sakura-chan, wanna hold hands?"

She broke into laughter, but decided to grab his arm and scoot next to him after she finished. "You're lucky it's cold or I would have turned you down." She said smiling.

They reached Ichiraku's and sat down, Sakura ordering something that Naruto recommended, and Naruto his usual twelve bowls, one of each flavor.

"Fifty yards" The person said, standing on top of the roof a ways down the street.

"Can't you show manners on a date Naruto? You just hog the bowls down without even caring what you look like." Sakura said trying to get him to slow down.

"Wind speed five miles an hour, bearing west." The person said.

"Naruto remember when I said you earned a kiss from scaring off Lee?" she said catching Naruto's attention. "I think it was worth more than one." Sakura said as she leaned towards Naruto's mouth to give him a thank you that he would remember.

"Pull back, and FIRE!" Konohamaru said as he fired his slingshot at the pink haired girl trying to take his boss away. The stone flew through the air and just as Naruto and Sakura leaned in for the final inches, THWACK! The sound rang loudly through the streets.

"AHHHHH! My other EYE!" Naruto screamed out while falling to the floor.