The Stages of Drowning Thyself

Notes: Kaoru is not herself in these first few chapters- she's depressed and drunk and slightly off her hinges. And she meets Enishi in this state. Why she's depressed and driven herself drunk? Well...that's for later. Hopefully those who read this first part enjoys it. Mumblings of a sleepy ExK fan...

Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin...sighs ...or Enishi...slumps...Only the story is mine.

Part 1: Drowning Attempts


Her vision was now slightly clouded. The bar had been reduced to rapidly moving lights, people were colorful blurs that passed her by too quickly. Her fingers touched the small glass in her hand tentatively, her eyes taking in the little amount of liquid it contained. She hiccupped. A slow smile, somewhat hurt in nature, appeared on her exhausted face. She was close to her goal of becoming insanely drunk.

Now, for the second part of her plan to absolutely ruin herself…

Kamiya Kaoru turned slightly, trying not to move too quickly or abruptly- her head felt as if the bronze liquid was now inside her empty head, slushing around, undeniably rendering her slightly paralyzed. She squinted her eyes, attempting to focus on a single human being. A male human being. One by one images popped up suddenly, the headache she had been feeling was now growing steadily as she continued to survey the small bar.


She stopped and focused to the color's point of origin. Aquamarine eyes, that's where the color had come from. Kaoru closed her eyes and opened them again, she tried to take in the full image of the man with the eyes, noticing the blaring color of his jagged white hair. She wondered if she was staring too openly, he seemed to have noticed her presence. His eyes caught hers and she felt the effects of alcohol momentarily still.

'My god...,' she choked back inwardly, 'He's danger personified...'

Kaoru couldn't be sure if the strange, terrifying sensation of his stare was the result of her inebriated state or if he was truly dangerous in nature.

Nursing the glass in her hands, she finished the drink in one gluttonous gulp.

'Hell, I came here to make sure I'd drown myself in absolute horror,' she thought miserably, 'He looks like he can complete the night...'

Setting the glass down with a loud 'thunk' that she didn't notice, Kaoru stood up, the floor swaying under her considerably. Concentrating on just placing one foot in front of the other, she barely managed a decent walk to the man that could seal her sorry fate.

Kaoru stood in front of him, propping one hand on the counter for support. Another hand unconsciously ran itself through her hair- she wondered briefly if she looked as much of a mess as how she felt inside. The man, so far, was only watching her with impassivity. It seemed as if though he had had this kind of encounter all the time.

"Hello." She spoke, articulating that single word the best she could.

"Hello." He replied.

'So he speaks.' Kaoru marvelled at his deep voice, plunging on before she could think herself out of her next words.

"Do you find me attractive?" Kaoru felt as if though another person had taken over, all those drinks had finally given her a false sense of security.

A slight twitch in his lips, and something that came close to a smirk appeared.


She considered his one-word answers and continued,

"Enough to bring me home with you?"

Now, definitely a smirk. There was an acute aura of wickedness emitting from him.


"Bring me home, right now?" She ventured forth, leaning slightly forward unconsciously.

'Seriously? What am I getting myself into?' A coherent, panicked thought ran fleetingly through her mind.

He stood up, towering over her. It was then her foggy vision made out the glint of his glasses that was perched on his sharp nose. A hand came to her back, steadying her.


Kaoru didn't have to think, she merely followed soundlessly as he walked her out of the run-down bar and into the biting cold of the night. She gasped as the cold bit into her and she watched as puffs of her own breath formed in front of her. Somewhere between then and sometime later when a car had pulled up in front of them, her coat had been placed on her shoulders and she was helped into warm leather seats.

She closed her eyes, feeling the length of the stranger seat himself next to her.

Kaoru was not one to pick up strangers in a bar for a good romp for the night. Actually, she would normally not need to pick up strangers since she had once been married to a wonderful man named Himura Kenshin, who was undoubtedly amazing in bed. However, as he had now broken her heart and their marriage, she was now ready to drown out all her sorrows into one night. Kaoru shook her head at the dejected thought of Kenshin. If she continued thinking about him, it would make all her drinking efforts useless.

"Rough day?" Kaoru heard the man speak to her.

Opening an eye, she could have sworn that the devil himself was smiling down at her. The need to not push herself to suicide came over her. Kaoru felt panic rise into her consciousness and took hold of her voice.

"There are a few rules."She hoped she had some semblance of firmness in her voice.

"Rules?" An eyebrow quirked up, amusement tinged his eyes.

"Or not I'm not going through with this."Kaoru felt like smacking herself, this part of the conversation should have taken place earlier! Thus, she felt the first downside of alcohol.

She wondered if she had already sunken too deep to go back.

A smirk appeared on his lips again.

"Then by all means, explain."

"Sex." Kaoru felt the word taste strangely in her mouth. "Sex and that's it. Straightforward, numbing, mind-blowing sex. That's all. I'll be gone in the morning, nothing comes out of this meeting except sex."

If she hadn't been in such a state, she would have noticed the momentary surprise that flashed through his face before his usual sardonic look came back on.

"That can be arranged." His smirk took on an evil edge.

She shivered, unsure whether it was because she was still chilly or if it was the man himself. She braced herself, taking a deep breath before nodding her head.

"Alright then," She nodded again. "I'm Kaoru."

He looked amused.

"I thought that this was a strictly sex-related meeting."

She glared at him.

"I'm going to need your name for later...unless you want me to scream someone else's name instead."

He paused and considered her with wry amusement etched on his face.


Enishi watched as Kaoru nodded and turned towards the window again, closing her eyes. He had thought that fortune must have slept early tonight as that would have been the only reason she could have abandoned Kamiya Kaoru on such a night with him. He had thought himself lucky that she was alone and utterly vulnerable in that bar. But he knew his sister must have sent him blessings from Heaven when Kaoru had looked up and sauntered to him, drunk and desperate.

Revenge had come dawdling to his side, all wrapped up with a silver bow on top.

His thoughts turned malicious as he continued to watch Kaoru.

'And it will be a delicious slice of revenge.'


Part 2: Into the Water