Love; Lost and Found

A Young Americans- story

By: jakeline

Summary: Jake/Jacqueline never told Hamilton her secret. Now they meet again 10 years later. How will Jacqueline tell Hamilton that Jake never really existed and that she was the boy he fell in love with?

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the plot from 'Young Americans', but this story is mine.

Chapter 21: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

Jacqueline and Hamilton lay under a rug on the rooftop in each other's arms, gazing up at the stars above.

"That was definitely worth waiting for," Jacqueline said with a content sigh. Hamilton was the most attentive lover she had ever had. Then again, she had never loved anyone as she loved Hamilton.

"Totally," Hamilton answered and kissed her naked shoulder.

"Perhaps we should join the others," Jacqueline suggested. She longed to show off the ring on her finger.

"Later," Hamilton whispered and his kisses continued down underneath the rug. Jacqueline found that she was easily persuaded as he worked his way down her stomach. Her body trembled as he found the right spot.


"What is taking them so long?" Bella asked impatiently. "I thought Jackie was going to run down as fast as she could to show off the rock on her finger."

"Perhaps they are celebrating in their own way," Scout suggested with wiggling eyebrows.

"Ew! Scout!" Bella exclaimed and hit him with her purse.

"Bella, be honest, you just wonder because you want to show off your own ring," Will said.

"Perhaps a little," Bella admitted. "But I also want to ask her about your idea to have a double wedding."

"Why?" Will asked.

"Lot's plans to discuss."

"But, it's like a year away," Will remarked.

"Doesn't have to be. Why wait? We've known each other since forever."

"True," admitted Will. "But what's the rush? I'm sure Ham and Jackie wants to spend some quality time together before getting married."

"Perhaps. But I don't want to wait too long. I want you to be my husband, like yesterday," Bella giggled.

"Then maybe, we'll have two weddings instead," Will suggested.

"Yeah, well, we'll see," Bella said and kissed him.


"Now we really have to make an appearance downstairs, Hammie," Jacqueline said. Hamilton groaned inside but admitted that she was right. He knew the others were waiting for them, including his mother. They had the rest of their lives together. Tonight he could share her with the rest of the world.

"Yeah, you're right," he said. They scrambled onto their feet and started retracing their scattered clothes.

"I really hope the groundskeeper hasn't installed a camera up here," Jacqueline giggled as she put on her dress. "Otherwise we gave him one hell of a show."

"Wouldn't it be fun to find ourselves on youtube?" Hamilton sniggered.

"Yeah, I can see the headlines 'Former top model gets frisky during reunion. Sex video found online.'" Jacqueline said.

"With a gorgeous dark mysterious man," Hamilton added.

"You're not that mysterious, Hammie," Jacqueline protested.

"True, but you have to admit that I am gorgeous," he said and grinned.

"Yes, you are." She turned her back to him so he could help her with the zip in her dress.

"All set," he said and patted her on her shoulder.

"Yep, but what about all this?" she asked and gestured towards all the stuff on the rooftop.

"I'll take care of it tomorrow," Hamilton said and took her by the hand. "Come on my lovely, let's join the party!"


Jacqueline checked her make up in her little mirror before entering the ballroom again. She smiled at her rosy cheeks and glittering eyes. Nobody could be mistaking in what they had been up to. She put on some lipgloss and decided that she looked presentable.

"There you guys are!" Bella called as they entered. "We thought you've gone off to Vegas or something."

"No, not yet," Jacqueline replied. She suddenly noticed something sparkling on her friend's hand. "Bella! What is that?!" she pointed at Bella's left hand.

"Oh, this?" Bella said nonchalantly and held out her left hand for everyone to see. "Yeah, Will and I are engaged!"

"That is so wonderful!" Jacqueline hugged her friend. "You and me at the same day!"

"I know, can you believe it?!" Bella shone like the sun. "Finally!" She looked up at her fiancée with a grin.

"About freaking time," laughed Jacqueline.

"Tell me about it," Bella agreed and took her friend under the arm and led her outside. "Now tell me everything!"

Jacqueline looked at her, feigning not to understand what she was talking about: "About what?"

"The rooftop?" Bella rolled her eyes.

"You don't want every horny little detail," Jacqueline said with a smile thinking of all they had done up there.

"Yes, I do," Bella replied.

"No, you really don't," Jacqueline said.

"Ok, fine, I don't. But I want to know everything else!"

"What can I say, Hamilton is a hopeless romantic. And it was beautiful. I can't believe he did that for me. It's just too much."

"Nothing's too much for the person you love."

"No, I guess you're right." Jacqueline smiled as she gazed out in the night.

"So, have you set a date yet?"

"Oh, no not yet. There really is no rush," Jacqueline said. She wanted some time with Hamilton alone before sharing their love with the world.

"No you're right. Will had this crazy idea of a double wedding," Bella said.

"But you want to get married like tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I've been waiting for this for ages," Bella admitted with a slight blush.

"I know, and I don't mind really. The more weddings, the merrier?" Jacqueline smiled. She wouldn't mind having her wedding day all to herself. Competing with another bride… Nope, that was not for her. She liked the attention. She was sure Bella would think the same.

"I've been planning this wedding since, well, forever," Bella said.

"I know, and I hardly believed I was getting married at all," Jacqueline said with a laugh. They were so different.

"I know you didn't. But I'm so glad that you found Hamilton again. You are so meant for each other," Bella hugged her friends arm. "I am so happy for you."

"I'm very lucky that Hamilton got over his anger," Jacqueline said. "I don't know what I would have done if hadn't."

"Let's not talk about that now! Everything worked out for the best!" Bella said cheerfully.

"You're right."


Hamilton got congratulations from everywhere. His mother smiled happily as he told her Jackie had accepted him.

"I am so happy for you, Hamilton. You deserve the best," she said and squeezed him in an embrace.

"Thanks mom," Hamilton said and hugged her back. He had never been happier in his life.

"So, have you set a date yet?" his mother asked and peered at him.

"Jeez, not yet!" Hamilton looked slightly stressed. "I think we need to spend some time together first, before starting to plan a wedding."

"I'm just kidding," Kate said. "I don't want you to rush into anything. Well, more than the engagement, that is." Kate laughed.

"I've known Jackie ages, but there's stuff I want to do before we settle down and have kids."

"Oh grandchildren!" Kate clapped her hands excitedly.

"All in due time, mom," Hamilton said. "I don't even know where we'll live yet."

"As long as it's not too far from me," Kate said.

"Where are you gonna go?"

"I have no idea what so ever," Kate said. "I haven't had time to think about that yet."

"I really wouldn't mind raising my children around here somewhere," Hamilton said. The town was great for children. Especially since he was quite sure Bella and Will would be staying in New Rawley. Their kids could grow up together.

"No it's a great place for kids. But there's nothing for me here," Kate said. "Maybe I'll move to Carson. That'll be far enough."

"As I said, I haven't even talked to Jackie about this. It was just a thought I had," Hamilton said. It was still hard too believe that he and Jackie was spending the rest of their life together.


"Hey mom?" Jacqueline said as her mother answered her phone.

"Hey Jackie!"

"Glad I got hold of you," Jacqueline said, trying to remain calm before telling her mother the great news.

"What's up? How did it go last night? And with Mrs Fleming?"

"Ah, it was great. I held a little speech and everyone forgave me. Mrs Fleming is quite charming. She gladly forgave me."

"I'm glad. I told you everything was going to be fine."

"I know you did, but you know me. Always the drama queen," Jacqueline giggled.

"And Hamilton?"

"You are never gonna believe what he did, mom!"

"Not if you don't tell me!"

"You know how I told you about kissing him on the rooftop all those years ago?"


"Well, he had done a really romantic thing and put up candles and stuff up there for our special date," Jacqueline said.


"Yeah! And guess what?"


"We're getting married!" Jacqueline squealed, looking down at the ring on her finger that glittered in the light. She was totally in loved with it.

"No! Really? He proposed? So soon?" her mother sounded shocked.

"Aren't you happy?"

"Of course I am, honey," her mother assured her. "But it's all so sudden."

"I know, but I've been in love with him since high school."

"I know, but are you sure about this. You hardly know each other."

"What is there to know more than that we love each other?" Jacqueline frowned impatiently. It was not like her mother to be this cautious.

"Well, I haven't met him since, well, I've never met him."

"Is that they only reason why you are hesitating?"

"Maybe," her mother's voice was now filled with amusement. "I want to meet the man who has been the capture of my daughter's heart since she was 15. Is that too much to ask?"

"Of course it isn't. We're coming to New York in a week ok? Will you be home?"

"I think I can ask for a week off," her mother said. "I'm sure they'll let me go meet the man my daughter is to marry."

"Or we'll come to you. We can figure something out," Jacqueline said. She wouldn't mind a trip to Europe to celebrate her engagement.

"Even better," said her mother pleased.

"That is settled then. Talk to you later! Love you." Jacqueline hung up and sat down. A rush of exhilarating joy flushed over her and she smiled widely. She was definitely the happiest woman in the world.


I really have no excuse for taking so long with this. Have been working on other stuff, amongst all a new YA-fic. And on top of that I'm pregnant with my first child… A lot of my thoughts go in that direction at the moment! ;)