Chapter 1

"Shit!" Shaun gasped. Sweat was dripping from him. He wiped salty tears from his dark blue eyes, sat upright on his bed and rested his head in his hands. He sat back up and grabbed a picture frame from his bedside cabinet. He ran his hands down the picture, of him sat with his arm around a pretty blonde girl. Liz. The two of them were smiling happily, gazing at one another. Shaun wished happier times still existed, but after Z- Day and after what had happened a yesterday, he was positive happiness would never be felt again.

"Liz! Hurry up babe!" called Shaun from the bottom of the stairs. She stumbled and then stood gracefully at the top. Shaun looked up and his mouth fell open in shock. Liz was wearing a baby blue dress, with a sparkly pendant Shaun had bought her previously on the same day. It was their anniversary and Shaun had promised not to mess their fifth one up, seeing as last year, he got into a bit of a punch up with a man dressed as a wizard at a fancy dress night at the pub and the wizards' mates, who were a bunch of goblins, beat the shit out of him. Shaun smiled and held is hand out as she slowly floated down the stairs and touched it. She smiled back at him and the pair kissed.

"Are u ready to go?" he asked, hugging her tightly.

"Urm, I think so." she giggled and the pair started to walk out the front door. Shaun grabbed his keys as they went past the table and locked the front door as soon as they had gotten out.

"Right! Let's get going." Shaun declared. They both got into the car and sped off down the road.

"So…" Shaun started.

"Am I excited? Yes I am!" said Liz smiling at Shaun's shocked expression.

"Get out of my head you!" he exclaimed, Liz looked at him and burst into laughter. They eventually got to the restaurant and clambered out of the car. By this time it was pouring down with rain. Shaun flung his jacket off, placed it around Liz and carried her to the front door. Liz was giggling uncontrollably and had her arms tightly knotted around Shaun's neck. Shaun was laughing and gasping at the same time as he gently let her down at the door.

" There you go!" he said, smiling cheekily at her. The night went really well and peaceful. Plus Shaun couldn't see any wizards around so he knew it was going to be okay, at least that's what he thought. When they had finished their meal, they had to walk home and leave the car where it was, as they had both drunk just one pint over the limit to drive. They were holding hands, chatting to each other about work and subjects like that, when all of a sudden there was a massive scream behind them. Shaun jumped and pulled Liz close to him. They were down a dark alley and they saw a man, drenched in blood sprawled out on the floor.

" OH MY GOD! Shaun we have to help him!" Liz shouted. She ran off towards the man and knelt down by his side. Shaun stuck his hand into his jeans pocket and pulled out his mobile phone. He dialled 999, but his phone went dead.

" Ohh fucking battery!" he shouted. He ran and stood next to Liz.

"He's not breathing!" Liz screamed. Shaun felt dread build in his stomach, or maybe it was the food being digested. Hmm. He thought. When he looked back down, something caught his eye.

"Hey Liz, aren't those bite marks on his ne-" suddenly Shaun was cut off, as the man awoke with crimson red eyes. He lurched upwards and sank his teeth into Liz's neck.

"LIZ!" Shaun screamed. At that moment a whole pack of vampires came from nowhere. A woman suddenly also jumped out from nowhere. She grabbed a crossbow from her back and pointed it at Shaun.

"Get Down!" she said calmly. Shaun immediately jumped to the floor. She started to shoot arrows at all these vampires. Every shot was on target, straight through the heart.

" Look out!" Shaun shouted. He grabbed a random pole off the floor and lobbed it straight forward. It hit a vampire straight through the head.

" Cheers!" she smiled. Shaun wasn't smiling though. He was now kneeled on the floor, cradling Liz in his arms. She was pale and her eyes were wide open with fear. Shaun felt tears sting his eyes. Liz was dead. The woman stood there and the smile faded.

"What's your name?" Shaun asked through tears.

"Alexandra Iliades." She replied. She felt her own eyes fill with tears.

"Thanks for trying." He replied. He held Liz tight against his chest and the tears rolled down his face. Blood stained his hands and white shirt and Shaun's jacket Liz was wearing was covered in crimson. There were growling noises behind them.

"Come on! We have to get out of here!" said Alex. She held out her hand to help Shaun up.

"I'm not leaving her!" Shaun declared, holding Liz tightly.

"Shaun you have to get out of here! They're going to come back and finish the job!" she ordered with urgency. Shaun stopped for a second and slowly raised his head.

" I don't remember telling you my name." Shaun said, confused.

"Look, that doesn-"

" How do you know my name?" asked Shaun slowly lowering Liz's body to the floor.

"Look, that doesn't matter right now. We have to get you safe!" she whispered aloud.


"For Christ sake! I will explain on the way! Just follow me and everything will be okay!" she ordered again.


"Shaun trust me!" she looked straight into his eyes and he looked back into hers.

God she's pretty. He thought to himself.

"Ur- okay!" he finally said and flung himself off the floor, grabbed hold of her hand and they sprinted down the street. She led him towards a warehouse and they ran inside.

"Get some of those poles and stick them through the handles so they can't get in!" she ordered. Shaun grabbed the poles with his blood-drenched hands as his tears continued to stream down his face.

" Okay I think that's it, so explain?" Shaun sat down on a crate and looked up at his leather-clad saviour. She clapped her hands together.

"Well.. urm.. this is going to kind of shock you." She started as she looked at him. Shaun shrugged, wiping his tears away.

"Urm, okay." She pulled a crate underneath her and sat slowly upon it. Shaun rested his hands on his knees and continued to listen.

"I have been sent to watch you." As she said this, Shaun's mouth opened slowly in shock." Firstly let me explain!" she said holding up her hand to stop him from talking.

" You are very important to the world at the moment whether you like it or not. I have been sent to look after you because I am from a special unit."

"What like the police?" he asked confused.

" No. urm.. have you ever seen Buffy the Vampire slayer?" she asked nervously.

" Oh my god! You're a fucking slayer!?" he asked, shock devastating him.

"Yeah pretty much. Usually it takes people a little slower to catch on." She said, fiddling with her hair.

" Wow. That explains why you've got such a great ars- I mean.. ur.. weapons." He said, reddening slightly. Alex didn't notice this and carried on.

"Yeah. Anyways ur… Basically demons are taking over the world Shaun." She said. Shaun slowly nodded and then looked confused again.

"What's that got to do with me?" he asked.

" Well. Okay here we go!" she said quietly to herself. Shaun smiled slightly.

" The demons, which mean vampires, zombies and other things-" Shaun looked frightened at this."- Are being led by one main demon- vampire. This is Dracula. Dracula has taken the form of a woman. But Dracula is the son of the Devil. You taking this in so far?" She asked. Shaun nodded.

"Yeah but what has this got to do with me?" he asked again standing up.

"You are the only person in the planet who can stop the Apocalypse."

"Wait, wait wait wait." Shaun spun around and stared at her." What do you mean I am the only person who can stop the Apocalypse?"

"You're the.. you're the descendant of Jesus Christ." Shaun's mouth opened in shock." You have holy blood in your veins." She answered.

"Wait a sec." Shaun itched his head thoughtfully." Do you mean to tell me, that me, Shaun Riley, a normal average bloke who works in Dixons, is a descendant of God?"

"Pretty much yeah. Shit! Do you have any family around here?" she asked quickly.

Shaun looked at her again and a feeling of fear grew inside him.

"Yeah, my cousin Tim. Why?" he asked a feeling of dread started to sneak up on him.

"We have to find him, now!" she declared, standing up." He's in grave danger if we don't find him"

"Fuck! Let's get going then! Be careful by the way!" he said sliding the poles out from the door handles.

" I should be saying that to you. Prepare yourself by the way, because this place is gonna be swarming with them." Alex picked up one of the metal poles and gave one to Shaun.

" Cheers my dear." He smiled and took the pole from her. She smiled back and then they both turned facing the door.

"You ready?" she asked, tucking her hair behind her ear and looking Shaun's direction.

"Not really but I don't have a choice do I." He said gripping his pole tighter.

"Nope." She smiled and turned back round to face the door. Shaun crooked his back slightly to get a look of her arse.

"Don't bother Shaun." She said smiling.

"Sorry!" he said loudly, jumping slightly and turning red.

Alex smiled and then she carefully opened the door into the blackness of the night.