A/N: I'M BACK! My friends, I have returned with another angsty Adam/Lawrence fic! Which is ironic, since I finished the last one yesterday, but oh well… This chapter is short, but it's just the prologue. The next one will be longer, I promise! Hope you all like it!

Prologue: Pain

Adam Faulkner is in pain.

He's in such an awful pain.

He's on his bed, he squeezes his eyes shut, tries to sleep, tries to think his suffering away.

But it's so hard to fall asleep when your stomach aches.

After a while Adam stops pretending that he's not in pain. Instead, he whimpers like a child and rolls up into a ball, presses his arms against his abdomen.

He knows there's a simple way to make the agony go away. But just the thought of going to the kitchen and get something to eat makes his stomach turn, despite the pain.

When you see someone getting hurt in a movie, it's so easy to laugh about it.

Those poor actors writhes, moans and bleeds. And you can sigh or yawn and think that the story is pretty trivial.

But when pain like this isn't in a movie, but for real, you can't laugh about it. You can't even describe it.

It's like the pain is a monster, a terrible beast, that crushes you in a hot, feverish embrace. It embraces you, devours you and melts you, and then you don't live anymore.

Exist anymore.

Before the pain and the hunger forces Adam into something that can either be pain or unconsciousness, he does something he's never done before. He prays.

He doesn't drop down on his knees, he doesn't clasp his hands together, but inside of his head, he prays.

Please, God, he thinks and gasps when the pain is mixed with nausea. Please, God, let me sleep. Let me get away from the pain, let the sleep set me free.

Please, God, let me fall asleep now. And never let me wake up again.

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