I wrote a few drabbles for a friend of mine, and I figured I'd post the longer ones for your reading pleasure. XD Still short, but...it gets the point across? Hopefully? (I'm working on a Hibari/Ryohei AU right now that'll be much longer, if that knowledge helps. ) Anyway. As always, I hope you enjoy.

Some Other Day

Luring Ryohei to his side of the base was never hard to do—a couple offhand remarks about the futility (and stupidity) of groups or Ryohei's lack of common sense were usually enough to rile him, whether or not Ryohei actually realized he was being baited.

Hibari was inclined to believe the latter.

Though Ryohei had been known to surprise him from time to time. Perhaps he did know, and came anyway. Perhaps the promise of a fight (unless Hibari decided he was too tired or too bored), of a chance to spill each other's blood, smear it across skin and fabric and into the floor, was more enticing than the alternative—to let it go, Hibari on one side of the barrier, Ryohei on the other.

Perhaps, perhaps.


Ryohei's hands fisted in Hibari's hair, both yanking his head closer and keeping it locked right where it was, as if he guessed on some instinctual level that Hibari's personality quirks would dictate how far this went, how long it lasted, how much Ryohei would get out of it.

I'll pay you back for that later, Hibari thought; his lips twitched at the idea of what he could do, so many things, none of them merciful. You'll feel it tomorrow when I'm finished with you—you'll want to die, you'll beg me to kill you.

Ryohei's breath hissed between his teeth, and he squirmed, though Hibari held him down—didn't want the loud, annoying bastard to make him gag. That was the thing about Ryohei. He always had to be moving, always had to be going, going, going, couldn't merely sit still and ruminate.

He was the kind of person Hibari wanted to bite, wanted to tear apart, inside and outside, just to see what it'd look like

Maybe that was why he did this, why he kept giving Ryohei the opportunity to cross the barrier. Maybe the want was more powerful than he gave it credit for. Maybe he'd wanted since their paths first crossed, years ago (not much had changed; they were the same in essentials).

The fingers in his hair tightened, pulled so hard it hurt, and Hibari was half-tempted to bite now…Ryohei wouldn't like that, he'd wish he thought twice about provoking Hibari.

He ran his teeth along the sensitive skin instead, imagined he could taste the blood, the sweat, imagined.

"I hate you, I—" Ryohei screwed his eyes shut tight, his head falling back against the wall with a soft thud. "…really, really fucking hate you to the limit—"

Had to say something before his voice died on him. Typical Ryohei.

Hibari peered up at him, saw the way his chest heaved, the way the muscles in his neck strained, the way his mouth panted. Ryohei's eyes opened into slits, met Hibari's piercing stare.

A mutual understanding passed between them.

Some other day.

I'll bite you some other day.

I hate you, but I'll save it for some other day.

Ryohei's eyes slid shut again.

Some other day, I'll break you.