Okay, this one shot fic is very, very silly. Rarely do I make a pointless fic, but I really couldn't resist myself. So, for those who are not into these types of fics, please don't read this silly, silly piece. Really. DX Paul is a little bit/a lot OOC, so if you can't handle that, please don't read. I got this idea from a.gif file I saw wherein Dawn kind of flashed her... underwear. Because of that, this fic was created. XD

When I get more inspiration, I will surely write a proper one shot wherein both Dawn and Paul are in character. So, for now, let our dear Paul Shinji be a out of character.

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When the Wind Rises

Location: Valley Windworks

He had not seen that.

Ever so stoic Paul Shinji knew that it wasn't true.


It had not happened.

Try as he might to convince himself that he was just going through a nightmare, the other side of his mind suddenly taunted him. 'You enjoyed that didn't you? You nearly drooled at the sight of those-' before his dirty mind could even continue, he clenched his fists harder, though not hard enough to draw blood.

Damn him and his raging teenage hormones.

He was no longer the eleven-year old child who used to hate that noisy girl travelling with his rival.

The indigo-haired young man was already sixteen, a sixteen year old whose hormones were on the loose. As much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to like… that noisy girl. He knew her name, but he prefers not to let her know it. Getting her all riled up was the only fun he has ever had for most parts of his life.

Anyways, back to the situation at hand.

He shook his head.

Damn him, why was he getting so terribly excited at the sight of those… cotton things?

Heck, he had a glimpse of it when he was eleven, during the time she had almost beat the crap out of him for forgetting her name! She was kicking wildly at his direction while her other companion, not his rival, held her back, preventing a fight from breaking out in Oreburgh Gym.

Because of her short and very puffy skirt, it flipped upward…

…and the next thing he saw were those.

What difference did it make, now that he was older?

Every female wore those.

'B-but the ones she wore were colored black! BLACK!!! B-L-A-C-K! BLACK!' he almost had a nosebleed at the thought of it.

Damn the wind.

Damn it.

He cursed the wind violently for making him realize that he was like every teenage boy in the planet.

He was a pervert, just like them.

As if to tease him further, the wind blew harshly this time, causing her skirt to fly up once more on the back part.

And yet again, he managed to catch a glimpse of her black underwear.

Suddenly, his world turned dark…



Someone was calling out to him…?

The trainer blinked a couple of times before he could see clearly.

"Paul, are you okay?"

His pulse quickened all of a suddenly. That voice…


Shinji turned his head towards the girl. "You…" he mumbled.

"You okay?" when he nodded, the beanie-wearer sighed in relief. "That's good."

She stood up, and what he saw next made his eye twitch. Before he could stop himself, Paul suddenly reached out and poke her backside.

And Dawn's scream could be heard all over Western Sinnoh.

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